Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Starred Up — Intense … !

8th April, 2015.

You know, I’m a film fan.

You’ve possibly worked that out, hadn’t you?

At least, going by the number of films I’ve written about.

Saying that … ?

Saying that, I’ve possibly not seen as many as noted film critic, Mark Kermode: nor am I aiming ofr the same sort of territory as one chap I follow on Twitter: Dave B plans to watch 2500 films, and tell you about it, on his blog.

I’m nowhere near that ambitious.

Or as prolific.


I just want to catch a film, every so often, and then tell you what I thought about it.

The film I saw tonight, Starred Up … ?   Is one of those films.

And boy, I think I’ve seen a cracker.


Set in an unnamed, ageing prison, Starred Up sees Jack O’Connell as Eric Love: a 19 prisoner being transferred early from a Young Offenders Institute to an adult prison.

The catch … ?

Is that whilst he’s been institutionalised for much of his young life, this is the first time Eric has been in an adult prison: finds it difficult to fit in an adult world he only has half an idea about.

What’s more … ?   What’s more, the prison he’s at an inmate of is home to the one fellow prisoner he’d rather avoid, and who Eric blames for many of his anger issues.

His father, Neville … 


Now, I know this is a short post.

Which I realise some people will possibly be thankful for!

But I’m very aware of a few things that it’s late: and I want to go to bed.

But ALSO aware that Starred Up is a very, very, VERY good film.   It is, quite literally, a cracker: both emotionally intense, spare, and incredibly true to its sources..

Anything I say won’t do justice to Starred Up.

My personal suggestion, here?

Is not to let me tell you about Starred Up.


I’m going to you to watch Starred Up.

It will repay you.
Starred Up


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