Monday, 7 March 2016

The X-Files 2016: Episode 5 — Babylon

You know, I am definitely yawning.

At least … I THINK I’m yawning.

No, scrub that … I’m yawning.

I think we can say I’ve had a long weekend.

And certainly had a long day at work.

At any rate … ?

I was yawning enough to think to myself that I should maybe — MAYBE — get an early night.

But then ended up thinking, “NO!”

Oh, yes.

You see … 

The X-Files was on.

And that’s not something I want to miss.


Episode 5 — Babylon — opens by showing us a pair of suicide bombers, attacking an art gallery.

In the aftermath?   Agents Miller and Einstein — the FBI agents assigned to the case — decide to consult with Mulder and Scully: to see if the older pair can help provide insight into the comatose surviving bomber’s state of mind.

Or, at least, find them a good necromancer.

It turns out Miller and Einstein are a younger version of Mulder and Scully, themselves.

The two elder agents?

Privately suggest to their junior opposite numbers, some courses of action.

With Mulder suggesting to Einstein that using magic mushroom — or the hallucinogenic active ingredient — to try to commune with the bomber.   And Scully telling Miller that hooking The bomber up to an ECG machine, asking questions, and seeing which part of his brain respond, would be the thing.

It’s only AFTER Mulder goes tripping … ?

That the foursome get … A Clue … !


I have to add … 

Well … possibly a lot.

For one thing, I’m tired: as I think I’ve already said.

But tonight’s episode … ?

Was definitely an enjoyable one: although possibly not the greatest X-Files episode, ever, one can see that the series writers are trying to keep the show fresh and up-to-date.

And … ?   It’s also nice to have seen Robbie Amell — Agent Miller, and formerly Stephen in The Tomorrow People  — and Lauren Ambrose — Jilly Kitzinger of Miracle Day fame — again.

Still … ?

Episode 5 isn’t necessarily a highpoint: but is perfectly watchable for that.

Just don’t mention David Duchovny’s line dancing!

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