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Nik Nak’s Friday Question Set — 28-10-2016

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I’m not letting that stop me putting up this week’s Friday Question Set.


In other words?

The most recent in the much neglected series of resources for pub quiz masters.

Here’s this week’s Friday Question Set: covered by the usual Creative Commons License* … 

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Q1) Which European country is a car from, if it has the international registration letter,“P”?
A1) Portugal

Q2) Which Ben played the part of Fagin, in the Roman Polanski version of “OliverTwist”?
Q2) Ben Kinsgley

Q3) What sort of mammal is a flying fox?
A3) A bat

Q4) What type of canoe is a palindrome?
A4) A kayak.   (It’s spelt the same backwards, as forwards.)

Q5) How many miles in eight kilometers?
A5) 5 miles.

Q6) What is the opposite of alkali?
A6) Acid.

Q7) Which woodland area of Hampshire is noted for its ponies?
A7) The New Forest.

Q8) Who co-wrote The Communist Manifesto?   (1 point for one answer, two for both.)
A8) Karl Marx, & Friedrich Engels.

Q9) What did a fletcher traditionally make?
A9) Arrows.

Q10) In which month is Michælmas Day?
A10) September.   (The 29th, to be exact)


Q11) Snow usually forms at which temperature; - -1º to 1º C,  1º to 3º C, or  3º to 5º C?
A11) 1º to 3º.

Q12) True or false: candles can’t burn in Zero gravity.
A12) False.

Q13) Can a lightening strike switch on a cd player?
A13) Yes.  (Most, though will fry them.)

Q14) What’s the name of the grooves in a gun’s barrel?
A14) Rifling.   (It spins the bullet to increase the range, and accuracy.)

Q15) Igor Sikorsky invented which type of aircraft?
A15) The Helicopter.

Q16) Which spinning invention was named after it’s inventor’s daughter?
A16) The Spinning Jenny

Q17) Willam Harvey was the man responsible for discovering the circulation of what?
A17) Blood

Q18 Louise Brown, the world’s first test tube baby, was how old this year?
A18) 29

Q19) The Leakey family made major discovery’s about human evolution on which continent?
A19) Africa.

Q20) Which scientist famously said “Yet it moves”?
A20) Galileo Gallilei


Q21) Which Whitney spent the most weeks in the UK charts, in 1993?
A21) Whitney Houston.

Q22) During the 90s, who had a number one with Things Can Only Get Better?
A22) D:Ream.

Q23) Which American singer had hits with What Are You Waiting For, and Rich Girl?
A23) Gwen Stefani.

Q24) The Sugababes hit, Too Lost In You came from the soundtrack of which 2003 film?
A24) Love, Actually.

Q25) Living in America was an 80s hit for which Godfather of soul?
A25) James Brown.

Q26) Which of the Spice Girls comes from Leeds?
A26) Mel B.   (Scary Spice.)

Q27) Bobby, Mike, Cheryl and Jay were better known how?
A27) Bucks Fizz.

Q28) Who did Marc Almond duet with, on Something’s Got a Hold of My Heart, his 1st number one?
A28) Gene Pitney.

Q29) Who wrote Private Dancer, for Tina Turner?
A29) Mark Knoepfler.

Q30) Swagger Jagger was a hit for who?
A30) Cher Lloyd.


Q31) Complete the name, Monty Python’s Flying … what?
A31) Circus.

Q32) In Dynasty, what was the name of the Joan Collins character?
A32) Alexis Carrington.

Q33) In which police series did Robbie Coltrane play Fitz?
A33) Cracker.

Q34) Which Australian soap is set in the fictional suburb of Erinsborough?
A34) Neighbours.

Q35) Since 2006, you can get a TV service in the UK: from which phone company?
A35) BT.   (Talk Talk’s rival service was only introduced in 2012.)

Q36) WightFibre is a cable TV service … where?
A36) The Isle of Wight: obviously …

Q37) The BBC’s online catch-up service is the iPlayer.   What’s ITV’s equivalent?
A37) The ITV Hub.

Q38) Which TV channel first broadcast in March, 1997?
A38) Channel 5: or 5, as it now is.

Q39) Big Brother is now aired by Channel 5.   Which UK channel originally aired it?
A39) Channel 4.

Q40) 2016 saw which TV show bought from the BBC?


Q41) Saffron turns food which colour?
A41) Yellow.

Q42) What is Chenin Blanc wine known as, in South Africa?
A42) Steen.

Q43) Cajun, is a shortened version of which word?
A43) Arcadian.

Q44) What is Quorn: a fungus, a steak, or a type of pepper?
A44) A fungus.

Q45) Sirloin steak is a cut of which meat?
A45) Beef.

Q46) What drink would you make in a cafetiere?
A46) Coffee.

Q47) In which country did Balti cuisine originate: the UK, India, or Ceylon?
A47) The UK.

Q48) Delia Smith, Rick Stein, the Hairy Bikers, Two Fat Ladies, and the Galloping Gourmet are all TV … what … ?
A48) TV chefs.

Q49) If you’re an ovo-lacto vegetarian, your diet excludes meat, but includes two things.   Name either.
A49) Milk and dairy products, and eggs.

Q50) Some eighty-seven percent of all grain is one of three different types: rice, maize — also known as corn — and what else … ?
A50) Wheat.


Q51) In which European city is Orly Airport?
A51) Paris

Q52) Prior to the introduction of the Euro, what was the currency of Spain?
A52) The Peseta

Q53) The musical, Scrooge was based on which Charles Dickens short story?
A53) A Christmas Carol.

Q54) A cuboid has how many sides?
A54) Six.

Q55) What do the initials COD mean?
A55) Cash On Delivery.

Q56) Slivovitz, the famed liqueur, is made from which fruit?
A56) Plums

Q57) What was held in the UK, in 1908, 1948 and 2012?
A57) The Olympic Games.

Q58) Guy Fawkes tried to blow up what: the House of Lords, the House of Commons or the Old Bailey?
A58) The House of Lords.

Q59) Paul Beatty was the first American winner of what: the Nobel Prize for Literature, the Man Booker Prize or the Turner Prize for Modern Art?
A59) The Man Booker.

Q60) How many stations does New York’s Subway system have?
A60) 469.

I hope those are useful.

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