For Copyright Holders.

Right, that picture seems to have settled in.

Lets get down to the meat of this page, shall I … ?

Yes, lets.

Over the past few days, weeks, months and years that I’ve been blogging, I can’t help but escape the fact that copyright is an issue.

I think one can’t, in the blogging game, can one … ?

But I also thought I’d restate my basic position, on the copyrighted material I put up: both as part of the Teasers, and any of the films or TV shows I choose to write about, here.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no kind of legal expert.   And that the internet is a tricky place to police, copyright-wise.

But I’m also aware that any bloggers use of copyrighted material is … 

Shaky … 

However, to paraphrase the blurb I attach to any movie clips I post up … ?
Video and slideshow content of ‘The Daily Teaser’ questions are © Paul Downie, and released under the Creative Commons License.
The software used to create those slideshows and videos is copyright of, and made by Apple Corp.
Audio clips used as accompaniment to those videos and slideshows, as well as any other audio or video clip — from film or TV show, or music videos — are copyright of, and owned by, the respective copyright owners or content creators.
No violations are intended, as such clips are used for illustrative purpose, only.   (I claim no ownership over any clips , as they used for illustrative purposes, only: as such, they are covered by Sections 29 and 30 — Criticism and Review — of the UK's Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, 1988, and the ‘Fair Use’ provisions of the US Copyright Act of 1976, and of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.)
If I am contacted about any of these clips, and asked to remove them, I will happily do so.
Paul ‘Nik Nak’ Downie.

Somewhere in Brentwood …