About Me … 

The name’s Nak … Nik Nak.

I’m an enthusiastic uncle, blogger, barman, job-hunter, Mac fan, film freak and Dr Who nut.

If I’m being cynical, I’ll also add that I like cash and positive attention: additionally, I’m a tart who loves seeing his name in print.

I’ve done lots of things: but enjoy blogging which got started as a way to promote the pub quizzes I ran.

If you need a pub quiz master, phone me on 07706386873 — or Tweet me @Cuddy2977 — and we can talk about it.

If you just need a set of pub quiz questions, I release a set every Friday: go copy and paste. (All I ask is that you tell folk where you got them)

As a last word, here’s my Blogger Profile.

Enjoy that lot.

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Brian Hyam said...

Hi Nik Nak
Wonder if you are free for a booking to run a quiz at a family party at Shenfield Parish Hall on 27th Sept say 2:00ish till 3:45pm.

Brian 07958.309661

PS couldn't see you email address hence why I'm using comments