Thursday, 15 November 2018

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 15th November, 2018

15th November, 2018.

Yep: I’m off job hunting, again, today.

Job hunting … 

And possibly trying to buy a tie: if I can find a plain(ish) one in any of Brentwood’s many charity shops.

I’ve long since lost any I’ve had!


In amongst everything else … ?

We now know what’s been rumoured for some time.

There is no Dr Who Christmas special, this year: instead, there’ll be one on New Years’ Day.


I’m a little disappointed: I like the special where it was, as practically my whole family would watch, given us some valuable bonding time.

I get the feeling the actual episode will be superb: they have been, so far.

But … ?

New Year’s Day, rather than Christmas Day is something I don’t like the sound of.


Just as a last point … ?

I watched a movie, last night.


Given yesterday’s theme, digging up The Godfather seemed just the thing.


The Godfather: A Review

14th November, 2018.

Yes … 

It’s another night as a gentleman of leisure.

As you’ve possibly guessed.

Right at the moment,  I’m off work: and job hunting.

And worrying like hell about where my next bit of cash is coming from.


Hell, worrying about my next meal is on the proverbial menu, as well.

Not that worry is doing me much good, right now.

Once unemployment kicks in long term … ?

Well, that’s when I’ll start having issues: health AND financial.


At any rate?

I’ve been keeping my self occupied job hunting: and am thinking that heading into Romford, or Billericay, handing out my CV could be good.

Or bad, depending.

I’m ALSO thinking — as I have, so many times before — that putting my CV on this blog could be good.

Or bad.

I might just have to ask my work coach: the job centre appointed mentor who’s supposed to suggest options for me to explore.

It might be an idea.

At any rate, I’ve job hunting keeping me busy.

AND the usual teasing writing, laundry, cleaning … 

And as I have some free nights … ?

Catching up with a movie or two seems an idea.

Given the subjects of today’s Teaser?   Tha Apalachin Meeting?

Something nefarious seemed in order.

Some with suspicious looking Italian Americans.

Something like … The Godfather … 


Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 14-11-18: The Big Pow Wow.

14th November, 2018.

My hair is quite definitely a mess.

Which possibly means just the one thing, at the moment.

I’m going to have to wait for it.

As you’ll possibly know, by now?

I’m job-hunting: just started job-hunting, in fact.

So, right now?

I’m waiting to hear about any benefits I’m due: including when the first payment will get to me.

AND start the process of putting in any hardship payments.

AND moving various payments around. 

And … and … and … 

It’s an eternal and, frankly.

That … 

On top of the gap between my last wages from work — on Friday — and my first, full benefit payments.

Well … 

Time to get a move on … 


John Carpenter’s The Fog: A Review

13th November, 2018.

I’m … 

Officially job hunting … 

You couldn’t possibly tell, could you … ?

Especially as I told you in this morning’s Daily Teaser.

Either way, I’m job hunting: and the full implications are sinking in.

I’m doing to be doing nothing productive, bar looking for work for however long that takes.

And have good old fashioned money worries.

After all, my next benefit payment will be in a few days time: but is a reduced Universal Credit payment, based on the hours I had been doing.

It’s only the month afterwards — the day before Christmas Eve — that I get whatever the first full payment is.

Something tells me I have financial problems.

My PayPal ‘TipJar’ is in the side bar, if you want to help!


At ANY rate … ?

I am officially a body with nothing to do, today.

Beyond wondering around like a forlorn leaf, blown mournfully in the autumnal breezes that can afflict a man’s soul at this time of year.

Come the evening?   I could sit around, sounding pretentious.

Or, of course, catch a movie … 

I caught a movie: one that’s been sitting in the collection for a while.

Yes, you’ve guessed it, haven’t you … ?

John Carpenter’s The Fog … 


Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 13th November, 2018

13th November, 2018.

News, news news, news … 

News … !

You’ve possibly seen it coming: as have I.

But I’ve been laid off from work.

And, before you ask?

I was a temp worker, there: with all the rule differences that implies.

I’m ALSO wondering … 

Well, all sorts of things.

Frankly, I was at the company — an out-sourcing firm called Pinnacle — for some 2 years: long enough, were I a permanent member of staff, to qualify for redundancy.

Not that I was made redundant.

That’s the other thing.

I was there for two years: and never offered a permanent contract.

When everyone who started after me?

Was … 

OK, I was told my calls per hour weren’t up to snuff: something I had my doubts about.

I feel that — with recent changes to the actual phone software? — that it was improving.

What CAN I tell you … ?

Apart from the fact I’m now job hunting: and will be heading for the job centre, later, to sort out any benefits.


Just as a last news thing?

You’ll have possibly read about the death of Marvel creator, Stan Lee, yesterday.

Which I found saddening.

Although, to be brutally honest, I was never a huge fan of Stan’s work: influential though I know it was.


I felt the death — also yesterday — of Douglas Rain — the voice of 2001: A Space Odyssey’s Hal 9000 — more keenly.

The man voiced an icon.

Either way?

Either way, the loss of both is sad: and my thoughts, and condolences, go to both men’s families.