Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Daily Teaser — 30-7-2015: Emily And Other Brontës

Oh … 

Blast … !

My kettle’s committed suicide … !


Well, ok, that’s not EXACTLY what happened … !

But I’ve woken up, this morning, to find that my kettle — one I’ve had for years — finally seems to have died.

And, being frank … ?   I only actually noticed, when I realised the little light that comes on, when the thing’s switched on, was on … 

But the element wasn’t heating the water.

I’m fond of a cup of tea, in the morning.

So, as you can imagine … ?

That’s … annoying, to say the least … 

Especially as it’s happened the day before payday!

Oh, well … looks like my local Wilko’s will be getting more money off me … !


Wednesday, 29 July 2015

There Goes The Neighbourhood … 

Did I ever tell you I live in Brentwood … ?   In Essex … ?

I live in Brentwood: in Essex.

So you know.

And, again, so you know, I live on a street called Rollason Way: named after local girl, and sports journalist, Helen Rollason.

The street’s some seven or eight years old, now: and a mix of socially housed tenants, like me, part-buy residents, and private residents.

For many years … ?

For many years, there’s been a patch of ground in Saint James Road that’s not been built on.

Effectively?   Waste ground.

I’ve always taken the view that it should maybe used as extra parking space for locals: there’s really not enough, around here.

OR be used as a small park.

Something like that.

I’ve ALSO felt that building more flats — or offices, shops, what-have-you — shouldn’t be built there.

More shops would add to any congestion in the area.

Offices, likewise.

As would more flats: which would also add to any parking problems.

I went by the patch of found, this afternoon.

To find these signs up.

Hmmm …


The Brentwood Gazette’s Weeky Teaser — 29-7-2015: Boy Scouts Out Camping.

Oh, well that’s official, then.

It looks like Windows 10 has its official release: today.

And my cynical side … ?   Is noting that whole ‘free’ aspect: Mac fan that I am, my first thought is that MS are copying Apple, who’ve been giving away the current version of  OS X for about five years, at a guess.

AND taking a leaf out of the open source movement’s book.   Every shade of Linux has been handed out of the asking for even longer.

By the sounds of it, though … ?  Microsoft, under its new CEO, Satya Nadella, seems to be trying something new.

Going for hardware sales, á la Apple, with the various shades of Xbox.   And going for offering the Windows 10 for free: with highly pricey technical support, á la Canonical: who’ve been doing the same with Ubuntu for about a decade, at least.

Good luck to them.

But personally?

Either my next computer’s a Mac … or I’m getting an iPad … !


The Daily Teaser — 29-7-2015

You know, Radio 4 can still surprise me.

I usually like getting an early morning start by doing two things.

Doing a blog post: that’s why you’re here, after all.

And listening to Radio 4.

At this sort of time?   It’ll be the Today programme: the show’s been doing in-depth reports and asking politicians awkward questions, since 1957.

Apart from today.   Well … apart from today … ish … !

In amongst the usual in-depth reporting … was a brief article, telling those of us with gardens that the Big Butterfly Count is on.

And that the Common Blue Butterfly is something the people organising the Count would like to know more about.   Planting the Bird’s Foot Trefoil helps, too.

Don’t look at me, I’m in a block of flats!

At any rate … ?   At any rate, it’s sort of nice to know the Today show’s doing its usual thing.

Of being possibly the most varied show on the radio.


Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The Daily Teaser — 28-7-2015

Right … 

I’ve a day off, ahead of me.

Something I intend to make use of: catching up with things by (mild) housework, writing a teaser or two … 

And helping my mother with her shopping.

OK, not necessarily a big day.

But one that’ll see stuff done … !