Wednesday, 6 April 2016

House of Cards — Series 3: Episode 1

You know, I’ve had very little to do, today: bar sit indoors.

I was due to go to work: but took the day off ill, as my stomach was playing up.

On the up side … ?

I’ve managed to offer a little helpful advice to an old friend: one trying to figure out whether to buy a desktop computer, tablet or laptop.

Hopefully, that helps.

I’ve also managed to make an appointment to see my GP.

I think someone’s got to do something with my health, and the only person who can get the ball rolling, there … ?

Is me … 

At ANY rate … ?

At any rate, I’ve ALSO managed to do something I’ve lnot done for a while, now: despite having it on an internal drive for a while.

Yes: started to try and catch up wit the third series … of House of Cards.

Only with episode one, though … 


Episode 1 opens with an introduction from Frank Underwood — Kevin Spacey — telling we viewers that he’d assumed the US Presidency at the end of series 2: after engineering the downfall of his predecessor, President Walker.

It also shows us what’s been happening to Doug Stamper, played by Michael Kelly.   After being attacked at the end of series 2, he’s in serious physical rehab: and, recovering alcoholic that he is, in serious danger of relapsing.

There’s more.

Mixed in with all this is Claire Underwood’s own personal ambition: one she makes perfectly clear to her husband.

She wants to be named as US Ambassador to the UN.

All this … ?

And the machine that is Washington DC is building up to an election in 2016 … !


Now … 

First things first … 

Yes, I realise I’ve only watch one episode, tonight: going against my usual grain of watching two or more of a box set in one go.


I came to feel, doing the course of the episode, that binge watching two or more …

Would only let me loss the thread, when telling you about them.

Basically … ?

I wanted ton concentrate on what is a deeply complex series, in smaller chunks: the better to enjoy each slice.

For me?

That’s paid off.

I’ve sat through an episode of a TV show I’ve come to admire … without over doing it.

And … ?

Frankly, I’ve watched this episode, and found myself enjoying out, much more intently.

Right at the moment?

Going on what I‘ve seen to, I know both Kevin Spacey And Claire Underwood have been eorforming giants in this series.

This episode is no different: deepening my appreciation of Robin Wright in particular.

And ALSO of Michael Kelly as Doug Stamper.

I get the feeling from this episode his character is going to go through a lot: with Kelly’s abilities to use his face to convey his emotions doing the bulk of the job.

I get the feeling … ?

I get the feeling House of Cards casting directors have earnt their money, there.

Whatever they got?

Wasn’t enough.

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