How To Comment

Heigh-Ho, let’s get explaining, shall we?

Shall we?

Yes, lets!

You know, I’m always surprised by the amount of bright people who admit to being baffled.

At least, mildly baffled.

And usually baffled about what seems to me to be the simple task of leaving a comment, here on Nik Nak’s Old Peculiar.

Which — to me — always seems a simple thing to do.

Mind you, the amount of people who get confused about me not being able to either sing, or drive …

I’m going sideways, aren’t I?

At any rate, here’s what you do … 

  • Follow the links from either Facebook or Twitter, to get here to the Old Peculiar.   (Or click on the bookmark, whatever.)
  • Click on the title of the post that’s caught your eye.
  • Scroll to the bottom of that post: you’ll find a line of text that says either ‘0 Comments’ or ‘Post a Comment’.   Click on that.

4) The next screen is the Comment publishing screen.   Put your comment in the box, provided, and then press the ‘Publish Your Comment’ button.


Now, just so you know, I’ve got Word Verification turned on, so as a final step, before your comment’s put on the blog, you’ll need to fill in the box, when Blogger asks you for the required word: it’s different every time, I should add, here!

THAT’S when you press the ‘Publish Your Comment’ button.

Once that’s done, you’ll get a message telling you that your message will go on, once it’s been moderated!


Now, just as a final point, I know I’ve had one or two people complain that, for the LIFE of them, they can’t get a comment to stick!

In that case, your best bet is to write your comment in WordPad, Text Edit or gEdit — whatever your preferred lightweight text editing application is — and then copy and paste it into the Comment Box I mentioned in 4).

Then carry on, as per.

That USUALLY avoids your comments getting eaten by Google!

Oooh, just as a final thought … 

Normally, I don’t mind anonymous comments, on here, I really don’t.

But, after having one or two comments that I found were either personally, mildly hurtful, potentially actionable … or just plain badly spelt, as far as I could see … I’d rather you left a name, even if you’d rather not leave a URL, or phone number!


(You’ll need to double click on that image, to see the whole thing … )

At ANY rate … 

Here’s a film I made about it … !


Paule said...

Paul, I very much enjoy getting the link from you, but I'm always surprised how much I don't know. Yet I still enjoy them. Cheers, Paule

janice said...

hi paul its janice, could you email me your number, i badly need your advice about apple, address cheers pet

janice said...

i need to speak to you pet its janice email me your number plaes

Nik Nak said...

Janice, can I make a confession … ?

I have a nasty suspicion that you’re a spammer.

Nik Nak said...

Oh, bloody hell, Jan, you should’ve said … !


Hey there haven't been here in ages business has been so very busy anyway my answers for 6th Nov.

1. The Dominican Republic
2. 1846
3. Woodwind
4. South Africa
5. Not sure on this one I know it is called the KGB now but then it could have been Cheka or GPU


Nik Nak said...

Oooh … Lyn I’m going to copy and paste your answers to days teaser, if that’s ok … ?

You’ve left them in the wrong place … ! :D

@starlingpoet said...


Q1: Access your email Q2: Manchester City Q3: The Nine O'Clock News Q4: Paris Q5: 1982