The Point …

The Mad Ravings Of A Deranged Quiz Master …

Which seems as good a start as any, doesn’t it?

If you’re here, that’s probably because you’re a friend who wishes to catch up with what I’m doing, you’ve followed the link from my Facebook profile, or the Old Peculiar group there or — miracle upon miracle — you’ve been directed here by a Google or Yahoo search and need free pub quiz questions in a hurry.

Or — just as equally — you might just need a pub quiz-master in a hurry.   I’ve run pub quizzes in my past, and I’m always looking to start again, if needed.

If you need a pub quiz-master, then you can contact me on, or phone me on 07706 386 873.

That’s when we can start talking about things.


Either way, Nik Nak’s Old Paculiar is devoted to the (kind of) deranged raving’s of a FINE quizmaster, sci-fi fan, movie watcher and Mac user.

FINE in this case being short for Fecked up, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional.

Or possibly Emulsified, I’ll let you know.

Now, I ran pub quizzes for some six years: until the recession hit, and closed them down.   But I post up the question sets I’ve used, every Friday; mostly because I know how hard it is for struggling quiz masters to find decent question sets.

Feel free to copy and paste these questions into your own quiz.

They are, after all, free pub quiz questions.

It’s also why I published them under the Creative Commons License.

Which basically means that you’re free to use, edit, perform or re-publish them: so long as I get an author’s credit AND, if you do re-publish any of the questions, you do so under the same License.


I’ve also — with no current quizzes on the go — keeping my hand in, by posting up the Daily Teaser’s.   Feel free to have a go at those, by leaving a comment.

You can find out how to do that by reading the ‘How To’ Page.


On top of that, I’ve put various links to some of my friends sites in the sidebar; including, but not limited to Vix, who did some the art for my posters, and to Dumpy’s official website, as well as an old friends rather handy dog walking service.

There’s some game sites, there, as well, including one to Tyches Games, run by an old another friend. Sean’s well worth looking up, if you’re a gamer in Georgia.

Although I’m hoping he’ll get a mail-order service going!

I’ve also put links to handy pub quiz sites: there’s never enough of these things, are there?


I’ve also put a few links to various free and open source sites, in the Links section.   I change that page, every-so-often, but for now these include links to Softpedia, the open source directory,, THE open productivity suite, as well as its Mac port — and the suite I personally prefer — NeoOffice.   I’ve recently added a link to the GIMPº website as well, as well as to the Free Software Foundation, and to Ubuntu, the best known Gnu/ Linux distribution.   Which I’m rather fond of; well, it WAS me first OS …

Either way, feel free to browse, commentª, copy and paste, and whatever else. So long as your not too abusive, I don’t mind.   Bear in mind, though, I’ve got comment moderation turned on.   After one early comment, I felt that if I get comments that are potentially actionable, I’d rather you got in trouble for making them.   Rather than find myself in trouble for having them here.

Have fun!


º It’s short for Gnu Image Manipulation Programme.   Before you start getting over-excited …