Sunday, 31 May 2015

The Daily Teaser — 31-5-2015: Ramesses the Great


ONE of these day’s, I swear, I’ll get the hang of checking on dates!

I told you, yesterday, I’d got up for work — nice and early — to get to a staff meeting.

Four o’clock in the morning, early!

So … I was up, nice and early.   Getting myself to work, nice and early … 

And found out the staff meeting was next Week — and that I’d got my dates wrong — nice and early.

There’s only one word for it.



Saturday, 30 May 2015

Outpost 3: Rise of the Spetsnaz: Hello Franchise … !

30th May, 2015.
Ye Mothering Gods … 

How on EARTH did I managed THAT … ?

Anyone who’s been following me for a while will realise something.

A)   I write the Daily Teaser: partly to entertain myself, partly to entertain you.

B)   I posted this morning’s, fairly early: thinking I had to get to a staff meeting at work.

About B) … ?

Boy, was I wrong … !

Getting up at 4 o’clock in the morning, wrong!

I’ll admit it, there’s a staff meeting on Saturday.   Next Saturday … !

Me being me, I’ve managed to get up for it, today.

If this particular post sounds a bit mangled?   Well … 

I think I’ve got an excuse.


The Daily Teaser — 30-5-2015

You know, I work for a living.

No, really!

I’m actually pleased to say that I have a job: after several years of not working.

That’s got a couple of logical consequences.

The first … ?

Quite simply that I’ve been able to afford a second-hand — but quite large capacity —internal hard drive for my computer.

Second hand: but working, and ready to rock and roll.   And NOW home to my backed-up movies. (You can never have too much (digital) shelf space.)

The other consequence … ?   Is that I’m up at stupid o’clock in the morning, on a day off: early enough that I’m up before Radio Four’s Shipping Forecast†.

To go to a staff meeting … !

I hope we ’re getting paid for this.

I think I need a LOT of tea to get going, this time of the morning … 


Friday, 29 May 2015

The Friday Question set — 29-5-2015

You know, there’s time having a second hand computer is good.

There’s times having one is bad.

There’s even times where’s it’s … somewhere in between … 

Right now … ?

Right now, I’m waiting for Time Machine to do it’s thing: and back up my main hard drive.

Whilst Disk Utility does its thing, formatting an old internal drive after doing likewise to a new — far bigger — internal drive.

It just means I’ve more space to store movies, basically.

At any rate?   At any rate, it’s either good or bad.

But you need the patience of a saint, while this is all doing.

Either way … ?   Either way, I’ve a 500GB 3.5" SATA drive going begging.

Any takers … ?


The Daily Teaser — 29-5-2015

Wowsa … 

I’ve got a day off … !

I have got to admit, I’m loving the fact that back at work: after some four years unemployment.

But … ?   You could TELL there was a but coming, couldn’t you?

But this week has seen me working every day of the week, except today, and tomorrow: and tomorrow sees a staff meeting at silly o’clock!

Still, in all that … ?   In all that, a day off — on payday, too! — is quite nice to have.

OK, granted, I’ve got bills to pay.   Granted, my pay isn’t going to last THAT long.   GRANTED, I’m back at work on Sunday*.   But still … 

A day off!


Thursday, 28 May 2015

The Daily Teaser — 28-5-2015: The Goon Show.

I’m not a football fan.

I’ve never especially been keen on the game.

Things like the World Cup, and the various European Championships tournaments?   Tend to either pass me by, get ignored … or seen as a bloody nuisance.

On the other hand … ?   I worked in pubs for 14 years.   Professionally speaking, it comes in handy to know who’s up, who’s down, and who the major managers are.   I still feel David Moyes, who replaced Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United, was hard done by: given he was booted out after only a few weeks.

So one can’t be unaware that football’s governing body is FIFA.

One can’t be unaware of the fact that — yesterday — several senior FIFA officials were arrested.

One can’t be unaware of one fact that many football fans … aren’t going to be surprised.

I’ll be frank: from the little I know, there’s been talk — amongst fans — of FIFA corruption for years … 

From the little I know?   Yesterday’s arrests aren’t surprising.


Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The Brentwood Gazette’s Weekly Teaser — 27-5-2015: Saint Petersburg.

Well, that’s a thing … 

If you were reading me this morning, you’d know a thing or two.

The main one … ?

Being that several officials from FIFA — the governing body of football across the world — have been arrested by members of the Swiss police, working with the USA’s FBI.

On corruption and — surprise surprise — racketeering charges.

I’m no fan of football.

Never HAVE been.

But I’m very aware many people I’ve met, whilst working as a barman, have been.

The general opinion, from those fans … ?   Was that, if a body the size of FIFA wasn’t corrupt, then I,  — the 5ft 2in barman, over there — was tall enough to be a basketball player.

Go figure!


The Daily Teaser — 27-5-2015

Wouldn’t you know it?

I’m literally yawning my head off, here.

You’ve probably worked out I’m now working: in a local fast-food restaurant.

I can’t complain about that.

Especially after some four years out of work.

But … ?   But I’ll tell you what, starting at nine … ?

Starting at nine — for me — means getting up at five to get a post or three up.

And, boy … but my eyeballs know it!


Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The Daily Teaser — 26-5-2015

You know, I’m sort of caught.   Between telling you about Didcot, and telling you about Gotham.

Right at the moment … ?   I’ve the series finale of the first series of Gotham on in the background: and it’s looking an impressive piece of work.

The one annoying thing about it, though?

Is the simple fact of that mid season break.   I can understand US channels wanting it: to boost advertising.

But as a viewer?   It’s frustrating, annoying and deeply angering.


Monday, 25 May 2015

The Daily Teaser — 25-5-2015

Oh, heck … that’s sounding worse than I thought … 

If you remember, I wrote, yesterday, of the deaths of a family in Didcot, in Oxfordshire.

I thought, at the time, that it was a good old fashioned murder-suicide.

It sounds like it wasn’t.   Police are seeking the mother’s eldest child — a chap called Jed Allen — in connection with the deaths.

This is sounding … worse than I though … 


Sunday, 24 May 2015

The Daily Teaser — 24-5-2015: Judgement Day … !

Oh, now that’s sad … 

You probably now I’ll have BBC Radio Four on, at this time of the morning.

I have BBC Radio Four on at this time of the morning: just in case you didn’t realise.

They’ve just had the news on.   And, buried between Ireland’s ‘Yes’ result — congratulations, there, Ireland! — and news of Sweden winning Eurovision — congratulations, Sweden! — was news of murder, in Didcot.

A man, a woman and a child.

Apparently, the police are treating it as suspicious: although no arrests have been made.

It’s sad: whenever the death of a child’s involved.   But I’m willing to hazard a guess at what’s happened.   I’m guessing somewhere along the line, one of the family — the father, I’m assuming, but could be wrong — has been put out of a job: something like that.   Or, the other reason I’m guessing at?   Is that the child or mother is seriously ill.

Whatever the motivation?

Whatever the motivation, it like someone’s decided the whole family’s death is preferable to living.

That’s sad … 

No … that’s tragic … 


Saturday, 23 May 2015

The Daily Teaser — 23-5-2015: Bonnie and Clyde

Gosh, that was a hideous evening … !

You’ve probably worked out I work in a local fast food restaurant, hadn’t you?

And usually … ?   Usually, it’s a fine place to work: with both customers and co-workers being very pleasant.

But, BOY … !   Did war get a ripe customer, last night!   One who extremely aggressive, on finding out he’d have a 20 minute wait for a Mega Box: it certainly one who left me mildly concerned about my safety.

All of this … ?   All of that over a Mega Box, for heaven sakes.


Friday, 22 May 2015

The Daily Teaser — 22-5-2015

Did I tell you I’ve got frequently used bits of technology?

You’d KIND of worked that out, I know that much.

t any rate, I’ve bits of technology kit I rely on: I prefer Macs, notably.   I use a lot of USB flash drives, as well.

I also make use of AdBlock Plus, a web-browser extension that does what it says on the tin: blocks adverts.

I love it, I should say.  It means I get a reassuring amount of blank space on websites: that would otherwise be occupied by irritating ads.

So I was rather pleased to see the company behind the extension has had some good news.   Recently, it’s revealed a browser for Android phones: as Google have dropped it from the Google Play store.

Slightly less recently?   They’ve won a court case in Germany that means the three companies who were suing them.   And who took several positions: ONE of which was that AdBlock Plus violated  freedom of the press.   (The companies who sued are newspapers.)

Personally?   Well, personally, I think that’s a bit silly.   Yes, there’s freedom of the press.

But there’s also a user’s right to not have adverts thrown at him!


Thursday, 21 May 2015

Hungerford: Interesting … 

21st May, 2015.

You know, there’s something I’ve not done for a while.

No, really.

Actually … there’s several things I’ve not done for a while.

I’ve not eaten steak, to give you an example.

Played pinball, as another.

Had sex with Maria Shara … … No, forget I mentioned Maria Sharapova, would you?

Let’s just say my love life’s bleak: to non-existent, shall we?

And leave that thought, right there in the gutter, where it belongs!

At ANY rate … ?   The thing I meant to tell you I’d not done for a while?

Was catch a film.

I’ve caught one tonight: the Drew Casson penned, Hungerford.

And frankly … ?

I’m thinking it’s interesting … although I’m not sure … 


The Daily Teaser — 21-5-2015: It’s The End Of The World, As We Know It

You know, I’ve got a day off, today.

Which isn’t isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Although I know perfectly well, I’ve things to do.

First off?   I’ve a blood test, today: basically, one that helps me keep track of my under active thyroid gland.

I’ve ALSO got to go to the post office in Brentwood High Street.   Basically, I’ve ordered a hard drive sled for my Mac Pro.   I’ve got to sign for it, by the sound of things, and, as I was working, yesterday?   The postman couldn’t deliver it, so left me a note to say where to pick it up from.

And finally … ?

Well, finally, I’ve got to post a letter.   And wouldn’t you know it, the actual letter box is at the other end of the High Street from where I need to pick up the parcel: which doesn’t accept letters.

Oh well … it’s all healthy exercise … !


Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The Brentwood Gazette’s Weekly Teaser — 20-5-2015: I Put My Blue Jeans On

Oh … 

We’ve got a survey to fill in … !

From my landlords.

We’ve had our problems, recently, in Rollason Way: including some postal box theft, and associated identity theft.

Our landlords have decided to do a survey: mostly to gather opinion, if nothing else.

And specifically?   They want to know if we think putting a closed circuit TV cameras in would be something we’d like!

From personal experience?

I gave that question a ‘No’.   From my own experience, such things don’t act as a deterrent: and are only useful in gathering evidence of a crime, if you know when a crime has been committed.

I THINK my answer to some of their other questions … ?

Will be just as curt … !


The Daily Teaser — 20-5-2015

It’s official: I’m up nice … 

And early.

Well … comparatively early.   Early for me, at any rate … !

Yes: I’ve a half ten start, at work.

A half ten start: and a new manager.   He’s been working at the branch for a week: but had his name over the door* since Monday.

I like him.

But I get to find out how he is to work with, today … 

Hmmm … 

Let’s get a move on, shall we?


Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Daily Teaser — 19-5-2015: Degrees of Separation

You know, I SWEAR that’s having some funny effects.

Well, not funny, per se.

But the new dual monitor set up I’m using on my computer seems to have some nice side effects.

Mostly … ?

Well mostly where one or two games — mostly independent effects, like Pac The Man X and Armagetron Advanced* — that seem to to just a hair’s breadth faster.

Yes, I know it’s barely perceivable.

But it does make for a difference: and one I’m not complaining!


Monday, 18 May 2015

The Daily Teaser — 18-5-2015

Right … !

It’s GOT to be said, I’m liking it … ! 
Just so you know what I’m talking about … ?

I’m talking about the fact I’ve bagged an extra monitor for my computer.

Frankly, I can’t imagine how I managed without the pair, I really can’t.

It’s made writing the Teasers … not necessarily easier: but certainly allowed me to have the sites I use in researching them open and on screen at the time of writing.   Rather than having to flick between virtual desktops with Mission Control.

It’s helpful doing the associated slideshows, as well, and will probably let me save some electricity by turning off my TV: I can watch favourite media files without having to transfer them to my Apple TV.

Frankly … ?

It’s as much fun as the Marble Run I got my nephew: I think he enjoyed himself, yesterday.   I know his uncle did … 


Sunday, 17 May 2015

The Daily Teaser — 17-5-2015: I’m Your Venus … 

Oh, well that seems to work …  

You’ve probably worked out that — a while back, now — I managed to pick up a second hand first generation Mac Pro.

One of these, if you’re interested.

One with a graphics card capable of supporting two monitors.

I managed to pick up a cheap Dell monitor in my local Branch of CeX, over the weekend,

One I’m going to take back, as it seems to be non-functional.

On the other hand … ?   On the other hand, I had one I’d connect to my ageing Mac Mini.   That’s now hooked up to my Mac Pro.

Nice … 

It’s definitely something I could get used to … 


Saturday, 16 May 2015

The Daily Teaser — 16-5-2015: Cultural Events

Now, it has to be said … My boss is leaving … !

No, really … !

That is, from where I’m sitting, rather saddening.

After all, the woman hired me: after four years of being out of work, that’s bound to make a good impression.

Personally … ?   I’ve done something I’ve not done for a while.

By way of marking the fact, and thanking her for hiring me?   I’ve bought her a bottle of wine: a Chablis, in case you were wondering.

Here’s hoping it goes down well.


Friday, 15 May 2015

The Friday Question Set — 15-5-2015

Hmmm … 

There’s not much that makes me go ‘Hmmm’ … 

No, be honest, Paul: there’s plenty that makes you go ‘Hmmm’ … !

In this case … ?

It’s the death sentence that a US court has handed to the Boston Marathon bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

I can understand that: appreciate it.

But think a US court has handed a death sentence … to someone who happy to die in the execution of his crime.   And who — we’re told — lionised suicide bombers in various parts of the Middle East.

I don’t like the idea of a death sentence.   I like it less, when the person sentenced to death would believe himself a hero because of it.

Would, in fact, thank us politely for it.


The Daily Teaser — 15-5-2015: Updated

Right , here we are, again: up nice and early — HA! — ready to rock and roll!

Or, in my case, write a post up for your entertainment: whilst a documentary about comets — one I taped last, night — plays in the background.

What’s caught my attention, there … ?   Is the simple fact I’ve — sort of — showed my age, there: in telling you I’d taped a show.

What I’d actually done, of course, was record the show as a digital video stream, to a USB stick.

Isn’t it amazing, though?   The way words can both change … 

And stay the same … !


Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Daily Teaser — 14-5-2015: The Warsaw Pact

Hmmm … 

It’s — officially — Thursday.

Obviously … !

That means several things.

The first … ?   Or biggest, I should say?

Is simply that today — for me, at any rate — is the fact it’s a day, for me.

Meaning I can get stuff done around my flat, get some Teasers written: along with lining up some more Friday Question Sets.

Oh … And try to not get distracted by Star Defender … !

Ho HUM … !!


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Brentwood Gazette’s Weekly Teaser — 13-5-2015: In Cars

I’ve GOT to say it … 

I’ve started late … !

On this post, before you ask.

It’s one possible pleasure of working shifts: it’s means stuff you’d LIKE to get an earlier start on … you end up doing later.

Cie la Vie … !


The Daily Teaser — 13-5-2015

Well, that’s that done … !

Did I mention my letterbox?   A couple of days ago, I found that the lock on my letterbox had been forced open.

This, after letterbox thieves have been caught in the area.

I have to admit, my landlords, Circle South Anglia, moved rapidly on this.

But … ?   I’ve been worked in retail customer services for many years.

One thing I’ve learnt as a result?   Is that customers — we tenants and part-owners, in this case — usually like being told what’s happening.


I think I and the rest of of us affected by both the letterbox theft, identity theft, and cannabis use in our block, would appreciate regular updates on what’s happening.


Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The Daily Teaser — 12-5-2015

Bloody … Hell … !

I mentioned — only a couple of days ago — that we’d had a certain amount of letterbox theft in Rollason Way.

Indeed, had written a letter to my neighbours about it.

I have to admit, things are getting … serious … 

Last night, I talked with one of my neighbours: one who’s been targeted by identity fraudsters as a result — we both felt — of letterbox theft.

He’d received four unwanted credit cards as a result of action by fraudsters.

With a credit limit, between them, of some £9000.

After post had seemingly been lifted from the front letterbox.

At any rate, that would’ve been money my neighbour would be liable to repay: if the thieves had spent anything on it.

One other point, there?   The thieves that HAVE been spotted — and caught — were spotted wearing hi-visibility jackets and carrying parcels.   It’s a modern variation of an old trick.   Burglars will scout out an area, wearing a hi-vis jacket and carrying a clipboard: disguising their activities by pretending to be surveyors or workmen, carrying out initials checks of an area.

There’s something else, too.   Yesterday, I came home, and checked my letterbox, to see if there was anything in it.

There was nothing.    But … ?   But I found that the lock on the box’s inside hatch — the hatch that let’s us get our post out, after the postman’s put it in — was jamming.   I believe my postbox has been forced: and any post stolen.

Frankly?   With my credit history, any one trying to get a credit card in my name will have trouble doing so.   But that doesn’t mean someone won’t try.

I immediately reported this too the police.   Who were brutally honest, and told me that there was little they could do, as no-one had spotted it, nor was there any CCTV footage.

And to my landlords, responsible for repairs.

As you can imagine, I’m not exactly happy about the police response.   Unhappy … 

And thinking I’d like know what on EARTH my landlords plan to do about this.    I know it takes a while for a big organisation to move.

But we’re not exactly hearing anything from them … 


Monday, 11 May 2015

The Daily Teaser — 11-5-2015

Hmmm … 

Did I tell you I’d occasionally used marijuana?   A long time ago, I should add!

It’s something I’ve since given up: while it’s something I found occasionally enjoyable, I also came to believe it wasn’t a healthy thing to do.

As a general rule?   That doesn’t mean I think anyone else should stop.

One of my neighbours certainly agrees with that idea: and smokes cannabis.   Very noticeably, smokes cannabis.

I have no problem with that: you live your life how you want to.

Where I object, is where I can smell, or am affected by, by you doing something.

In this case?   I’m affected because the neighbour concerned seems to live very near to me.   With the result that I can smell cannabis when they’re using it: and occasionally get off on the stuff, when whoever it is has a really strong joint on the go.

As they were, last night.

Personally?   I have no problem with the way someone chooses to live.

But … ?   Frankly, when it starts impacting on my life, to the point where I start wanting to phone the police?   That’s when I start objecting strongly.


Sunday, 10 May 2015

The Daily Teaser — 10-5-2015

Hmmmm … 

Did I tell you that — occasionally — I’ll knock out a letter to all of my neighbours?

I knock out a letter to my neighbours, occasionally.

The most recent one?

Was about the amount of letterbox theft we’ve been getting, recently.

With a couple of neighbours suffering identity theft as a result.

That recent letter suggested that our landlords should move the external letterbox from outside the building: to either individual letterboxes, by/in each front door, OR to a similar bulk letterbox.   But INSIDE the building, so there’s less temptation for opportunistic theft

The letter’s had various shades of response: mostly positive and lots of nervousness.   But also saw a friend of one neighbour banging on my door, last night, under the impression I’d named her and blamed her for lord knows what.

Lord knows what brought THAT on … !

At ANY rate … ?   At any rate, I’ve suggested to my neighbours that those deeply affected go on the record: and let the Brentwood Gazette know how they feel.   AND what they feel is to blame.

I hope they do.   I, for one, know how helpful the paper can be.


Saturday, 9 May 2015

The Daily Teaser — 9-5-2015

You know, it’s not often I’m up this early.

No, really!

But I’m starting work very early, today.

Or, at least, very early … for me … !

Right now … ?

Right now, my eyeballs feel like vaguely warmed over … um … something … 

Yeah … like I say, early … !

Early enough that concentrating’s hard.

Early enough that I’ve just caught the early morning Shipping Forecast!

And … ?   And early enough that Tiree Automatic sounds like a concept album … !


Friday, 8 May 2015

The Friday Question Set — 8-5-2015

Right … 

First things first?   I’m going to apologise for missing last week’s Friday Question Set.

My only excuse?

Is that I had a VERY long day at work: and didn’t manage to place one up, on Saturday.

Secondly … ?

Well … Britain’s 2015 General election is over: bar the crying.

We can now start on the recriminations.


The Daily Teaser — 8-5-2015

Well, it’s official.

We now have a Tory government in the UK.

Frankly?   Well, frankly, and personally, I’m not surprised.

Either at Tory winnings.   Or the Labour defeat.

I’m pleasantly surprised that the Scottish Nationalists have done as well as they have: they’ve taken 56 seats out of 59.   Which means that they will hold huge influence in Westminster.

And will hopefully do a lot of good, there.

The non-surprise for me?

Is how badly the Liberal Democrats have done: they’ve lost some 46 or so seats, on the current figures.

I’m very unsurprised.   I’m a lifelong Lib-dem voter.   One who, this time around, could not vote Liberal Democrat.

They slept with the enemy.

I couldn’t vote Liberal Democrat, after that.   Neither, it seems, could many others.

Elections are like that: they’re the one guaranteed form of karma, going.


Thursday, 7 May 2015

The Daily Teaser — 7-5-2015: Elected … !

Right, that’s THAT done!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got books.   Quite a few books.

Just enough to always need shelf space.

Which I managed to pick up, the other day: in my local branch of B&M.

They do a fair selection of cheap furniture.   Including a bookshelf that I assembled, quickly, yesterday, and out in my bedroom.   It’s now got every one of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels I own.

Although, thinking about it … ?

I might just need another … 


Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Brentwood Gazette’s Weekly Teaser — 6-5-2015: Elected

Right: right now, I’m very aware there’s a few things I’d like to do, today.

Build a shelf unit, for a start.

Get some cleaning and laundry done.

Oh … 

And MAYBE get some Teasers written: along with the appropriate slideshows.

These things, in other words … 

But I’m ALSO aware I’ve STILL got to post up today’s Gazette questions!

Oy veh … !


The Daily Teaser — 6-5-2015: Dr Freud, I Presume?

I’ve got to admit to looking forward to this week’s Brentwood Gazette: hopefully, we’ll hear the last of the gas meters.

That said?

That said, I know my block’s had problems, recently.   In line with about half a dozen blocks in my area, my block of flats has a letterbox at the front of the building.

Easy for the postman to get to: and easy for thieves to nick stuff from.   Which they’ve done, recently: one chap’s seemingly been caught, another fleeing the scene, after being spotted.

It’s been said that this has happened already: this is the first time it’s been witnessed.   And I know at least two neighbours have suffered identity theft, and believe this has been a major contributing factor.

Personally?   I know in the last block of flats I lived in, we had a similar external postbox: that allowed for the same kind of theft.   It wasn’t until Brentwood Council took down the external box, and replaced it with individual postboxes, next to the doors of each flat — ones inside the building, in other words — that the thefts went down.

It didn’t stop it totally.   But, from what I recall, the thefts went down a significant amount.

Personally?   I’ve already had a word with our landlords: and with the Gazette.

Let’s hope that get’s the letterboxes moved.


Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The Daily Teaser — 5-5-2015

Right … 

It’s official.

I’m on … A DEADLINE!!

Well, I’m not.

But the photographer that’s heading for my place, today, is.

Remember, a few weeks ago, that the Brentwood Gazette did a story about how difficult it was to get to my gas meter.

It’s still where it was: at the back of my flat, in — effectively — next door’s car-park.   And only accessibly to those who’d climbed out of the window, or went through a tradesman’s entrance in a different building.

The Gazette, bless them, have done one follow-up story: before we had the new door put in.

And now want another, now the door’s been put in.

Which is why the deadline.  The photographer’s ’round, today: for another snap.   But has to be here well before 12.

When the Gazette goes to print.

I’d better get a move on, hadn’t I … ?


Monday, 4 May 2015

The Daily Teaser — 4-5-2015

Have you been following the UK’s election … ?

No … ?   Yes … ?

I have.   It’s fascinating to see, sometimes.

Personally, I’ve been trying to follow the Leaders Debates, where possible.

Last night … ?   Last night saw the Scottish Leaders Debate screened on the BBC News Channel: and on the BBC in Scotland.

What grabbed me about it?   Was the fire.

Oh, not an actual fire.   Just the sheer passion of the leaders on the stands: Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP, Ruth Davison of the Scottish Tories, Jim Murphy of Scottish Labour and Willie Rennie of the Scottish Lib Dems.

I was impressed: especially by Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP and Ruth Davison of the Scottish Conservatives.

Jim Murphy seemed a little more genuine than his Westminster equivalent, Ed Milliband.

And even Willie Rennie seemed on a par with party leader, Nick Clegg: although given a choice between the two, I’d’ve go for Nick Clegg.

Ever away … ?

I have to ask … can we import the Scottish party leaders into Westminster?

Collectively, they seemed a lot more passionate, and sincere, than their UK equivalents.


Sunday, 3 May 2015

The Daily Teaser — 3-5-2015

Did I tell you that — at work — we’ve been mugging people?

Well … 

Collecting money for charity, I should say!   (The UN’s World Food Programme, so you know.)

Basically, you give us staff members a pound — or change equivalent to a pound — and we give you a straw with a piece of paper in it.

Which doesn’t sound like much, I know.

But potentially?   You stand a chance of winning some free food: your prize is written on the bit of paper.

All good.

Especially from my point of view.

I’ve managed to bag £523 for charity!

OK, it’s not much.

But I was impressed with myself … !!


Saturday, 2 May 2015

The Daily Teaser — 2-5-2015: Bend It Like Beckham

Right, I am up early.

I’m off to work, on an early start, today.

Which I can’t actually complain about: especially after being unemployed for so many years.

I DO know I’m looking at mixed feelings, about the fact our manager is moving on.   I’m happy for her, as she’s going to better pay and conditions.

I’m also a little worried: as I, along with my co-workers, don’t know who’s replacing her.

My boss is a bloody good one.

And easy to get on with.

I can only hope her replacement is on a par.

Finding a boss willing to hire you is hard.   Finding a good one?   Is harder.

Replacing them … ?   Is harder still.