Friday, 22 August 2014

The Friday Question Set — 22-8-2014


And DOUBLE phew!

Actually, no! Possibly even TREBLE phew.

With lashings of cream and ginger biscuits … !

So to speak … 

The REASON for reason for all this excitement … ?

Is I’ve just opened my post to find that the Mandatory Reconsideration I put in for — after the scandalous way the Work Placement Scheme I was placed on went bad — go my way.

And had the Sanction overturned.

I am relieved: and thankful.

And going to thanks EVERYONE that’s helped and supported me through it!

Friends, family, and everyone that’s pressed my Donate button.

You know who you are, folks!

Thank you … !


The Daily Teaser — 22-8-2014: The Loch Ness Monster!

You know, I think I’ve a busy-ish day, today.

The usual job-search up at the Job Centre.

And a training seminar at Brentwood library: on interview technique.

Now, I’ll be frank: I don’t know how much help that’s going to be.

But … ?   Well, I’m glad the Job Centre managed to set it up for me: it’s something I’ve felt needed polishing for some time.

Here’s hoping the polish takes: and bags SOMETHING for me … !


Thursday, 21 August 2014

The Daily Teaser — 21-8-2014: The Shogun

Did I tell you I have an iPod … ?

A much repaired fourth generation one: but I’m not complaining.

Mostly … ?

Well, mostly because it syncs nicely with my AppleTV set top box.

That And the iPod version of iPlayer?   Means I can happily catch up last night’s episode of Dead Ringers.

You can never get enough of Jon Culshaw’s version of Tom Baker, can you … ?


Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Brentwood Gazette’s Weekly Teaser — 20-8-2014: Space Stuff!

Oh … Well … 

That’s the job-search done for the day.

So you know, I’m job-hunting, at the moment.

And have to formally report to my local Centre, each day: to look for work, there.

Today’s search … ?

Is done with: and I’ve managed to book up, tomorrow’s.

OK, granted this year’s seen me have more interview than in the previous three?

But I’m starting to wonder when SOMETHING will crop up.

Oy vey … 


The Daily Teaser — 20-8-2014: H. P. Lovecraft

You know, I have to admit to a thing about a good documentary.

No, really.

I’ve got one playing in the background, as I write: part one of the BBC’s Everyday Miracles series.

I don’t know if it’s telling much I don’t know.

But it’s fascinating to watch, anyway.   And amazing to find out some details.

And still more amazing to be reminded of details I’d already known.

The man who made the modern day safety razor so much more than what it was.

My only question … ?   Is how on Earth did he end up with a name like that … ??