Thursday, 13 August 2015

The Daily Teaser — 13-8-2015: International Left-Handers Day

Well, that’s a bugger … !

If you’ll excuse the language.

You’ve possibly worked out that I’ve been ordering a lot of bits and bobs, recently: through Amazon UK.

Most recently?   A copy of Wells’ The Time Machine, a DVD copy of the BBC’s 1984 version of The Invisible Man … 

And season two of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Not an order I’d have issues with.

You’d think.

BOY, you’d be wrong.

The Invisible Man and The Time Machine turned up with no problems.

Buffy season 2, was due, yesterday.

What actually turned up … ?

Was Buffy The Vampire Slayer.   The original movie … !

I think what’s happened is that someone at the warehouse grabbed the wrong DVD.

Not that I mind.

Seems Amazon do a free returns.

You can bet I’m using that … 


But let’s move on, shall we?

Yesterday’s Teaser saw Debbi* putting in her answers: and scoring five out of five.

Left-handed, as I am, today’s set are something of a tradition for me: so let’s see how everyone does with today’s International Left Handers Day questions.

Here they are, along with the How To, License and video … 

Q1) Left handers are said to be more likely to suffer from what: depression, schizophrenia or dyslexia?
Q2) The gene linked to the disease, and that makes you more likely to be left handed, does so if it is inherited from which parent?
Q3) Many species of kangaroo are — apparently — left handed.   What kind of mammal are kangaroos?
Q4) Situs Inversus is when a person’s what are reversed from the norm: brain organization, internal organs or ear-bones?
Q5) Ocular dominance means we are left or right … what?
Q6) Mrs Brad Pitt is left handed.   How is Mrs Pitt better known?
Q7) Both Commodus and Tiberius were — seemingly — left handed.   Where were they emperors of?
Q8) Tony Abbot is left handed: and Prime Minister of which English speaking country?
Q9) Sixteen out of the top twenty career batting averages have been posted by left handed batters.   In which sport: cricket or baseball?
Q10) Finally … which angel is sometimes said to sit on God’s left hand side?
Here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …
Q1) 12th August, 1964, saw which country banned from the Olympic Games?
Q2) 12th August is Sea Org Day: a holiday for Scientologists.   What was the name of the science fiction writer who founded Scientology?
Q3) 12th August, 1990, saw the birth of Italian footballer, Mario Balotelli.   Which English team does he currently play for?
A3) Liverpool FC.
Q4) The last quagga in captivity died on the 12th August, 1883.   The creatures were native to which African nation: Namibia, Botswana or South Africa?
Q5) Finally … Art Kane took the photo, A Great Day In Harlem, on 12th August, 1958.   The photograph was of 57 notable what: activists, jazz musicians or scientists?
I’ll leave you with this observation … 
“I’m used to being in the minority.   I’m a left-handed gay Jew.   I’ve never felt, automatically, a member of any majority.”

Barney Frank.
And this tune … 

Now … 

Set your mouse up left handed: and use your scissors in your other hand.   Welcome to my world, for the day … 

Have a good International Left-handers Day.

*        Here’s hoping you’re ready, Debbi!   Actually, I’ve a few friends who are ALSO southpaws: I’ll be running this past them.   Oh, and have you seen this, Debbi … ?

Thought it might grab you … :D

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Debbi said...

I can't wait! :)

1. schizophrenia
2. mother
3. marsupials
4. internal organs
5. eyed
6. Angelina Jolie
7. the Roman Empire
8. Australia
9. baseball
0. the Angel of Death