Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 23-1-2019: Django Unchained.

23rd January, 2019.

Yes: we officially have no snow, today.

At least here in Brentwood.


Given the projected temperature, today?

I’m actually grateful.

I get paid, today, so I’m off shopping.


I’m glad it’s not snowing …


Either way … ?

Either way, I have to confess to feeling a little tired.

It’s my own damn fault: managing to stay up late, watching the wrong movie.

I got The Living Daylights mixed up with License to Kill.

It’s still a fun little action-adventure film, with a Bond who looks entirely the part.

Well … it does show its age, in some respects.

What grabbed my attention was the scene where Bond … slaps Moneypenny’s rear.

You couldn’t do THAT, today … !


The Living Daylights: A Review.

22nd January, 2019.

Yes: I was definitely feeling grotty, this morning.

Frankly?   Too much cooking oil, last night … ?

All day, now I think of it.

Triggered my IBS.

I really should I’m not a seventeen year old — with a seventeen year old’s cast iron stomach — any more!

Thankfully … ?

Thankfully, I managed to stay in, all day: I really didn’t want to go too far away from the toilet.

Equally, thankfully?

I had an old friend over, picking up some backed up files … 

Who turned up with some really good home made bread.

That made for some great old-fashioned doorstop toast, with Marmite … 


At any rate … ?

At any rate, I’ve been in, all day.

Thinking I’ve movies in storage I’d like to see.

And thinking … that I’d never actually seen Timothy Dalton’s second outing as James Bond.

The menacingly named Licence To Kill.

What did I end up doing?

Fancy a mix up, any one … ?


Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 22-1-2019: LeGuin, again …

22nd January, 2019.

Yep: I really think I overdid the cooking oil, last night.

And am definitely feeling the results.

For those of you who don’t know?

I get infrequent doses of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.   That occasionally kicks of if I get stressed … or eat too much fatty food.

I’ll end up with stomach cramps … 

And sat on the loo for quite some time … 


Of course, what doesn’t help … ?

Is my toilet … 

Frankly?   The flush went west on Sunday.

So, of course I’ve reported it on Monday, when the office opened: and been bucket flushing ever since.

The plumber who’ll fix it … ?

Get’s here on the 30th of January.

That’s the soonest the office could get him down to me.

Oy … vey … !


Monday, 21 January 2019

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 21-1-2019: The Dáil Éireann

21sy January, 2019.

Yes, we’re officially going to be invaded by an eight year: you have officially been warned!

The bit that tickled me last night?

Is that Ruth — my sister, and Jude’s mother — told me last night that Jude likes the idea of being a YouTuber.

Good for him.

But it shows you how big presenters on the platform have gotten.

PewDiePieStampyCat and Zoella, included.

Given that … ?

I think the pair of us are going to have to have a word with Mummy.

iMovie is a handy video editing tool, easy for an eight year to use, and Mac only.

And he’s never going to be able to afford it on his own … !


Sunday, 20 January 2019

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 20th January, 2019.

20th January, 2019.

Right … it’s a definite: I saw the Claude Rains/Jame Whale version of The Invisible Man, last night.

It’s quite something to watch: especially when Griffin, the Invisible Man himself?

Unwraps the bandages.

The phrase ‘skull-like’ springs to mind.

And, from what I can tell?

The bit’s of the film where Rains, as the central character, unwraps the bandages from his head are done with a very early version of Colour separation overlay.

The same thing that powers the animation you’ll see at the start of today’s intro video.

One day … ?

I’ll get the hang of it!


There’s one sad bit of news I caught, last night.

No, nothing to do with Brexit, OR Prince Phillip.

Actually?   It was a car bomb … outside a courthouse in what’s variously called Derry, or Londonderry.

No one was killed or injured, but neither has any group claimed responsibility.

But, having grown up in England during the Troubles?

I’d hate to see those Troubles restarted.

Especially if those who’ve done this, have done this in response to the Brexit negotiations, with all the talk of a Backstop*.

Here’s hoping.