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Nik Nak’s Friday Question Set — 26-8-2016

Oh, now I HATE that … !

Did I mention I’ve got IBS?

I’ve got IBS: if you didn’t know.

And, at it’s worse?

Means phoning into work, ill: as my functioning is seriously impaired.

Today is one such day.   I hate letting the side down: and losing the day’s pay.

About the only upside to that … ?

Is the fact I have time to post up the much neglected Friday Question Set.

Here’s this week’s: covered by the usual Creative Commons License* … 

Online 345

Q1) What was the last war fought on British territory?
A1) The Falklands War..

Q2) Who, or what, is the patron saint of Germany?

Q3) Who was the only actor to play Doctor Who?
A3) Peter Cushing.   (In the two Doctor Who movies, in 1965 &’66: the character’s only ever referred to as ‘The Doctor,’ in the TV show.   The fact the character is referred to as ‘Dr Who,’ in an episode of The War Machine … is an inconvenient embarrassment that’s never happened since …)

Q4) Which Boys had a UK No.1, with We Going To Ibiza?
A4) The Vengaboys.

Q5) How much do you score, if all three darts land in the Double Top?
A5) 120.

Q6) Terrell Davis is famous for which sport?

Q7) What imaginary line goes across the middle of Africa?
A7) The Equator.

Q8) How does 6:20pm appear on the 24 hour clock?
A8) 18:20.

Q9) What’s the underground railway system in Paris called?
A9) The Metro.

Q10) In which ocean is the US state of Hawaii?
A10) The Pacific.


Q11) Which one’s the real opera: The Crying Dutchman, the Flying Dutchman, or The Frying Ditchman?
A11) The Flying Dutchman.

Q12) Which composer had the first names, Johann Sebastian?
A12) Bach.

Q13) Edward Elgar was from which country of the UK?
A13) England.

Q14) What is Tosca: an opera, a symphony, or a concerto?
A14) An opera.

Q15) Niccolo Paganini played which instrument: the violin, viola or viol?
A15) The violin.   (The violin and viola are fretless instruments.   The various forms of viol have frets.)

Q16) In the title of the famous opera, what word follows Madame?
A16) Butterfly.

Q17) Charlotte Church comes from which country of the UK?
A17) Wales.

Q18) In which European city is La Scala?
A18) Milan.

Q19) Which opera singing Andrea had a hit album, with Romanza?
A19) Andrea Bocelli.

Q20) How many parts does a symphony have: two, three or four?
A20) Four


Q21) Which John played Kavannah, QC?
A21) John Thaw.

Q22) Which Robbie found acclaim as Cracker?

Q23) Which 1970s sitcom was set on The Avenue, in Surbiton?

Q24) What’s the name of the BBC’s online catch-up service?
A24) The iPlayer.

Q25) Idris Elba plays DCI John … who?
A25) Luther

Q26) Irish actor, Aidan Turner, plays which Cornish character?
A26) Ross Poldark

Q27) 2016 saw BBC 2 revive the very geeky Robot Wars.   Name either of the current presenters?

Q28) Francis Urquhart, during the 1990s.   Frank Underwood, this century.   What’s the series?
A28) House of Cards

Q29) The Lannisters, Targaryens and Starks, are all families in WHICH TV series?

Q30) TV series, Gotham, is a prequel series: telling us the story of a very young whom?
A30) Batman.


Q31) Which port was the birthplace of both Charles Dickens, and Isambard Kingdom Brunel?
A31) Portsmouth.

Q32) The Cathedral Church of Saint Michael was consecrated in 1962.  In which English city is it?
A32) Coventry.

Q33) Which Roman Road shares its name with a type of fur?
A33) Ermine Street.

Q34) Which sea separates St George’s Channel, from the North Channel?
A34) The Irish Sea.

Q35) Which body of water separates the Isle Of Wight from mainland England
A35) The Solent.

Q36) In which London square is the US Embassy?
A36) Grosvenor Square.

Q37) What is England’s second largest cathedral?
A37) York Minster.

Q38) Which Womble was named after a town on the Isle of Mull?
A38) Tobermoray.

Q39) Which Channel Island is famous for having no cars?
A39) Sark.

Q40) How many language are native to Scotland?
A40) Three: Scots Gaelic, Scots (descended From Northumbrian Old English) and English.


Q41) What colour wine is Beaujolais Nouveau?
A41) Red.

Q42) The outside of a stick of rock is traditionally what colour?
A42) Pink.

Q43) How many snails does the average French person eat, in a year?
A43) 500.

Q44) What’s the oldest recorded type of manmade food?
A44) Cheese.

Q45) Which fruit is usually eaten at Wimbledon?
A45) Strawberries and cream.

Q46) If you were eating ‘al fresco’ would you be indoors, or outdoors?
A46) Outdoors.

Q47) What is the usual shape of a Camembert cheese?
A47) Round.

Q48) What name is given to a single slice of bacon?
A48) A rasher.

Q49) True, or false: Red wine should be drunk chilled.
A49) False, it should be drunk at room temperature.

Q50) A zombie is a cocktail containing copious amounts of which spirit?
A50) Rum.


Q51) What kind of chart is circular in shape?
A51) A pie chart.

Q52) What’s used to propel a punt?
A52) A pole.

Q53) The Inuit live around which Ocean?
A53) The Arctic Ocean..

Q54) Aleksey Leonov was the first man to do what in space?
A54) Walk.

Q55) A website’s introductory page is it’s what?
A55) Its Home page.

Q56) The 2016 Summer Olympics were held in which country?
A56) Brazil.

Q57) Who is Britain’s best selling cookery author?

Q58) Abbot, Bancroft and Campbell are all craters where?
A58) The Moon.

Q59) According to to its 2011 Census, what’s the third largest religion in India?

Q60) Twenty20, Test and Kilikiti, are all forms of which sport?
A60) Cricket.

I hope those are useful … 

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