Friday, 30 September 2016

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 30-9-2016

Oh, I hate that when it happens.

I’ve got an interview, today: in Chelmsford.

On I’m mildly nervous about finding, to be brutally honest: as it’s quite some distance from Chelmsford Station.

Here’s hoping … !

The one big flaw in the plan?

Was that I’d hoped to get a good night’s sleep, last night.

But … ?

Wouldn’t you know it, my IBS started to play up.

I got to sleep, eventually.

But, my word … That’s not an evening I want to repeat, the night before an interview!


Thursday, 29 September 2016

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 29-9-2016

Right … 

It’s Thursday.

And for once?

I’ve not got an interview.

I’m … 

Well, to be blunt, I’ planning on heading over to my mothers: so I can use my kid sister’s printer.

It strikes me that the world is increasingly online, today.   Applying for jobs online is the way things are going.

But having a few paper copies of my CV around?

Could be useful.


Unfortunately, though?

I don’t think yesterday’s interview went especially well.

Oh, I think the interview part went well.

I don’t think I got the job, though: the interviewer told me he’d be contacting successful candidates by 2  O’clock, yesterday afternoon.

Which he didn’t.

I’ve got mixed feelings, there.

It was a full time gig, in London.   Which has it’s appeal.

But on the other hand?   It ALSO had some very early starts!

And would have cost a fortune in transport costs!


Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 28-9-2016

Right … 

I’ve an early start, this morning.

Believe it or not, I’ve got an interview, today.

In Canary Wharf, of all places.

Hopefully … ?

Hopefully, if I bag it, the company’s willing to pay transport costs for its employees.

That would make taking it a lot easier.


Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 27-9-2016

Oh, my lord … 

But that was a trip … !

I had an interview, yesterday.

In Romford, so you know: four stops down from Brentwood, on the Southend Victoria/Liverpool Street line.

I get the train into Romford, found the branch I was due to be interviewed at, had the interview — which went well, but I find out for sure on Friday — and headed back to Romford station.

Only to find that, literally minutes before I got there someone had fallen in front of a train: in Goodmayes.

And managed to delay everyone’s trip … by anything up to three hours.

Right now?   Getting the bus back to Brentwood — and boy, I’m thankful the 498 bus accepted the TfL train ticket! — was long, and inconvenient trip.

I think I’d’ve bee a lot angrier about that, had I just finished a days work in Romford!


Monday, 26 September 2016

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 26-9-2016

Yay … 

I’ve got another interview, today!

And another one on Wednesday!

But you already knew that, didn’t you … ?


Frankly, I’m looking forward to both.

But right here, and now?

Right here and now, I’ve got the feeling that I’m in for the long, slow slog.

Most of the interviews I’ve had?   Have been as a result of the initial rush of running around, posting CVs through doors.

That’s slowing down: money’s obviously shorter than it was.

Right now?

‘Slog,’ is about the size of it.


Which reminds me … 

A couple of potential employers — Sainsburys and Aldi are the two big offenders, off the top of my head — use various shades of online testing.

Those two spring to mind as they use similar ones.

Basically?   They give you four options: you have to pick the best choice, and the worst.


I did badly on both: and got told I’d not be taken through to the next stage: that of an interview.

I can understand why companies do it: they want to filter out no hopers.

But … ?

Frankly, it’s depressing: and gets me wondering if there’s anywhere online I can practice these things.


Sunday, 25 September 2016

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 25-9-2016

Oh, my LORD, but it’s a Sunday … !

But frankly?

Still one where I’ll be job-hunting.

After all … ?

After all, the fact I’m out of work just means I’ve got more to time to go out and get yomping.

So to speak.

Here’s hoping I can bag something as a result.


Oh, something I’ve meant to highlight, for a couple of days, now?

I noticed a piece on the BBC’s Technology news, that some recent models of Lenovo laptops are set up in such a way, that installing a Linux distribution — a free operating system, like Ubuntu or Mint Linux, in other words — was next to impossible.

Now, I’ll happily being a Mac fan.

But one thing that I’ve come to believe, over the years?   Is that consumers should have a choice when it comes to computer kit.

And I don’t just mean in terms of tablets vs laptops, or cheap vs expensive.

I also think having a choice of operating system is important.

I know Lenovo say things will Linux OSes would work on these laptops: once distro makers have updated their code.

But think maybe the company could have let people know!

They’ve — intentionally or otherwise — made making a free choice, rather tricky.


Saturday, 24 September 2016

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 24-9-2016

Right … 

I’ve got another interview, today!

For a local branch of Greggs.

Frankly, I’m looking forward to it.

Although I’m VERY aware I’ve had several interviews … and got nowhere.

Especially with the interview I had for Toolstation last Tuesday!

I’m … 

Well, let’s just say I’m nervous, and leave it there, shall we?


Which doesn’t describe something else I was up to, yesterday.

I had to change my password for my email account!

I’m with BT: as I’m sure you’re already aware!

And BT’s email accounts system?   Is something they buy in from Yahoo.   So the password change was something BT made a point of mentioning, as a result of the recent Yahoo hack.

All good … 

Except my copy of Apple’s Mail refused to connect to my emails account, after I changed.


I’m just grateful I could get hold of a copy of Thunderbird as a replacement!


Friday, 23 September 2016

Nik Nak’s Friday Question Set — 23-9-2016

Hmmm … 

I have to confess, I’m job-hunting at the mo.

Right at the moment?

I’m at home: with various documentaries, from various Dr Who DVDs.

Apart from the fact I’ve not seen them in a while?

It’s easy to get bored … 


Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 23-9-2016: The Phantom … 

Right … 

It’s official … 

I’ve got more interviews lined up!

One on Monday, and one on Wednesday.

And thankfully?   As they’re both ones I’ve got to travel to, I’m grateful that the Job-centre’s agreed to pay for transport.


One of them will actually hire me.

It’d be nice … 

I’m starting to get bored … 


Thursday, 22 September 2016

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 22-9-2016

Hmmm … 

I had an interview, yesterday.

As I’m sure you’re aware, if you’ve been following me for a while.

That has to be the least enthusiastic interview I’ve ever had.

Most of the interviewers who’ve dealt with me?

Have been slightly more enthusiastic.

Or reasonably good at both faking enthusiasm … and keeping their subject engaged.

This chap didn’t.

Frankly?   The post was in a rent-an-office in Ongar Road: so not far from where I am.

But literally on cheap tables, with cheaper equipment: that literally looked like it had been there for five minutes.

What’s more … ?   The job was commission only.

Which was a major turn off for me: I’ve always been paid hourly, weekly or monthly, with any sales bonuses added on top.

This is on TOP of the fact the place was selling solar-panels, and associated bits of kit.

That’s already got an iffy reputation.


I’m hoping I don’t get offered the thing … 

It whiffs … 


Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Penny Dreadful — Series 3 - Episodes 8 & 9: Perpetual Night & The Blessed Dark.

Have I mentioned I’m unemployed, at the moment?

And job hunting?

I’m …

Yeah, you can fill in the details, there, can’t you?

As you might also know?   I had an interview, today.

For a call centre that sold solar panel installations.

I have to admit, I don’t know that I was impressed with the interview.

Or the interviewer.

Most of the job interviews I’ve had … ?   The people holding the interviews seemed to summon up a little more enthusiasm …

This chap … ?   Didn’t hold my attention …

The whole experience?   Was definitely odd … let’s put it that way …


At any rate … ?

At any rate, I felt a definite remedy to that?

Was more online job-hunting: as I think I’ve exhausted the possibilities of handing out my CV in Brentwood/Shenfield/Romford for now.

I also felt something else.

That I should be doing something constructive with my evening would be a good idea.

Yes, OK, OK …

I had nothing more constructive in mind than watching TV …


At the least, I can say I was catching up with the last too ever episodes … of Penny Dreadful … !


Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 21-9-2016

Right … 

Another day … 

And another dollar.

Or, at least, another interview.

Yesterday’s interview?   I have to say, I felt yesterday’s interview went well.


Well … for one thing, we never knows how we’ve done: until the potential employer phones up to tell us!

And secondly?   Well, secondly, I had to take in various forms of ID, to prove who I was.

I did.

But wasn’t asked for them.

I’d like to think I’d not got a job because I’d not done well enough at an interview because of a poor performance.   That way, I could improve.

I’d hate to think I’d not got a job because the interviewers forgot to ask me for something I’d brought along.


So that’s one thing … 

The other thing … ?   Is simply that I have another interview, today.

I’m looking forward to it.

Although?   Well, I’ve done a little digging about the company.   


They’ve been around for only a few months, have a registered address in Ingatestone … 

And are interviewing me … in a rent-an-office at a completely different address.

Forgive me for sounding suspicious … but I’ve a nasty feeling this could be a solar-powered boiler–room … 


Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Penny Dreadful — Series 3 - Episodes 6 & 7: No Beast So Fierce & Ebb Tide

Well … 

Another day … another dollar.

Or, in this case … ?

Another interview.   For a well known DIY chain.


I’m a little concerned.   As, despite having taken the requested ID documents in, was never asked to show them.


I’m concerned I might not get hired … because the interviewers forgot to check something … !


At any rate … ?

At any rate, I’ve a free evening, tonight.

And another interview in the morning.

One that sounds … slightly LESS kosher than the one I’ve done, today.

At least, going by the research I’ve done today.

See what you can find for Valo Group, Europe, if you ever get the chance.

They’s barely been around for five minutes, and where they’re registered … is not where I’m being interviewed … 

That said?

That said, I want to try and not get to stressed about the morning.

By relaxing in front of the television.

You’re right.

With two more episodes of Penny Dreadful’s third season … 


Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 20-9-2016

Ooooh, but my kidneys hurt … !

I don’t know if you suffer with it: but I’ve got IBS.

Which can flare up if I eat the wrong thing.

Or get stressed, or nervous.

Right at the moment … ?

I know for a fact I’m going to have to take the relevant medication that helps ease the condition.

Mild stress is causing it to flare up.

I hate it when interviews do that.

And would hate to miss today’s because of it!


Monday, 19 September 2016

Penny Dreadful — Series 3 - Episodes 4 & 5: A Blade of Grass & This World Is Our Hell.

19th September, 2016.

Hmmm … 

That’s … 

Well, that’s an ambiguous thing to have happened.

I‘ve had a call, tonight, from my local branch of Nandos: I had an interview, there, last Thursday.

They’re not going to be hiring me.

Apparently?   They’ve someone they felt was more suitable.

Not want I want to hear, maybe: but at least I can go to tomorrow’s hiring event?

With a certain amount of clarity.


At any rate?

At any rate, I’ve done a certain amount of reading tonight: about the company that’s holding The event, tomorrow.


They sound good to work for.   I can only hope I make it through the various bits and bobs they’ve set up, and bag the job.

My other bit of preparation … ?

Well … 

Two more episodes of Penny Dreadful, of course … 


Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 19-9-2016: Talk Like A Pirate Day … !

Ahoy!   Arrrrrr … !   Jim Lad!   Splice The Main Brace!

Right … that’s the obligatory bit, done … 

Obviously, you’ll be able to guess what the theme of today’s Teaser.

I mean … 

The poster’s a clue … 


But, at any rate … ?

At any rate, I’ve got the first batch of interviews done with.


I’ve got no-where with them.

After the interview I’ve got, tomorrow?

And my meeting at the Job-Centre, today?

And, having handed out my CV to as many people in Brentwood, Romford and Shenfield as possible?

I’ve got the hard drag of online hunting.

Mostly looking at various job-sites, to see what I can find.

Most of them … ?   Are easy enough to use.

About my one problem?

I put in an online application to Sainsburys, the other day: for a checkout operator.

Which, with my employment history, I’d be good at.

Apparently?   I didn’t get the score needed, in the online test.

That’s annoying.

And leaves me wondering if there’s a site that can walk you through these things.


Sunday, 18 September 2016

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 18-9-2016

Oh, for heavens sake … !

You’ve heard the phrase ‘ear-worm,’ yes?


It means the song that — for whatever reason — starts playing its way through your head.

Ever since I’ve woken up?

This has been stuck in there … 


Well, I don’t know.

If I DID … ?   That would possibly make me rich!


In other news?

In other news, I had an interview, yesterday: for a job in Billericay.

And, unfortunately?

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the job.

I did, however, get some helpful feedback: apparently, there was a question I’d misunderstood.

Now I think of it?

I just wish I’d asked which bloody question!

Every little helps … but even so … 


Penny Dreadful — Series 3 - Episodes 1, 2 & 3: The Day Tennyson Died, Predators Far and Near & Good and Evil Braided Be

17th September, 2016.


I didn’t get the job!

Just so you know?

I’m job hunting, at the moment.

And went for an interview in Billericay, earlier.

Which I didn’t get, unfortunately.

I’m … 

Disappointed, obviously.   But ALSO glad they interviewer — a seriously intense, but also very impressive, manager — phoned up to tell me I’d not got it, and roughly what she based her decision on.

That’s helpful for my next interview.


At any rate?

The fact I didn’t get the job is both disappointing: but something I’ll have to live with.

Live with … and move on from.

I did, however, have something to distract myself.

Episodes of a TV series.   A box set, if you must know.

And yes … if you HADN’T guessed … ?

Episode of Penny Dreadful.

And, right here and now?

It’s STILL beautiful!


Saturday, 17 September 2016

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 17-9-2016

Right … 

I’m actually up, later than I have been, just recently.

But then … ?

I think I needed the sleep!

Stress, eh … ?

At any rate?

The two interviews I’ve had this week, haven’t contacted me.   I’m assuming that means I’ve bagged neither job.

Which is disappointing.

What make’s it worse?   Is simply not hearing.

At ANY rate?

I’ve two more interviews, this week.   One on Tuesday.   And one today, at four: in Billericay.

I hope they go well.

And hope they tell me whether I’ve got the blessed thing … !


Friday, 16 September 2016

Nik Nak’s Friday Question Set — 16-9-2016

Job-hunting, job-hunting, job-hunting … 

I … 

I think job-hunting is the order of the day.

Or, at least, tomorrow.

As I’ve done plenty, today.

As well as set up my benefits claim.

And organised an advance, so I can pay my bills.

But … ?

Well, if any pub quiz masters want to hit the ‘Donate’ button, and put some money into my PayPal account?

They’d be VERY welcome!


Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 16-9-2016

Well … 

Today is a day without an interview.

Which, frankly?   Isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

It means I’ve got the day to do some online job-hunting.

But it ALSO means I get to spend the last of my wages — not a lot — on bills.

And get to go to Brentwood Jobcentre.

Technically?   I’ve got to start my benefits claim, today.   The one thing that IS worrying me?

Is that I’ve got another interview, pencilled in for tomorrow.

One that’s in Billericay, and thus, one I need help with: for train fares!

Here’s hoping they don’t refuse to help.

The job is one I feel I’d be competent at: and I’d hate to lose out on the chance of an interview, on a technicality!


Thursday, 15 September 2016

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 15-9-2016: International Day of Democracy

Right … 

I’m job-hunting, right now.

You know that already.   And (possibly) remember me telling you I’ve got some interviews lined up.

Well, I had the first of a few interviews: yesterday, at a local restaurant.

Which frankly?

Seemed to go well.

I’ll find out about that, on Friday.

At the moment?

Well, at the moment?

I’m more worried about the interview I’ve got, today.

Wish me luck on that … !


Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 14-9-2016

Bloody HELL … !

It’s silly o’clock in the morning.

My usual time to get up and post the Teaser, in other words.

But I’ve just got off the phone … booking up another interview: for Saturday.

The fact yesterday’s interview was cancelled?   Due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’ … ?

Is something I can happily overlook … !

Especially as, not long after it got cancelled … ?

I got contacted for another: for today.

There’s two things I think I should say.
  • Walking the streets, handy your CV out, helps.
  • I’m nervous about all these interviews!
Wish me luck!


Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 13-9-2016: Mario & Company … 

Oh, BOY … !

I’m … vaguely nervous … 

And vaguely grateful for my luck.

Luck, you say … ?

I got a call, yesterday morning, telling me I’ve got an interview, today.   At a local pub.

Five years ago?   Non-drinker that I am, I wouldn’t have considered it.

These days, I’m not so fussy!

There’s more.

I got a call, a bit later: when I was at a friend’s, not far from mine.

That was a second interview: on Thursday.

I get back home, a little later, and check my email.   To find I’d been invited to a third interview, next Tuesday.

I’m VERY aware that I’ve put some work in.   And will have to put in more, to land one of these.

But … ?   I’m quietly hoping I get one of them.

It’s not just the money.   It’s the psychological effect of having a job that’s the appreciated bit.


In all this … ?

In all this, I mentioned, yesterday, that I was going to look into a local bookshop: to see what had happened with my CV.

Well … 

Not much.

However, the manager told me he’ll be passing it along to the recruiter for the area.


That’ll lead to something … 

I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.

Even temp work, over Christmas, would be good!


Monday, 12 September 2016

Midnight Special — Curious …

Did I mention I’m job-hunting, at the moment … ?

I’m job-hunting.

So you know.

And there’s lots of things I should — and should not — be doing.

Obviously, wasting the little money I do have on fripperies is one of those.


I’d call things like cigarettes and alcohol fripperies: especially as I’ve given up both.

The one thing I do think is not a frippery?

Is spending the minimal money I do have not on recreational substances … but on the occasional film.

The way I see it?   Is that I get some reasonably priced entertainment: and that you, as a reader, get to see what I’ve been spent tax-payers money on.

Assuming what I write about a given film interests you enough to go and rent it for yourself?   It also gives you some entertainment, keeps me occupied … 

And keeps us both off the street, or bothering the neighbours.


So … 

As you can guess, I like a movie, every-so-often.

Job-hunting being what it IS, over the past few days?   I’ve been pounding the streets for the past few days: handing out my CV to all and sundry.

Or been at my Mac Pro: filling in online application forms.


Has been something of a good day.

As I’ve managed to book up three — three — interviews over the next few days.

I can only hope and pray one of those interviewers decides I’m worth hiring.

I’m hoping.

At any rate, that fact?

Got me thinking I need to celebrate those small successes … 

With a film.

More specifically?

With the Jeff Nichols directed, Midnight Special.

Yes, I felt celebratory … 

The film, though … ?


Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 12-9-2016: Lascaux

Right … 

It’s Monday.

And it’s a Monday where I’m due back at my local Job Centre: for a meeting where I’ve got to take in as much ID as possible.

Frankly … ?

It’s completely understandable: especially given the amount of fraud that the government’s benefit office faces.

But, LORD, it’s frustrating.

Especially when the Job Centre now doesn’t let claimants print stuff using its facilities … !

Frustrating … ?

Doesn’t even start!


The day’s not complete doom an gloom.

Or, at least, not complete doom and gloom.

I was in Brentwood High Street, on Saturday.

Doing the usual (recent) thing: of handing out CVs, to various shops.

One of those?   Was the Brentwood branch of a noted local bookshop.

I’m going back in, today: to have a chat with the manager.

Here’s hoping something can come of it.


Sunday, 11 September 2016

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 11-9-2016

Thoughts … 

Thoughts are a … funny old thing.

Aren’t they … ?

Right at the moment … ?

I’m thinking that a couple of people have suggested I go freelance: writing stuff for Fiverr, and earning a bit of extra money.

I think … I might just.

There’s a couple of people offering pub quizzes on there, which means there’s minimal competition.   And I can accept payment with my Paypal account.

First things first, though … 

I THINK I’m going to have have something to sell.

Coming up with premium versions of the pub quizzes I hand out here?

Might just be the thing.


Saturday, 10 September 2016

House of Cards — Series 4: Episodes 11, 12 & 13 (Chapters 50, 51 and 52)


Recently, you’ll have realised I’m back to job-hunting.

So there’s thing’s I’m going to be economising on.


I won’t have to lose net access: what with BT’s prices changing over the years.

Although I stress hopefully, there.

One thing I do know may — depending on circumstances — will suffer?

Is my viewing habits.

As you MAY realise, I’ve been able to buy and watch the odd box-set: and write about them here.

Given the job situation?   That may slow down, if not stop.   But we’ll have to see, won’t we?


Right at the moment?

I’m aware of a few things.

I’m aware I’ve got enough iTunes credit to rent a few movies, and possibly catch up with one or two box-sets.

Should I be able to balance the budget.

After all, I’ve still not seen season three of Penny Dreadful, nor of The Strain: something I’d like to do.


As I got the box set, before the job situation came crashing down around my ears, the one thing I was able to do, was see the last three episodes of season four of House of Cards.

And yes … 

I THINK the series is a good investment … 


Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 10-9-2016

Right … 

It’s a Saturday … and the Saturday after I managed to get to Romford: trying to post copies of my CV to various places.

I think I managed that.

And managed to bump into an old neighbour: who had been planning to window shop her way around Romford’s South Street area … 

And?   And also managed to cheer up an old friend, by buying him coffee and a burger.

Which certainly made my day, I know that much.


Friday, 9 September 2016

Nik Nak’s Friday Question Set — 9-9-2016

You know … 

I’ve got to admit, I’m job hunting, at the mo.

And headed over to Romford: to try and place various CVs in various places.

I think I got that done.

I ALSO bumped into an old friend: in a mood to treat an old friend she knew needed cheering up.

Isn’t a surprise afternoon out nice?


Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 9-9-2016: Tolstoy

Hmmm … It’s … what … day 6 of job-hunting … 

Remember, yesterday, that I had my initial New Claims interview: at ten thirty, at Brentwood Job Centre?

Frankly?   I was there, on time, and ready to rock and roll.

But told … that the various bits of paperwork I had were insufficient: and that, as a result of not having a passport of photographic drivers license, I needed half a ton more than I actually had.

Which means adding an EXTRA appointment to the mix: I have to go back to the Job Centre on Monday … with the relevant paperwork.

Oy … veh … 


At any rate … ?

I think today is the last bit of pay I’ll be getting from KFC.

At least, as far as I can tell: there may be one more, if I have it right, but I very much doubt it.

At any rate?

At ANY rate, my plan for today is to pay my bills … 

And, if possible?   Head into Romford to hand out my CV.

Something I’ve been doing all week: and may — hopefully — lead to a job.

I doubt it … but can only try … 


Thursday, 8 September 2016

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 8-9-2016: World Literacy Day

Hmmm … 

I’ve got to go into the Job Centre, today: to do the last bits of paperwork for my claim for benefit.

And BOY … I’m feeling vaguely rushed.

I want to get today’s Teaser posted … 

THEN get all the paperwork sorted.

Half of which I don’t necessarily half.

I mean … 

Would you expect someone who doesn’t drive … to have a driving license … ?

Oy veh … 


Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 7-9-2016

You know … It’s day three of joblessness … 

And I manage avoid an interview!

One of the manager for a local post office literally phoned me, yesterday: to see if I could come in for an interview.

I said ‘No’: as I wanted to write a letter of complaint to my former employers, about the way things had gone.

I’m KICKING myself!   As the job sounded ideal!

Once I’d finished what I had to do?   I managed to phone the interviewer, to let her know I’d be available for the rest of the day.

But lord knows what’s going to happen, there … !


Another thing to worry about?   At least, to be kicking myself about?

Is the finances.

I’m now claiming benefits: and due to have my initial claim interview, tomorrow.

I can live with that.


Only a few days ago, I’d’ve been looking forward to the 5th November: as the day sees the release of the completely animated version of The Power of the Daleks.

The long lost story is a Dalek one — obviously — and notable for being Troughton’s first.

I’m mildly gutted!

But hoping a minor miracle happens, to let me afford it … 


Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 6-9-2016

Hmmmm … 

It’s my second day of unemployment … 

And … ?

Well, I’m thinking there’s tons to be doing.

I know that I’ve got — with the little bit of savings I have — to put some money onto my utilities meters: gas and electric, in other words.

And pick up some tinned food.   Stuff that’ll last.

Oh … 

There’s ALSO a couple of places in Brentwood High Street after staff: I’ve myself a remainder to take my CV into them, too.

I can only hope this helps … 


Monday, 5 September 2016

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 5-9-2016

I’ve come to a decision.

To give my formal — back-dated — notice in at work.

Saturday night?   Saw me arguing with one of the managers about the state of the toilets.

Something I’d cleaned at the end of the night: and immediately offered to do again.

I should add at this point?   The manager concerned is good at his job.   But one I’d ALWAYS got on badly with: and felt wasn’t impressed by me.

To the point where, today?   Once I’ve been into the job centre to register, I’ll be talking to them, and the Citizen’s Advise Bureau about Constructive Dismissal.

I never wanted this.

I prefer working to not working.

I like having money in regular weekly amounts.

I like being able to pay my bills, myself: rather than rely on the state.

So, as you can imagine, this isn’t — or wasn’t — the easiest decision to make.

I just hope things go well for me.

Things are going to get … hairy … 


Sunday, 4 September 2016

House of Cards — Series 4: Episodes 9 and 10 (Chapters 48 and 49)

You know … 

You KNOW you’ve had a bad day at work … 

When you hand out half a dozen CVs in the space of several hours.

No, trust me … 

I’m thinking, right now?   That’s there’s several things I could be doing, or saying.

Several places I’d rather be: and several places I’d rather not be.

Any of them that involved a secure financial future?   One with money, stability, and the prospect of being out of work?   AND the thought of not heading for my local Citizen’s Advice Bureau?

Would be welcome.

Still … 

I’ve made a decision: to leave work.

After what I fell is fairly unreasonable behaviour on the part od others.

Which is possibly saying more than I should.

But it should at least clarify a few things for you.
  • I’m in a godawful mood.
  • Have a busy day ahead of me, setting up benefits.
  • Have hard work finding employment ahead of me.
And seriously need something to do: AND some cheering up.

Frankly?   I chose to spend my time … in front of my TV.

Right now?

I AM wondering how long I can afford to pay for an internet connection, AND the associated router: that let’s me watch stuff on an Apple TV.


My mood seemed to call for one thing.

Two episodes of series four House of Cards.

Worrying about someone else’s problems?

Seemed the thing.