Monday, 28 October 2013

The Brave One: Jodie Does Deathwish

27th October, 2013.

Blimey, it’s amazing how distracting Wikipedia and IMDb can be, it REALLY is.


I’ve just managed to get around — with the little iTunes credit I have — to catch a movie.

Jodie Foster in the 2007, Neil Jordan directed, The Brave One.

And have to admit: it’s not until you go through someone’s entry on either site, you realise — ESPECIALLY in the case of Ms Foster — quite how impressive a list of gongs she has.

Well deserved gongs, at that, I think!

Which I believe saying what I’m going to say, all the easier.

The Brave One … ?   Is Ms Foster and co, on some VERY good form.


28th October, 2013.

Phew … !

That was quite some day: I’ve been to Basildon — as part of The Work Programme I have to attend — and seeing the amount of downed trees en route, was quite something.

Saying that?   Storm St. Jude seems to be on its way out of the UK, having done its damage.

We can, I think, be thankful it wasn’t worse.

At ANY rate … ?   The storm WASN’T what I was telling you about, was it?


No, I was telling you about last night’s film: the 2007, Jodie Foster film, The Brave One.

Foster plays talk show radio host, Erica Bain: a woman who — in the middle of her busy career — is organising her upcoming weeding to long term boyfriend, David (Naveen Andrews).

And at the start of the film … ?   The couple are walking their dog through Central Park, when they’re mugged.

David is killed.   Erica … ?   Left seriously wounded, both physically, and mentally.

After she recovers, Erica tries her hardest both to get herself out of her front door, to get back to a normal life.

Something she finds not helped by the time the police take to try and find her lovers killers: and the initial refusal she receives in trying to buy a gun.

Something that, in her desperation and anger … ?   She eventually buys illegally, from one of Chinatown’s more … ahh … dubious residents.

With results that leave Erica feeling profoundly changed.


Now … 

Good form … ?

I should say so!

I feel that, between them, Foster, Jordan, et al, have made a wonderfully taut variation on the Deathwish theme.

One that both recognises the need for revenge, AND when to stop seeking it.


Personally, The Brave One is one heck of good film.
Go get … !


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