Monday, 12 September 2016

Midnight Special — Curious …

Did I mention I’m job-hunting, at the moment … ?

I’m job-hunting.

So you know.

And there’s lots of things I should — and should not — be doing.

Obviously, wasting the little money I do have on fripperies is one of those.


I’d call things like cigarettes and alcohol fripperies: especially as I’ve given up both.

The one thing I do think is not a frippery?

Is spending the minimal money I do have not on recreational substances … but on the occasional film.

The way I see it?   Is that I get some reasonably priced entertainment: and that you, as a reader, get to see what I’ve been spent tax-payers money on.

Assuming what I write about a given film interests you enough to go and rent it for yourself?   It also gives you some entertainment, keeps me occupied … 

And keeps us both off the street, or bothering the neighbours.


So … 

As you can guess, I like a movie, every-so-often.

Job-hunting being what it IS, over the past few days?   I’ve been pounding the streets for the past few days: handing out my CV to all and sundry.

Or been at my Mac Pro: filling in online application forms.


Has been something of a good day.

As I’ve managed to book up three — three — interviews over the next few days.

I can only hope and pray one of those interviewers decides I’m worth hiring.

I’m hoping.

At any rate, that fact?

Got me thinking I need to celebrate those small successes … 

With a film.

More specifically?

With the Jeff Nichols directed, Midnight Special.

Yes, I felt celebratory … 

The film, though … ?


Midnight Special opens in a motel room: showing us Roy (Michael Shannon) and his old friend Lucas (Joel Edgerton) keeping half an eye on the news: with the other half on any one approaching their room.

There decide to leave: when a TV news broadcast tells all watching about the disappearance of Roy]s son, Alton.

Who’s ALSO in the motel room: keeping out of sight, but apparently well looked after by his apparent kidnappers.

Apart from one STRANGE thing … ?

The room … ?   Is in darkness … 

And Alton … ?   Alton‘s of extreme interest to both the FBI, NSA … and a group of religious fundamentalist in a rural part of Texas.

You can tell this is curious, can’t you … ?


Now … 

Good … ?

And ‘curious’ … ?

I’ve said this before, and will probably say it again: that it’s had to tell if any given film is a work of cinematic genius or not.

At least … not with the level of education I’ve got.

Four ‘O’ levels: Maths, History, Physics and Chemistry, so you know.   now of which exactly prepare you for life as a movie critic.

No, what I TEND to find easier to do?

Is tell you if I enjoyed a film or not.

And yes … 

Midnight Special isn‘t necessarily something I’d call a genius piece of movie making.

It IS, I think, a film whose makers have tried they’re best in making a watchable entertaining film.   One that’s thoughtful, and piques a viewer’s curiosity: by starting in the middle of things.

Don’t rent or buy Midnight Special if you want high octane adventure.

Do, if you want something thoughtful.
Midnight Special

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