Thursday, 26 May 2016

The Daily Teaser — 26-5-2016

Well … 

I’m officially back to work, today.

But … ?

I mentioned, yesterday, I was installing a Version of Ubuntu, onto a friend’s new — but second hand — laptop?

Well … 

The installation went well: and the laptop … ?

Is now in the hands of a satisfied owner.

Here’s hoping it’s handy!


Wednesday, 25 May 2016

The Brentwood Gazette’s Weekly Teaser — 25-5-2016: Star Wars … !

Right … 

It’s an official day to (mildly) panic!

I’m expecting visitors, any minute now: and in a BIT of a rush!

Amazing what revving up a laptop will do, isn’t it?

Or, at least, having a reputation for revving up a laptop will do!

At ANY rate … ?


The Daily Teaser — 25-5-2016: Geek Pride Day

Hmmm … 

That’ll hopefully go down well.

I bumped into an old friend, yesterday: who — flatteringly — wanted my advice, buying a laptop.

Well, one can’t not, can one?

I, of course?   Suggested getting a Mac: which the friend concerned felt was a bit out of her budget.

But I WAS able to suggest a reasonably priced laptop.   I’ve installed Ubuntu as the operating system: as the friend concerned only really needs it for web-surfing, email and accessing Facebook.


She’ll find it useful.


Tuesday, 24 May 2016

House of Cards — Series 3: Episodes 9 and 10 (Chapters 35 and 36)

Hmmm … 

I’m quietly satisfied, there.

Today is one of my days off: and not one where I’d had anything planned, per se.

But I DID bump into an old friend: in Brentwood Library.

One who was looking to buy a laptop, from the Brentwood branch of CeX.

And who — flatteringly — wanted my advice on which one would be a good buy.

Well, yes, obviously, I told her to get a Mac!

But as she felt that was out of her price bracket?   Went for a HP laptop.   I’ve just installed Ubuntu onto it for her, and been able get a rough idea of the machine’s individual foibles.


The lady concerned will be pleased.


At ANY rate?

At any rate, I know the one thing I DID have planned was catching up with some TV.

Given that there was nothing on terrestrial TV I wanted to catch?

I did what so many of us are doing, these days.

Streamed a series.

In this case … ?

Episodes nine and ten, of series three of House of Cards.

And yes, it IS going down very well.


The Daily Teaser — 24-5-2016


What … ?!

I’m a film fan … well … armchair film fan, at any rate.

One who, over the years, has picked up one distinct impression.

That films based on video games aren’t necessarily much good.

Which has what’s mostly encouraged me not to watch: that and the fact I’m not exactly a video games fan.

Then, courtesy of the BBC?

I learnt one company has achieved something of a coup.


Threshold Global Studios are planning a trilogy of movies … based on Tetris.

I’d love to see the script for that lot … !