Wednesday, 31 December 2008

About Last Night …

Well, that’s the printing for tomorrow, done!

I’ve got to admit, I’ve just had to finish the job in a bit of a rush.

I realised I had to work, tomorrow day time, which is when I’d usually print out things like the answer sheets, in the photo.

Fifteen of them, plus fifteen copies of the table round, lord knows how many flyers, and anything else that occurs to me, should be enough.

Here’s hoping they get all used!

Changing Tables

You know, there’s times, when I feel lazy enough to keep the table round, and there’s time … I DON’T!

And after last night’s, quiet but interesting evening, I thought “Blow It”, and decided to change the round!

Either way, here’s the answers to last night’s Table Round …

Q1) 2008 was the international year of Planet Earth,Languages, and which vegetable?

A1) The potato.

Q2) According to the EU, 2008 was also the European Year of Intercultural … what?

A2) Dialogue.

Q3) The UN also declared 2008 to be the International Year of which amphibian?

A3) The Frog

Q4) In which month was the Buddhist New Year?

A4) May.   (Vesak.)

Q5) The Chinese Year started on February,7th 2008.  According to Chinese astrology, it’s the Year of the … what?

A5) Rat.

Instead, I’ve gone with this lot … 

Q1) Fourteen year Paralympian swimmer, Eleanor Simmonds, became the youngest person, this year toe get a … what?

Q2) Which jazz musician got a CBE, in the 2008 New Year’s Honours?  

Q3) Which author was named as a Knight, this year?

Q4) Which shoe obsessed swimmer got named as an OBE?

Q5) Andrew Ramroop got an OBE, in the new years honours list; ― he was the first black tailor to own a business … where?

Q6) Which dragon got a gong, this year?

Q7) Nick Partridge got a knighthood, this year, for his services as head of which medical  charity?

Q8) An MBE was awarded to which Child protection campaigner?

Q9) Derek Carrick received an MBE for raising almost £200, 000,  running marathons dressed as which cartoon character?

Q10) Anne Owers got made a Dame, this year; – she’s Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of … what?

Tonight, Tonight

Phew, that’s the first half over!

Well I say the first half!

The King Harold end of it, I should say …

Complete with Tom and Jerry, looking menacing, there, the Fruit Pots, underneath them, me and Nicky, next, Jules and the rest of her team, and then at the bottom, the return o Crazy Chrissie, and her boyfriend, Phillip.

Her and Phillip joined Laura’s team, and came in first, with a resounding sixty-five whole points, managing to beat Tom  and Jerry, by a huge fourteen point margin!

It’s nice to know that someone apart from Joe can beat them!

Either way, I’ll blog more in the morning, but just so you know, next weeks bonus pot is at £27•50p, after no-one got this …

Armenia became Gold medallist at the Turin Olympiad in 2006, and at the next one.   In which German city was it, and in what game were they competing?

The city was Dresden, and the game … ?   Chess …

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Tonights POTENTIAL Table Round

You know I almost forgot to mention, I’ve a table round for tonight’s do at the King Harold.   It’s only recently I’ve been throwing these in, but here’s tonight’s questions …

Q1) 2008 was the international year of Planet Earth,Languages, and which vegetable?

Q2) According to the EU, 2008 was also the European Year of Intercultural … what?

Q3) The UN also declared 2008 to be the International Year of which amphibian?

Q4) In which month was the Buddhist New Year?

Q5) The Chinese Year started on February,7th 2008.   According to Chinese astrology, it’s the Year of the … what?

Monday, 29 December 2008

The Oncoming Storm … !

Here we go, here’s this week’s questions; — just the questions, mind!

These are the much sweated over Review of the Year questions, and I’m hoping nothing MAJOR happens over the next few days, that would automatically mean changing an entire section …

Now obviously, you can either wait a few days, til I post up the answer’s …
Or come to the King Harold, tomorrow night, or the Hutton, on Thursday …
This should get interesting, shouldn’t it … ?


Q1) Ian Bishop won this year’s Golden Spurtle, which means he’s the official World Champion maker of … what?

Q2) According to insurance reports released this year, Britain’s most destructive dog is the Great Dane; – what’s Britain’s 2nd most destructive breed?

Q3) The Royal Marsden Hospital was hit by fire, this year; - what disease is it famed for treating?

Q4) Which Australian actor died of an Overdose, this year? (Bonus for telling us the name of his last completed film.)

Q5) According to figures released this year, two million e-mails are sent in the UK, every how often; – every minute, hour, or day?

Q6) Which new plane made its first commercial flight to Europe, this year?

Q7) Who became Mayor of London, this year?

Q8) Which Archbishop took a dive, this year?

Q9) A bumbling civil servant left top secret intelligence documents about al-Qaeda on a what, this year?

Q10) What drinkable item saw its hundredth birthday this year?


Q11) Which former “Blue Peter” presenter got savaged by a vicious terrier, this year?

Q12) Who, according to reports this year, was US tv’s highest paid TV actor?

Q13) Which show did Rachel Rice win, this year?

Q14) Oliver Postgate died this year; – what was the first series he made for the BBC?

Q15) Who got fired from “Countdown”, this year?

Q16) Konnie Hug left her job, this year; - which children’s show did she present?

Q17) Which Scottish actor appeared on a New Zealand Wanted poster, this year?

Q18) John Hewer died this year; – which iconic chracter did he play on TV?

Q19) Who was named as Britain’s most watched tv hosts?

Q20) Which Scottish actor played Hamlet, this year? (Bonus for telling us which “Star Trek” star played Claudius.)


Q21) Who won Harvard University’s ‘Woman of the Year’ award?

Q22) Who got named as Hollywood’s highest paid actress, this year?

Q23) Keanu Reeves starred in a remake of which science fiction film, this year? (Bonus for telling us the name of the robot character.)

Q24) This year saw the UK release of Oliver Stone’s latest movie, which is all about … WHO?

Q25) Don LaFontaine died this year, at the age of 68; - during his Hollywood career, he recorded voice-overs for for over 5000 … what?

Q26) Which Hollywood veteran was involved in a car crash, this year?

Q27) Which tv spin off movie was a great success this year?

Q28) Which film director announced he was boycotting the Beijing Olympics?

Q29) Which film won Best Film, at this Year’s BAFTA’s?

Q30) Paul Newman died this year, @ the age of 83; - but did he play Butch Cassidy, or the Sundance Kid?


Q31) Anastacia Dobromyslava won the Women’s World championship, this year; - in what sport?

Q32) Who won the F1 Drivers championship, this year? (Bonus point for telling us the team)

Q33) Katerina Emmins won the first gold medal of the Beijing Olympics, in the 10 metre Air Rifle event; - what nationality is she?

Q34) Welsh cyclist, Nicole Cook, was the first Briton to win a gold medal, in Beijing, this year; – but in which event?

Q35) How many gold medals did Britain get in this year’s Olympics?

Q36) Who won the Mens finals at Wimbledon, this year?

Q37) Who won the Euro 2008 football tournament?

Q38) Which American Footballer was found guilty of Armed Robbery, this year?

Q39) Which east London stadium closed thisn year?

Q40) Who won this years Scottish Premier League?


Q41) Producer & DJ, Trevor Romeo, was honoured with an OBE, this year; - how is he better known?

Q42) Dima Bilan won this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Believe”; – what country did he represent?

Q43) 13 podiatrists went to work at the Glastonbury Festival, this year; – what 1st world war condition were they there to treat?

Q44) Which rapper headlined the Glastonbury festival, this year? (Bonus point for telling us which Oasis song he did …)

Q45) In a poll for Rolling Stone magazine, in 2008, who got named as the greatest singer of the rock era?

Q46) Who won the ‘Best Album’ award, at this year’s MOBO awards?

Q47) Which Greek icon did her last world tour, this year?

Q48) One of Jimi Hendrix’s guitar’s was sold, this year; – the guitar in question was the first one he burnt on stage, at a club in which district of Greater London?

Q49) Which veteran DJ won the John Peel Award, this year?

Q50) Why has “Chinese Democracy” been in the news, this year?


Q51) Which Olympic cyclist got named as BBC Sports Personality of the Year, in 2008? (Bonus for telling us how many gold medals he won, in Beijing.)

Q52) Which terminal at Heathrow, had opening day trouble, this year?

Q53) Which furniture store went into administration, this year?

Q54) It was found out this year, that Ken Livingston has how many children?

Q55) According to a survey this year, how many people have a part of their body - apart from their earlobe - pierced; – 1 in 8, 1 in 10, or 1 in 12?

Q56) Alison Carol is the new face of which fictional heroine?

Q57) According to BBC reports, this year, what’s the most expensive operation you can have on the NHS; – a cochlea implant, a heart transplant, or a facelift?

Q58) The Worlds Largest supertanker was hijacked, this year; – by pirates from which African nation?

Q59) President Bush had shoes thrown at him, this year, by a disgruntled journalist; – where was President Bush visiting?

Q60) How old was the NHS, this year?