Friday, 28 March 2014

The Friday Question Set — 28-3-2014

Well, now, that’s THAT worked out of my system.

Waking up, this morning, thinking it was Saturday, I should say.

Do you get that … ?   Waking up on the morning of — for example — a Friday: in the deep, perfect and absolute knowledge it’s a Friday.

You know perfectly it’s a Friday: your diary — PDA/To-do list/calendar, whatever — is telling you it’s a Friday.

But with a nagging feeling it’s a Saturday … ?

Yeah … 

Me too … 


But I’m in burble mode, aren’t I … ?

You possibly hadn’t noticed.

What you HAD worked out — with more certainty than me, this morning — is that it’s Friday: and therefore time for this week’s Friday Question Set.

Here’s this week’s, covered by the usual Creative Commons License*.
Online 244
Q1) What’s the name of the current Doctor Who girl: the character?   (Bonus point for the name of the actress.)
A1) Clara Oswald.   (Jenna Coleman)
Q2) How many sides does a cube have?
Q2) 6.
Q3) What would a mural be painted on?
A3) A wall.
Q4) According to popular myth, what was the Emperor Nero playing, when Rome burned? 
A4) The fiddle.   (Accept Lyre.)
Q5) Mother Theresa was noted for her work with the poor of which country?
A5) India.
Q6) In Spanish, what number is quartro?
A6) Four.
Q7) The Angel, in Venezuela, is the world’s highest what?
A7) Waterfall.
Q8) What is a cavy better known as ?
A8) A Guinea Pig.
Q9) Harriet Quimby was the first woman to fly over what?
A9) The English Channel.
Q10) What was the first decimal coin to be released in the UK?
A10) The 50p piece.
Q11) Allegheny, and the Blue Ridge are in which American mountain Range?
A11) The Rockies.
Q12) In which African country is the N’Gorongoro Crater?
A12) Tanzania.
Q13) Flores, Corvo, and Pico are in which group of Islands: the Azores, The Canaries or the Scillies?
A13) The Azores.
Q14) Which North American city has a street called The Bowery?
A14) New York.
Q15) Sir Edward Lutyens designed the Cenotaph in London, and which Indian city?
A15) Delhi.
Q16) The Straits of Magellan separate the Southern American mainland from which island?
A16) Tierra Del Fuego.
Q17) Which city is the capital of the Canadian province of Manitoba?
A17) Winnipeg.
Q18) Which Australian city stands on the River Torrens, Adelaide, Sydney, or Melbourne?
A18) Adelaide.
Q19) How many official languages does South Africa have?
A19) 11.
Q20) Which country is in between Guyana, & French Guiana?
A20) Suriname.
Q21) Elaine Paige’s first top ten hit came from which musical: Cats, Evita or Les Miserable?
A21) Cats.
Q22) Who duetted with Sarah Brightman, on the hit, Phantom of the Opera?
A22) Michael Crawford.
Q23) The death of Conor inspired the song Tears in Heaven: which rock guitarist’s son was he?
A23) Eric Clapton’s.
Q24) Rhymes & Reasons was the first album by which male Country star?
A24) John Denver.
Q25) The Kick Inside was Kate Bush’s first album: what was the only number 1 single from it?
A25) Wuthering Heights.
Q26) Which former Beatle & his wife had a ‘Bed-In’, in a hotel in Amsterdam?
A26) John Lennon & Yoko Ono.
Q27) Which girl’s name featured in the title of a Dexy’s Midnight Runner’s song?   (Bonus point for the song.)
A27) Eileen.   (Come On, Eileen)
Q28) Who had a UK number 1 with Deeper Underground, in 1999?
A28) Jamiroquoi.
Q29) I Wanna Hold Your Hand was the first Beatles number 1 in which country?
A29) The USA.
Q30) The Fat of The Land debuted at number 1 in the album charts in the UK and the US: which British dance band made it?
A30) The Prodigy.
Q31) Dairy farming is usually associated with the rearing of which animal?
A31) Cattle.
Q32) What does the Kelvin scale measure?
A32) Temperature.
Q33) What colour is amber?
A33) Orange.
Q34) What is the framework of ribs called?
A34) The Ribcage.
Q35) What continent grows the most rice?
A35) Asia.
Q36) Mars is known as what colour planet?
A36) Red.
Q37) Which metal is occasionally used in thermometer’s?
A37) Mercury.
Q38) What name is given to a portable computer?
A38) A Laptop.
Q39) What computer problem was possibly needlessly feared in the year 2000?
A39) The Millennium/Y2K Bug.
Q40) Audio refers to which of the senses?
A40) Hearing.
Q41) How long did the contestant have to answer the questions, on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
A41) As long as they want.
Q42) In the US version of The Weakest Link, who’s the host?
A42) Anne Robinson.
Q43) How many teams are there, per episode, in University Challenge?
A43) Two.
Q44) Which Swedish born personality was the first host of Dog Eat Dog?
A44) Ulrika Jonsson.
Q45) What’s the name of the celebrity version of Ready, Steady, Cook?
A45) Celebrity Ready, Steady, Cook.
Q46) Anthea Redfern, Isla St Clair and Leah Kristensen were the glamourous assistants on which TV game show?
A46) The Generation Game.
Q47) Which Philip hosted National Lottery: Winning Lines?
A47) Philip Schofield.
Q48) Which Snooker player captained a team opposite Ally McCoist, on A Question Of Sport?
A48) John Parrot.
Q49) Fifteen to One was originaly shown on which Terrestrial channel?
A49) Channel Four.
Q50) Which Penelope hosted a later series of What’s My Line?
A50) Penelope Keith.
Q51) Singer and actress, Mrs Carl Dean is better known as which Country & Western star?
Q52) Who, during the 20th Century, was the first child born to a reigning British monarch?
Q53) Jack Ryan invented which toy?
A53) The Barbie Doll.
Q54) Astronaut, Alan Shepard was the first person to do what on the moon: hit a golf ball, watch TV or go to the toilet?
A54) Hit a golf ball.
Q55) Ferdinand Joseph Lamothe was better known as which Jazz star?
Q56) Which fictional Dan first appeared in 1937?
Q57) What name is given to the energy produced, when something moves?
Q58) What vegetable can be Hurst Beagle, or Kelvedon Wonder?
A58) The Garden Pea.
Q59) In legend, which bird rose from its own ashes?
Q60) A sudden rush of snow down the side of a mountain is known as what?
A60) An avalanche.
Enjoy the week … !

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