Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Mr Robot — Series 1: Episode 1 —

11th January, 2017.

I think I have a confession to make.

I’m now a member of the working masses.

No, really.

I’ve started a new job a few months back: and have to confess, I’m enjoying it.

AND the amount of overtime I’ve picked up, this week.

Which possibly means I’ll be doing a little shopping on Amazon, this week.

Books, possibly.

Especially as — at least for this week and next week — I’m working six nights a week: at my own request.

Purely to be able to afford the rent and pay the bills.

It means several things.

Firstly?   I’ve money to pay the bills.


I’ve less time to watch a film.

Or a TV series box set.

I’m trying to run a blog, here, AND get a social life.

Remind me to keep doing the latter, people keep telling me they’re fun.

At ANY rate!

At any rate, tonight was my night off.   Tonight was a night with nothing to do … 

Except catch something on TV.

A film?

Was out of the questions.   Frankly, nothing on iTunes was catching my attention.

A TV series?

Was an option.   Although Penny Dreadful is now finished, Dr Who isn’t on until later this year, The Strain’s fourth series is available, yet.

And, whilst Taboo and series four of Sherlock are both looking good?   Neither are on until the weekend.

So … ?

Well … ?

I know that — sitting on an extra hard-drive on my computer — is a copy of series one of Amazon Prime hit, Mr Robot.

Something that had been there for a while.

Something I’d not — between one thing and another — manage to sit down and watch.


I thought I should remedy that: an catch at least one episode.

Just to sample the goods, mind.


Episode 1 — — Introduces us to cyber-vigilante, Elliot Alderson, played by Rami Malek.

Elliot? Has social anxiety disorder: which he’s seeking treatment for.

And an ability to hack into all sorts of places: the pre-title sequence shows us Elliot as he confronts  the man who’s been administrating an online network of child pornography.

And handing him over to the police.

And … ?

Post titles, going off to work at his day job: as a security engineer with Allsafe, contractors who handle the cyber-security for big corporations.

Allsafe?   Is having issues: as its major employers, E-Coprp, are looking to cut costs.

Elliot, of course?   Hacktivist that he is, Elliot finds himself caught between the his ideals — which — and his need to pay for treatment.

Something he’s not convinced he needs.   As there seems to really be someone out to get him … 


Hmmm …

Now that looks like a rather sparse attempt at a summery, now doesn’t it … ?

Yes, it does.


I found this opening episode to be a very good drama: handling its technology based story line in a very accessible way: and handling its lead character’s mental health issues both sympathetically, and well.


I’m pencilling in the next few episodes as we speak … 

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