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You know, I’m always surprised by the amount of bright people who admit to being baffled: at least, mildly baffled.

By what seems to me to be the simple task of leaving a comment, here on Nik Nak’s Old Peculiar.

To me, it always seems a simple thing to do.


Over the years, I’ve worked out a simple way of explaining how to leave a comment.
  • Follow the links from either Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or the Brentwood Gazette, to get here to the Old Peculiar.   (Or click on the bookmark, whatever.)
  • Click on the title of the post that’s caught your eye*.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the post: you’ll find a line of text that says either ‘0 Comments’ or ‘Post a Comment’.   Click on that.
  • That takes you to the next screen: the Comment publishing screen.   Put your comment in the box, provided.
  • When asked, type in the text in the picture into the relevant box. (The one that Says ‘Type The Text’.)
  • Pick the identity you want your comment published under.
  • Finally, press the orange ‘Publish Your Comment’ button.
I’ve had the occasional anonymous comment that I’ve found objectionable: so I’d prefer you to leave your name.   The easiest way to do that is click the buttons that let you use you G+ ID.   You can also the Name/URL button to leave your Twitter/Facebook/website ID.   If you DO want to use the Anonymous option, I’d appreciate you leaving your name at the end of your comment.

That way … ?   That way, I can also filter out spam comments: who tend to use the Anonymous option, and usually advertise Viagra.   (When I started this blog, I didn’t mind anonymous comments.   But, after having those early objectionable, or actionable — or just plain badly spelt — comments?   I felt that people leaving a name, even even just signing it at the bottom of the post, was preferable to having nothing.)


As a final point, I know I’ve had one or two people complain that they can’t get a comment to stick.

In that case, I have a suggestion.

Write your comment in WordPad, TextEdit, gEdit or Word — whatever your preferred lightweight word processing app is — and then copy and paste it into the Comment Box I mentioned above.

Then carry on.

That USUALLY avoids your comments getting eaten by Google!


As final thoughts … ?

I’ve made movies explaining how to comment … 

You can also copy and paste on a tablet:

  • For Android tablets, you can read this
  • This is how you do it on iOS.

I hope this How To helps.

*        Generally, the titles of the Daily Teasers lead, not to that Teaser, but to the YouTube page with that day’s video.   The video has, in turn, a link to the relevant Teaser in the Description section.   Thank you, once again, for listening.

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Looks good to me Paul, but the black May be too fierce for most eyes in demarcating the page edges