Thursday, 23 July 2015

Penny Dreadful — Series 1 - Episode 2: Seance

You know, I really try to not make a habit of watching too much TV, really … 

No, really … !

But … ?

Well, as I’m sure you’re aware, there’s not MUCH I watch on terrestrial TV.

At least, bar Humans and Dr Who.

Frankly … ?

Frankly, I’m wishing Penny Dreadful was one of those shows I could add to that list.

But, as it’s not … ?   I’m happy to make do with the box set.


As I told you, last night, I do like a good film: AND a good genre TV show.

And, as I chose not to pay for a Sky TV or Netflix subscription?   I tend to rely on iTunes for movie rentals, and my local CeX, local Sainsburys and Amazon, in order to catch up with TV box-sets.

Right at the moment … ?

Well, I’m alternating between Blake’s 7 — something of an old friend — Humans — which I want to write more about, when work allows — and current box-set, PennyDreadful.

I caught the first episode, last night.

And came away, very impressed.

Tonight … ?

Well, tonight saw me heading out to a residents meeting.

And, after I got back … ?

Settling in with Episode 2: called Seance.

Seance centres on Sir Malcolm’s visit — complete with Vanessa Ives — to a party hosted by Ferdinand Lyle.   A party complete with a medium — Madam Kali — and some very unexpected results.

In amongst this … ?

In amongst this, two new characters are introduced into the mix: hooker, Brona Croft — played by Billie Piper — and Mr Dorian Grey.

Who seems just a trifle kinky … and has a LOT of pictures around … 

Oh, there’s more … 

Dr Frankenstein’s eldest turns up.

Which is possibly a post, for later … 

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