Did I mention I’ve run pub quizzes, in my time … ?

I did … ?

Oh, good … !

Part of that’s meant, over the year’s, that I’ve had to rely on all sort’s of resources to get a basic stock of quiz questions, and other bits and bobs.

So I’ve found a few sites to be … handy … !

Quiz Questions.

In no particular order, here’s the quiz question sites I’ve found handiest: these have a good selection of both free and non-free questions.


Art and Images.

I’ve also source artwork and images from all over the place, artwork-wise.

Most of the more eye-catching jester images were originally commissioned by me, from a friend of mine, called Ms Vix — and are copyrighted to her. I’ve also supplemented them with various royalty free images.

Here …

Open Source Software.

I’ve also found various Open source software useful, over the years. And please note, this is a bit of a mix: there’s directories, productivity and games, listed in this section.

  • Open OfficeTHE open source productivity suite.
  • NeoOffice(The Mac port of Open Office, and the one I prefer.)
  • The Gimp. The Gnu Image Manipulation Programme, before you get excited.
  • Ubuntu. The World’s most popular Open Source operating system.


Here’s a few open source directories: most of these are directories of genuinely open source software, but it also includes Softpedia, which has a mix of free software.

  • SourceForge. This is the most popular open source Directory, and where I’d suggest you look for stuff first.
  • Osalt. Osalt has a good range of Open source software, and can offer suggestions to popular commercial software.
  • Softpedia. This site offers a mix of free software, open source or otherwise.


Oh, and BEFORE I forget, you might find these fun to play with … !!

  • Pac The Man X. I’ve had my copy of Pac the Man X, by McSebi Software, for years: it’s serious retro fun!!
  • The Battle For Wesnoth. Which you’ll either love or hate. And need time to play!



Now, I hope those are helpful for you. Let’s move on, shall we?

Yes …

These sites are ones where I’m either a fan of the sites or artists concerned, or friends with sites thats showing their talents off. Follow the links, and don’t forget to mention me when you get there!!

  • Terry Pratchett. This is Mr P’s UK site: if I get the chance at a later date, I’ll add his US one, to.
  • Dumpy’s Rusty Nuts. Dumpy and the boys have been — much like Jerry Lee Lewis — out there, somewhere, for many years. WAY out there! Miss them at your cost!
  • Tyche’s Games. Sean’s an old friend who’s been running Tyche’s Games for some years. If you’re in Athens, feel free to drop in and browse. Hopefully, the traffic won’t be that bad!
  • Pinkylips Poetry. Andrea’s one of the Old Peculiar’s Poet’s in residence. And a definite Twilight fan!
  • Mama Alfy’s Ramblings. Which is the blog page of our other Residence writer, Angela!


And before I forget …

Here’s a trio of causes!

  • The Alzheimer’s Society. And if a Terry Pratchett fan who’s lost a relative to this, CAN’t put this link in … !
  • Searchlight Magazine. Bit left wing, this one … !
  • The Robin Hood Tax. As is this one: I’m left wing enough to admit I’m mildly hacked off the Tories have hijacked this for the 2010 Election.

Enjoy those, and don’t forget: tell ’em I sent you!!