Search For A Post

Right, ok … 

Now, I’ve got to admit, I happily write at a frantic pace, sometimes.

I’m the first to admit it, in fact!

And I’m also the first to admit that’s I actually get lost on here, trying to find a post I need to refer to.   Or link into … 

You can imagine, can’t you … ?

So the fact that, just recently, the Brentwood Gazette published the URI of Nik Nak’s Old Peculiar got me thinking.

Well … 

That, and the fact an old friend told me he felt I was doing a heck of a lot in just one blog.

After all, Nik Nak’s Old Peculiar includes the Teasers, whatever I happen to have  fired off to the Gazette, films I’ve managed to see on DVD and at the cinema, the pub quizzes I used to run, and Lord alone knows whatever else.

Prolific … ?

Possibly … 

At any rate, Graham’s solution — of having multiple blogs, on different subjects — always struck me as too much like hard work.


My solution … ?

Or part of it, at any rate … ?

Was to include this page, on how to have a good rummage around here on Nik Nak’s Old Peculiar.

Which is actually a lot easier than it looks.

Although, having talked Doctor Kevin through how to post a comment on here, I can appreciate that — for a newcomer — this is possibly a bit … 

Baffling … 

Where was I … ?

Simplicity, yeah … !!

Basically … ?

As the photo will show you, it’s simply a case of knowing what to press.
1)   So you know, you can type a search term into the search box: top left hand corner of the top of the page.
2)   Down in the Sidebar, you’ll find the Archive.   Which is basically a list — in reverse chronological order, newest to oldest — of all the posts.
3)   At the bottom of the blog is the Labels list.   I usually tag each post with a set of labels relevant to the post: if you click on a label, your browser will show you all the posts with that label.
And 4)   Once you’ve done any of the above, you’ll wind up with the results.   Click on the post you want to look at: or on ‘Show Older Posts’ if you can’t immediately see what you’re after.

Does that help … ?

I hope  so!

But, in case it doesn’t, here’s a movie I prepared earlier … 

Enjoy that … !!