Friday, 31 July 2015

The Friday Question Set — 31-7-2015

Blimey … I am in a rush … !

To be brutally honest … ?   I start work, at half past two.

So … ?

So I’m doing my dinner, now: and will have a sandwich, later.

So with that in mind … ?


The Daily Teaser — 31-7-2015

Right … That’s the kettle coming in …

Bless her, my mother’s decided to help out: by picking me up a kettle.

Which is handy: and something I’m thankful for.

Money, after all, is tight.

Especially as the cheaper ones I’ve been able to pick up — usually from Wilkinsons — are usually fine.

But have a tendency to blow my fuses.

What can I tell … ?

Apart from the fact I’m going to have to clean that saucepan … !


Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Daily Teaser — 30-7-2015: Emily And Other Brontës

Oh … 

Blast … !

My kettle’s committed suicide … !

Well, ok, that’s not EXACTLY what happened … !

But I’ve woken up, this morning, to find that my kettle — one I’ve had for years — finally seems to have died.

And, being frank … ?   I only actually noticed, when I realised the little light that comes on, when the thing’s switched on, was on … 

But the element wasn’t heating the water.

I’m fond of a cup of tea, in the morning.

So, as you can imagine … ?

That’s … annoying, to say the least … 

Especially as it’s happened the day before payday!

Oh, well … looks like my local Wilko’s will be getting more money off me … !


Wednesday, 29 July 2015

There Goes The Neighbourhood … 

Did I ever tell you I live in Brentwood … ?   In Essex … ?

I live in Brentwood: in Essex.

So you know.

And, again, so you know, I live on a street called Rollason Way: named after local girl, and sports journalist, Helen Rollason.

The street’s some seven or eight years old, now: and a mix of socially housed tenants, like me, part-buy residents, and private residents.

For many years … ?

For many years, there’s been a patch of ground in Saint James Road that’s not been built on.

Effectively?   Waste ground.

I’ve always taken the view that it should maybe used as extra parking space for locals: there’s really not enough, around here.

OR be used as a small park.

Something like that.

I’ve ALSO felt that building more flats — or offices, shops, what-have-you — shouldn’t be built there.

More shops would add to any congestion in the area.

Offices, likewise.

As would more flats: which would also add to any parking problems.

I went by the patch of found, this afternoon.

To find these signs up.

Hmmm …


The Brentwood Gazette’s Weeky Teaser — 29-7-2015: Boy Scouts Out Camping.

Oh, well that’s official, then.

It looks like Windows 10 has its official release: today.

And my cynical side … ?   Is noting that whole ‘free’ aspect: Mac fan that I am, my first thought is that MS are copying Apple, who’ve been giving away the current version of  OS X for about five years, at a guess.

AND taking a leaf out of the open source movement’s book.   Every shade of Linux has been handed out of the asking for even longer.

By the sounds of it, though … ?  Microsoft, under its new CEO, Satya Nadella, seems to be trying something new.

Going for hardware sales, á la Apple, with the various shades of Xbox.   And going for offering the Windows 10 for free: with highly pricey technical support, á la Canonical: who’ve been doing the same with Ubuntu for about a decade, at least.

Good luck to them.

But personally?

Either my next computer’s a Mac … or I’m getting an iPad … !


The Daily Teaser — 29-7-2015

You know, Radio 4 can still surprise me.

I usually like getting an early morning start by doing two things.

Doing a blog post: that’s why you’re here, after all.

And listening to Radio 4.

At this sort of time?   It’ll be the Today programme: the show’s been doing in-depth reports and asking politicians awkward questions, since 1957.

Apart from today.   Well … apart from today … ish … !

In amongst the usual in-depth reporting … was a brief article, telling those of us with gardens that the Big Butterfly Count is on.

And that the Common Blue Butterfly is something the people organising the Count would like to know more about.   Planting the Bird’s Foot Trefoil helps, too.

Don’t look at me, I’m in a block of flats!

At any rate … ?   At any rate, it’s sort of nice to know the Today show’s doing its usual thing.

Of being possibly the most varied show on the radio.


Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The Daily Teaser — 28-7-2015

Right … 

I’ve a day off, ahead of me.

Something I intend to make use of: catching up with things by (mild) housework, writing a teaser or two … 

And helping my mother with her shopping.

OK, not necessarily a big day.

But one that’ll see stuff done … !


Monday, 27 July 2015

Penny Dreadful — Series 1 - Episodes 7 and 8: Possession and Grand Guignol.

Oh, now, wait … 

Wait, wait wait … !

I know there’s times when I get accused of throwing around the word, ‘impressive,’ quite a bit.

Which has a certain element of truth to it, actually: now I come to think of it.

But … ?

Well, frankly, I’ve just watched the last two episodes of the first season of Penny Dreadful.

And … ?

Well, this is just one man’s opinion.

But I’ve seen a TV series whose first sea on is not impressive.


It’s bloody gorgeous.


The Daily Teaser — 27-7-2015

Oh, well … 

I’ve got a trophy … 

Ahem … !

Have you heard the phrase, up selling?   When a shop assistant or sales person tries to sell you something extra — “Would you like fries with that?” and “Can we interest you in our extended warranties?” are the usual examples —as a way of making a bit of extra cash off a sale.

Well, I was at our six weekly staff meeting, yesterday.   AND managed to walk away with a trophy.

Oh, and a crate of diet cola.


Yours truly is the Brentwood store’s best up seller.

OK, it’s not much, in the grand scheme of things.

But, my word, it’s nice to get recognition for something.

Now … about that warranty you wanted on your chips … 


Humans — Episode 7: 26-7-2015

26th July, 2015.

You know, right now … ?

Right now, it’s very late: after all, I’ve barely finished work.

But finished I have: and … ?

And I’ve managed to just catch tonight’s seventh episode of Channel 4 series, Humans.

Coming away, having been very impressed.


Sunday, 26 July 2015

The Daily Teaser — 26-7-2015

You know, the word ‘early’ springs to mind, right now.

But, frankly … ?

Well, frankly, that’s REALLY not surprising.

It’s 6 o’clock in the morning.

At least, it was when I started this post.

The reason for that … ?   Is quite simply that I’m up early: to go to a staff meeting.

Luckily, as I’m start work at five … ?

Frankly, I’ll be able to go back to bed, when I get back in.

And, boy, I’m looking forward to that … 


Saturday, 25 July 2015

Penny Dreadful — Series 1 - Episodes 5 and 6: Closer than Sisters and What Death Can Join Together

You know, I’m starting to think binge-watching TV series box sets is mildly addictive.

It’s a Saturday night: one where I should be getting something vaguely approaching sleep.

As I’ve an early start, tomorrow … 

But no … 

Oh, no!

No, I had to go and watch two more episode of the first series of Penny Dreadful.

Wouldn’t you just know it … ?


The Daily Teaser — 25-7-2015

Your know, there’s times I’m glad I don’t drive.

Yes, I know that sounds strange: and, yes, I’m very aware that being about to drive is an extremely useful skill.

One that would’ve bagged me a job or two, over the years.

But then, today … ?

You see a news item like the one which has just come to my attention: that Fiat Chysler has recalled a significant number of Jeeps.

After a pair of security hackers managed to take control of one of the affected models, through its entertainment system.

You see what I mean … ?

At any rate, I don’t know if there’s going to be an immediate use for the ability.   But frankly?   Just because I can’t see a use for it, doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

Which is a worrying thought for the future … 


Friday, 24 July 2015

Penny Dreadful — Series 1 - Episodes 3 and 4: Resurrection and Demimonde.

You know, I’ve got to confess to getting very excited about the phrase ‘binge watching.’

Watching a box set — of movies or episodes of a TV series — in one go.

And will happily admit to having recently started to binge-watch series one of Sky/Showtime co-production, Penny Dreadful.

Thus far … ?

Thus far, I’m impressed with the piece.

And, having watched two episodes, tonight — episodes 3 and 4, Resurrection and Demimonde — am STILL impressed.


The Friday Question Set — 24-7-2015

Right … 

I think I can say I’m officially in … a RUSH … !

You’ve got to love working shifts that start at half past two, don’t you?

Especially when it’s — not to beat around the bush — pissing down.

With that said … ?


The Daily Teaser — 24-7-2015: Machu Picchu

Did I tell you I’ve been binge-watching … ?

Binge watching, if you haven’t heard the term, before, means watching a box set: of films or TV series.

As opposed to watching them, episode by episode, as they’re broadcast.

So you know, I’m been binge-watching vintage classic, Blake’s 7, and Sky/Showtime production, Penny Dreadful.

And … ?

Granted, I’ve only seen the first two episodes.

But, thus far … ?

Thus far, I’m impressed with the show’s production Values, AND the impressive cast.

For my money … ?

It’s a serious rival to Game Of Thrones.


Thursday, 23 July 2015

Penny Dreadful — Series 1 - Episode 2: Seance

You know, I really try to not make a habit of watching too much TV, really … 

No, really … !

But … ?

Well, as I’m sure you’re aware, there’s not MUCH I watch on terrestrial TV.

At least, bar Humans and Dr Who.

Frankly … ?

Frankly, I’m wishing Penny Dreadful was one of those shows I could add to that list.

But, as it’s not … ?   I’m happy to make do with the box set.


The Daily Teaser — 23-7-2015: Telstar

Well, it’s official: the high capacity internal drive I bought has been delivered.

And safely installed.

That NOW means I’m a step nearer to rebuilding my lost media library.   TV series are being worked on, so you know: as are various family photos.

But I now have an internal drive to put the library on: including series I’ve already managed to get hold of.

There’s a satisfyingly large amount.

There’s only one thing that DID surprise me.

The bubble wrap it came in.

As you can see from the photo?   It’s not bubble wrap.

It’s a bloody lilo … !


Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Penny Dreadful — Series 1 - Episode 1: Night Work

You know, I have a confession to make.

I like movies.

No, really.

But you’d worked that out, hadn’t you … ?

Over the years, I’ve seen a few: on both the big screen, and — through DVD and iTunes rentals — the small screen.

I’ve another confession or two for you.

I like watching TV shows, as well.

Although, balancing a job, a (minimal) social life, and an high-maintenance blog means I don’t necessarily have the time to see everything I’d like to.


And, to be frank with you, I don’t necessarily have the budget to take out either a Sky or Netflix subscription.

Nor do I necessarily want to.

There’s only so much on free-to-air channels that grab my eye.   Right at the moment, Channel Four’s Humans is keeping me entertained.

So balancing finances with time … ?   Is tricky.

On the OTHER hand … ?

On the other hand, the fact that reasonable priced box-sets — collections of TV series on DVD, or on-demand, and available to watch when we, as consumers, want to watch them — exist, is something I’m thankful about.

Especially if those box-sets are something I’d like to see: but — if broadcast on a TV service I don’t have access to, or that haven’t been on UK free to air TV channels for some years — wouldn’t otherwise see.

Monster hit, Game of Thrones is one.

Vintage classics, Blake’s 7 and Sapphire and Steel have been a couple of others: along with The Prisoner, I, Claudius and the original 1990s version of House of Cards.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the remake of Battlestar Galactica were more recent sets.

But other box sets have been screaming at me: telling me that they’re worth my time.

One of those … ?

One of those has been the Sky TV series, Penny Dreadful.

Well, if you’re going to name yourself after a kind of Victorian pulp, AND have Eva Green in a lead role?

That’s going to catch my attention.


The Brentwood Gazette’s Weekly Teaser — 22-7-2015: Part Of The Union

Hmmm … 

Did you manage to read today’s Daily Teaser.

Basically, I’ve been trying to work out if an imported copy of the Blake’s 7 box set is a Region 2 version.

Going by the information on the Amazon page for the set … ?

It is.

I wish it said so on the blessed box.   CeX won’t necessarily just take MY word for it … !


The Daily Teaser — 22-7-2015

Hmmm … 

That’s inconvenient … 

You’ve possibly worked out I like binge-watching things?

Usually TV shows.   I’ve managed Sapphire and Steel, just recently, and I’m catching up with Blake’s 7.

Actually, the latter is proving … problematic.

Not the series, itself: that’s as good as it ever was.

The (minor) problem comes with what to do with it, after I’ve finished watching them.

As I’m sure you’re aware, DVDs are region coded.

In other words, DVDs will only play in the part of the world they’re released in, in other words.   It’s part of how film companies keep an element of copyright control of their content.

That’s complicated by the fact some DVD players in the UK are what’s called ‘multi-region’: capable of playing DVDs from any part of the world.

My problem … ?   Is that I’d like to sell on the Blake’s 7 box set, once I’m done with it.

The only problem, there … ?   Is that my local CeX will only take it … if the box explicitly says it’s a Region 2 DVD.

It IS … going by the original order details.   It’s just a shame the box doesn’t actually SAY so.

Hmmm … 

Gumtree it IS then … 


Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The Daily Teaser — 21-7-2015

Hmmm … 

That’s … mildly frustrating … 

Did I tell you I’m working at the moment … ?

I’m working at the moment: and generally enjoying things.

But getting slightly itchy feet: thinking I could be doing a little better for myself.

So I tend to keep my eyes on shop front windows: so I can see where’s hiring.

I do know my local Starbucks is looking, to give you an example: having seen just such a ‘We Are Hiring’ poster in their window.

Having checked their website?

I found they wanted one thing, to check that I was genuinely able to work for them.

They wanted my passport.   Something I lost, a few years ago.

And replacing it is going to cost a few bob.

Now, as far as I can gather … ?   As far as I can gather, I’m going to need my birth certificate to renew my passport.

Which will be more money.

And frankly … ?

A little bit of digging, to find out where I can start.

You know … I might just have to get in touch with my local Citizen’s Advice Bureau.   Just so I can navigate my way through this lot … 


Monday, 20 July 2015

The Daily Teaser — 20-7-2015

You know, I’ve been binge-watching TV, just recently.

No, really … !

Including a imported Dutch version of the box-set of Blake’s Seven.

Which I have to admit is nice to see, again.

And yes … I’m including Jacqueline Pearce’s performance as Servalan: possibly one of the best villains on TV.

And certainly one of the most over the top.

You have to love retro-TV serials, you really do … !


Sunday, 19 July 2015

Brentwood Mind and Copyright.

Usually, about know, I’d be watching Humans: something I’ve got on in the background.

It’s looking … pretty … damn … good: and has just given us a bit of a revelation about Leo Elster.

AND about DI Voss.

But that’s possibly for another time.

What I meant to tell you about … ?

Was the Brentwood branch of mental health charity, Mind.

And about copyright.


The Daily Teaser — 19-7-2015

Oy veh … !

I’m … up … 

And feeling like I want to go back to bed: ASAP … !

Frankly, last night … ?   Was a late one.

I managed to get finished at 11, after putting in an extra half hour: helping clean out the main restaurant.

All nice: especially as it bagged me an extra half hour’s pay.   Not something I want to sneeze at.

Money’s always tight, so any extra helps.

At any, rate … ?   That’s left me feeling lovely, this morning.   Lovely … with a heavy dose of irony, I thought add.

As, today sees me from 12 ’til 8.30.

Oy … VEH … !


Saturday, 18 July 2015

The Daily Teaser — 18-7-2015

Blimey, but THAT was a hairy morning … 

You know — by now — that I’m working: in a local fast food restaurant.

It’s going well, thank you: my co-workers are a nice bunch, the customer are polite — and mostly not drunk — and we usually get paid on time.

Until yesterday … 

When I wondered into my bank, in the morning, I hadn’t … !

Basically … ?   Basically, it seems someone in Payroll had entered the wrong date into the system.

It’s since been sorted.


But my WORD, there was a lot of angry people around, yesterday … 


Friday, 17 July 2015

The Friday Question Set — 17-7-2015

Hmmm … 

Well, THAT seems to have sorted itself out … 

I’m working: you realise both that, AND that that’s why I’m posting up the Friday Question set, relatively late.

I have to admit to having something of a hairy moment, today: when my pay check didn’t go through.

As it turns out … ?

Someone had put a wrong number into the system!

Still, even though I had hairy moment — along with every OTHER member of staff — it’s now officially sorted: and money is in bank accounts.

Ho-hum … !


The Daily Teaser — 17-7-2015

Hmmm … 

Well, that’s that done with.

Practically, at any rate.

Remember me saying that last Saturday — at work — was a bit … rough … ?

Basically, we had a pair of stroppy customers in.

It’s rare, but unfortunate, sort of thing to have happened.

It’s ALSO the only time management has asked mo to make a statement of events.

Something I’ve finished last night.

I’m … concerned: understandably, I believe.   After all, it’s something I’ve never had to do.

Hopefully, though … ?

Hopefully the statement I’ve done will be helpful.

AND be of use.

I’m mildly worried I’ve got this wrong … 


Thursday, 16 July 2015

The Daily Teaser — 16-7-2015: The Islamic Calendar

You know, I’m suffering.


Hideously and horribly.

But then again, it’s me own blessed fault: staying up late — watching Chappie and writing the associated blog post —on a night before an early start at work.

Still … ?

I’ve managed to catch the first movie I’ve seen for a while.

And it was certainly fun.


Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Chappie — Fun without Dogfood … !

15th July, 2015.

You know, there’s a few things I’ve done in my time.

Some good, some bad … 

Some downright silly … 

Actually, now I think of it, there’s quite a lot of downright silly.

Certainly a lot that I’ll not talk about, here … !

Ahem … !

But one of them … ?

ONE of those things is staying up late: on a night before I have to be at work, early in the morning.

Doing something I’ve not done for a while.


You’ve guessed it.

Watched a movie.

And, in this case … ?

Caught the recently released fort rental, Neil Blomkamp film that IS … Chappie … !

And yes.

It’s isn’t dogwood.


The Brentwood Gazette’s Weekly Teaser — 15-7-2015: Saint Swithun’s Day

Ah, well, that’s THAT letter published, then … 

You’ve probably worked out I’m a Terry Pratchett fan, hadn’t you?

One saddened by his death: and saddened, but understanding about his position — in the last years of his life — about assisted death.

Last week, my local MP, Eric Pickles (Con. Brentwood and Ongar) wrote in the Brentwood Gazette that he, personally, would be opposing any moves to legalise Assisted Dying.

While I don’t like the idea?   I think that a law allowing it should be in place.

And wrote into the Gazette to say so.

The letter’s pictured: and available, here.

If you’d like to write to your local MP about the subject — or your local paper — feel free to copy and paste the text.


The Daily Teaser — 15-7-2015: Twittering About

You know, the word ‘Bleugh’ springs to mind, here … !

Mostly where I up late, last night.

Making slideshows for this here very blog … !

You know, I never thought buying that copy of the iWorks ’09 suite, back in the day, would prove to have quite so useful.

But there you go.   It has.

And BOY, my eyeballs are twanging as a result … !

I would insist on finishing 11 of those videos: and getting to bed at one in the morning, as a result.

Oy veh … !


Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The Daily Teaser — 14-7-2015

Ah … 

HA … !

That’s THAT lot in … !

You probably remember me telling you I’d accidentally destroyed an external drive I’d had: one with copies of every backed up TV box set I’d owned.

I’ve managed to borrow some series off various friends: and bought others from a mix of my local CeX, and suppliers on Amazon.

Well, thankfully, the (imported) DVD box set of Blake’s 7 — the 1970s series that first brought Gareth Thomas and Paul Darrow to prominence — turned up on Sunday.   And the episodes I’ve seen … ?   Are as good as they ever were.   The series thrived on wonderfully snappy dialogue: although I know Nigel Kneale — the man behind Quatermass — wan’t a fan.

That import cost me £27.   I could’ve got them on a series by series basis.   Which would’ve cost some £18 to £19 per series.

Or I could’ve got an Amazon Exclusive box set.

For a bloody stupid £199*.

You can see why I went for the import, can’t you … ?


Monday, 13 July 2015

The Daily Teaser — 13-7-2015

Ooooooooh … 

But that’s BETTER … !

I mentioned, last night, I was exhausted: after a long weekend.

This morning … ?

I’ve woken up feeling tired — obviously — and thinking three things.
A)   That a cuppa would be bloody helpful.
B)    That last night’s episode of Humans was fantastic.
And C)   I’m Sorry, I Haven’t A Clue   is back on, tonight.
Go listen to I’m Sorry, I Haven’t A Clue.

Seriously … !

You’ll be listening to THE comedy … !


Sunday, 12 July 2015

Humans — Episode 5: 12-7-2015

12th July, 2015.

Ye GODS … but I think I’ve a minor case of eyestrain, at the moment.

Part of that … ?

Is simply down to the fact I am dog tired.

After all, last night was — for various reasons — pretty rough.

And left me — back in at 12, today, after an early start — feeling woozy for most of the shift.

I’m not complaining TOO much.

Unlike — right now — my eyes.

Which are bitching.


The Daily Teaser — 12-7-2015: Julius Caesar.

Blimey, but I’m grateful to both be awake … 

And comparatively unscarred.

Especially when you consider last night — at work — we had a rather stroppy customer, in.

Although ‘rather’ is understating it.

We ended up with three police officer in the restaurant.

Count ’em: three … !

All of THIS, I should add, because someone felt I’d grabbed a fork the wrong way … and someone else felt the customer concerned should lay off the staff.

Personally … ?

I couldn’t help but think there was a certain element of ‘handbags at dawn.’

But know the glass in the front door is damaged … ?   Does put an edge on the situation … 


Saturday, 11 July 2015

The Daily Teaser — 11-7-2015: To Kill A Mockingbird

Oh, now that’s sad … Omar Sharif’s died … 

Seemingly of a heart attack, at a hospital in Egypt.

I have to confess, I don’t know that I ever saw Lawrence of Arabia or Dr Zhivago, his two seminal films.

I DO the man was suffering with Alzheimer’s, at the end though.

Not something I — were I a family member — would be pleased to hear.

After all, the disease effective killed my grandmother, And my favourite author.

As things stand?

I can only offer my condolences to his family.

And start looking around to see if he wrote anything on Backgammon: one of my favourite games.

That seems only right … 


Friday, 10 July 2015

The Friday Question Set — 10-7-2015

Hmmm … 

Well, that’s ordered … 

A few weeks ago, now, I managed to drop — to the point of complete knacker — the external hard drive I keep all my media content on.

About 800 gigabytes of TV show and family photoes were lost.

I’ve managed to save some photos: rebuilding them from family and the cloud.

And I’m re-building the TV collections from what friends can offer.   AND what I can grab on Amazon.

I’ve managed to pick up both The Prisoner and Sapphire and Steel* there.

I’m ALSO picking up various sections of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, as well.

Now … 

Has anyone got a spare internal hard drive they need?

I’m slowing running out of shelf space.


The Daily Teaser — 10-7-2015

Oh … My … Lord … 

But I’m still yawning … !

As you might know, I’m working: and have been for a few months.    In a local fast food restaurant.

And got finished, last night, at 10·30: getting at around 10·45.


It means I got to bed about half twelvish.

I’m not actually complaining about that.

I’m just feeling my age, this morning.

Age or otherwise … ?

Age or otherwise, I DO know yesterday ALSO saw the BBC release a trailer for Series 9 of Dr Who.   Personally?   I want to know who on EARTH Maisie Williams is playing … !


Thursday, 9 July 2015

The Daily Teaser — 9-7-2015: Anyone for Tennis?

Oh, now there’s a thing … !

You’ve probably realised, by now, that I’ve been binge watching early 80s classic, Sapphire and Steel.

Something I managed to finish, last night, with the concluding original series: known as Assignment 6, set in a small garage stuck in a bubble of time.

Absolutely fantastic stuff, I should add.

Assignment 2 — generally considered definitive — does drag a little: but I can also see why that story is so well spoken of.

Overall, the series spooked people: and has stayed in people’s memories ever since, for doing exactly that.

The weird bit … ?

Is that, in a syndicated interview, yesterday, Luther creator, Neil Cross, announced he’s looking at re-launching Sapphire and Steel.

Which is good: so long as Cross and company can keep that scary atmosphere.

What got me was the timing of the interview’s release, online.   Just as I finished watching the original series.

Personally … ?

I’m half expecting McCallum and Lumley to start banging on my door, any minute now.


Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The Brentwood Gazette’s Weekly Teaser — 8-7-2015: The RCMP

Hmm … 

Most odd … 

I’ve been doing the Gazette Teaser’s for sometime, now: quite happily.

This week, included.

For SOME reason though … ?

I’ve posted the quiz sets, as per usual.

And thus far … ?

They haven’t gone through.

I think I might be having words … 


The Daily Teaser — 8-7-2015: Roswell

You know, it has to be said, bedtime reading’s getting good.

No, really!

Frankly, at the moment, I’m re-reading William Gibson’s Neuromancer: the 1984 book that kickstarted the whole Cyberpunk genre.

I have to admit, I’m having something of a blast with it.   Seeing what Case, Molly†, Armitage and the rest of the gang are doing, is like re-visiting old friends.

Especially Molly.   I’ve read the book several times, and keep wanting to see more of her: even though I’ve got through the sequels, AND the original short story version of Johnny Mnemonic*.

Wouldn’t mind seeing her floating around, again.

More than that, though … ?

Gibson never returned to one character’s story, after Neuromancer: never showed us what happened … 


I’d love to know more about Case.

I mean, beyond the fact he never saw Molly, agin … !


Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The Daily Teaser — 7-7-2015

Ah-HA!   The box-set of Sapphire and Steel that I ordered?

Has officially been delivered … !

And I have to admit, I’ve been having a bit of a binge watch: certainly of Assignment’s 1 and 2.

Actually Assignment 2 — Story 2, Adventure 2, whatever ever you want to call it — is the notorious one: set in an abandoned railway station, it sees our heroes dealing something — something — lurking on the footbridge connecting the two platforms of a railway station.

It’s got to be said, this particular one … has a very slow pace.

But … ?

But ALSO ramps up the tension in a way I think very little modern TV shows do.

With the possible exception of a couple of Torchwood episodes, Small Worlds and From Out Of The Rain.   Which, by a huge co-incidence, where written by Sapphire and Steel creator, P. J. Hammond.

It just goes to show, I think.

You can’t keep a seriously spooky writer down …