Thursday, 25 December 2014

The Dr Who Christmas Special 2014: Last Christmas

Di I tell you I have a nephew … ?

I didn’t?

I’ve got a nephew.

He’s called Jude, I should add: he’s four — tomorrow — and quite fun to be with.

Except when it’s Christmas Day, of course: every single present is his, and has to be opened, now … !

Oh, and inevitably … ?

Well, when Donatello Turtle, the Batmobile and Spiderman get into a punch up, it turns into a tie … between the Batmobile and Donny. Spiderman not standing much of a chance against a two ton salt flat racer and a six foot chelonian.

It makes sense … 

When you’re four, overexcited, and been at the e-numbers.

Needless to say, I’m thinking he’s EXHAUSTING … 

But that’s Christmas for you: it’s a time for families to be together, get very tired, possibly argue — although mine didn’t, today — and enjoy fun, games and stuff … 

Jude, bless him, being Jude … ?

Was saying “Can I open this one, now?” from the moment I got in the door.

And “Can we do this now … ?”

Bless … !

We … 

No, scrub that, Mummy — my kid sister Ruth, in other words — manage to distract him ofr long enough that I, Anna — my other sister — and my Mum managed to catch tonight’s episode of Dr Who.

This year’s Christmas special.

The Christmas special that is … Last Christmas … 

It’s … 

Interesting … 


We join the episode when Clara awakens on Christmas night: having heard something crashing on the roof of her house.

Something that turns out to be very familiar: a crashed sleigh, pulled by sleighs, with elves … and a red suited driver who looks suspiciously familiar.

It’s only when Santa is trying to convince Clara he’s a roofer, that the Doctor turns up: turns up, orders her into the TARDIS … 

And THEN takes her to what appears to be a polar base: a polar base whose crew … have an infirmary … 

And a full one, whose patients are having headaches of serious proportions.


Now … ?

Did I enjoy tonight’s episode?

Yes, I did, actually.

Although I must say, it’s not as stunning as some of the series/Peter Capaldi episodes: I still think Death In  Heaven and Mummy On The Orient Express get the ‘Best Of’ nod.

On the other hand … ?   On the other hand, whilst I found the whole ‘dream in a dream’ thing slightly reminiscent of Amy’s Choice, I found Last Christmas to be a competently done, entertaining.


That scores for me.

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