Friday, 31 July 2009

The Daily Teaser …

It’s Friday, again!!

He says, after having a decent nights sleep …

Which means, of course, that today sees the by now familiar 60 question set, as well as today’s teaser.

And I think I’ve got an interesting one, there. One thing I will do, though, is ask Karen; if she’s reading this, is if she mind’s me putting up the Christmas set?

It’d be a nice advert …

Let me know!

At any rate, here’s today’s Teaser questions …

Q1) Today in 30 BC saw Mark Anthony defeat who, at the Battle of Alexandria?

Q2) Which “Superman” actor was born today, in 1966?

Q3) On the subject of super-heroes, today in 1930, saw the radio début of which shadowy super hero?

Q4) 31st July, 1945, saw John K. Giles attempt an escape from which notorious prison?

Q5) And finally, today in 1970, saw the last ever what, issued by the British Royal Navy?

And here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …

Q1) 30th July, 736, is the date usually given for the foundation of which Middle Eastern city?

A1) Baghdad.

Q2) July 30th, 1975, saw the disappearance of trade union leader?

A2) Jimmy Hoffa. (Who’s full name was James Riddle Hoffa. You couldn’t make this up, could you?)

Q3) Bit of a football question; England won the World Cup, on the 30th July of which year?

A3) 1966.

Q4) On the same theme, 30th July, 1930 saw which South American country win the very first World Cup?

A4) Uruguay.

Q5) July 30th is also Independence Day, for the island nation of Vanuatu; how was Vanuatu known, before it gained independence?

A5) The New Hebrides.

Q6) Today is also the birthday of British inventor, Sir Clive Sinclair; what was the name of the first computer his company released?

A6) The ZX80.

Q7) And finally, who celebrated 30 years in show-business by hold a free concert in Hyde Park?

A7) Luciano Pavarotti.

And, for those of us who need the question set, here we go … !

Round 1. General Knowledge.

Q1) HMP Strangeways is now known as HMP what?

A1) HMP Manchester.

Q2) Smegheads are fans of which TV show?

A2) Red Dwarf.”

Q3) From which country does Goulash originate?

A3) Hungary.

Q4) What can be even, odd, or whole?

A4) A number.

Q5) Apart from a very well known TV show, what is a Blue Peter?

A5) A flag.

Q6) Which singer’s nickname is the “Tigress of Tiger Bay”?

A6) Shirley Bassey.

Q7) A flexible diving board is known as what?

A7) A springboard.

Q8) What are you scared of, if you have theophobia?

A8) God.

Q9) Which plant was named after Claude Aubriet?

A9) Aubrietia.

Q10) The Black & Tans were auxiliaries to which British police force?

A10) The Royal Ulster Constabulary.

Round 2. History.

Q11) Queen Victoria was buried with a cast of Prince Albert’s hand, his nightshirt, and a photo of whom?

A11) Her servant, John Brown.

Q12) Which king was buried in a gold coffin, in 323BC?

A12) Alexander the Great.

Q13) Which biblical king built the 1st Temple, in Jerusalem?

A13) King Solomon.

Q14) Which city was the capital of the Mali Empire?

A14) Timbuktu.

Q15) General Franco won which war?

A15) The Spanish Civil War.

Q16) Which country was the first to elect a female PM?

A16) Sri Lanka. (Accept Ceylon.)

Q17) In which year of the 20th Century did the Wall Street Crash take place?

A17) 1929.

Q18) What’s the name of the famous tomb commissioned by Shah Jehan?

A18) The Taj Mahal.

Q19) Which French ruler built the Palace of Versailles?

A19) Louis 14th.

Q20) Who led the Redshirts that conquered Italy, in 1860?

A20) Guiseppe Garibaldi. (Who liked fig biscuits.)

Round 3. Food & Drink.

Q21) Calzone is made from what kind of dough?

A21) Pizza Dough.

Q22) Ratafia biscuits are what flavour?

A22) Almond.

Q23) Which president is generally credited with starting the US wine industry?

A23) Thomas Jefferson.

Q24) Is rump steak considered to be kosher?

A24) No.

Q25) What shape is Fusilli pasta?

A25) Spiral.

Q26) Naan bread is traditionally cooked is which type of clay oven?

A26) A tandoori oven.

Q27) If a dish is cooked en papillote, what’s it cooked in?

A27) Paper.

Q28) What is a chanterelle?

A28) A mushroom.

Q29) Brochette is another name for what?

A29) A kebab.

Q30) Chablis is usually made from which white grape?

A30) Chardonnay.

Round 4. Murder Most Foul.

Q31) Who was nicknamed The Vampire of Düsseldorf?

A31) Peter Kürten.

Q32) The Sicilian Specialist,” was a fictional account of which US presidents assassination?

A32) John F. Kennedy’s.

Q33) In which US city was Martin Luther King assassinated?

A33) Memphis.

Q34) Michael Ryan carried out which massacre?

A34) Hungerford.

Q35) How many victims did Dennis Nilsen admit to killing?

A35) 15.

Q36) In order to gain his victims confidence, who did the Boston Strangler say he worked for?

A36) A modelling agency.

Q37) When he was finally caught, how old was Peter Sutcliffe?

A37) 34.

Q38) Who was the last woman to receive a death sentence, in the UK?

A38) Ruth Ellis.

Q39) Robert LeRoy Parker was the real name of which outlaw?

A39) Butch Cassidy.

Q40) On which island did Michael Bryant massacre 34 people?

A40) Tasmania.

Round 5. On the Road.

Q41) Which city is at the southernmost point of the A1?

A41) London.

Q42) What colour are the lines in a box junction?

A42) Yellow.

Q43) How often must a 3 year old car have an MOT?

A43) Annually. (Accept once a year.)

Q44) On the road, what shape are most warning signs?

A44) Triangular.

Q45) True, or False: Britain has a migratory toad crossing warning sign.

A45) True.

Q46) What is the minimum number of L plates a leaner driver must have?

A46) 2.

Q47) The government first published what, in 1931?

A47) The Highway Code.

Q48) Speed limits on motorways were introduced after what type of car did 170 miles per hour, on the M1?

A48) An AC Cobra.

Q49) On a road sign, what does a white H, on a blue background indicate?

A49) A hospital.

Q50) Which Chris Rea song is about the M25?

A50) The Road To Hell.”

Round 6. General Knowledge.

Q51) 17th Century poet, Sir John Suckling, is credited with inventing which card-game?

A51) Cribbage. (Accept Crib.)

Q52) Which former tennis player replaced David Coleman on “A Question of Sport”?

A52) Sue Barker.

Q53) Who called their autobiography, “Just Williams”?

A53) Kenneth Williams.

Q54) Which school did Prince Harry attend, at the age of 13?

A54) Eton.

Q55) Which spy fled to Russia, with Donald MacLean?

A55) Guy Burgess. (Kim Philby joined them later.)

Q56) Fred Titmuss represented England at which sport?

A56) Cricket.

Q57) Who wrote the original novel, “Silence of the Lambs”?

A57) Thomas Harris.

Q58) Former PM John Major, is a supporter of which Football team?

A58) Chelsea.

Q59) Every so often, Diana Prince turns into which comic book character?

A59) Wonderwoman.

Q60) Thelonius Monk was associated with which musical instrument?

A60) The piano.

I hope those help! Enjoy the day, I’ll catch you later!