Sunday, 9 June 2013

Exam: How to have fun with The Apprentice

Hmmm … 

I have to admit, I was bored witless, last night.

No, seriously.

Nobody around, nothing grabbing my attention on TV: and frankly, I was planning to save a good read from the library for later.

Actually, talking of the library … ?

It’s amazing what you can find in there, if you’re on a budget. 

I mean, I managed to dig up a copy of the 2009, Stuart Hazeldine directed, film, Exam.

Which maybe isn’t the greatest thriller on Earth.

But is rather entertaining.


Set in an alternative present, Exam sees a group of diverse candidates for an unrevealed — but seemingly high-powered — job with an unidentified company.

The eight (unnamed) people are given the rules for the Exam by an unnamed invigilator (Colin Salmon).

They can’t leave the room without being disqualified.

They can’t communicate with the Invigilator — or the armed guard on the door — without being disqualified.

And if they spoil their papers, accidentally or deliberately … ?

They get disqualified.

All they have to do … ?

Is answers one simple question.

They all have pieces of paper in front of them: to presumably write the answer on.

You’d think so, wouldn’t you?

Except for one minor detail: they — seemingly — aren’t asked the one question they have to answer.

Nasty, huh … ?


Now, I was saying Exam wasn’t good?

That’s very true.

On the other hand, it’s a nicely crafted, tense little ensemble piece that’s been — apparently — successfully staged in Manchester: something I wouldn’t mind seeing if the projected tour goes ahead.

What’s more … ?   One could argue that the twist at the end of the tale is guessable.

But that the film’s entertainment value — and I should stress, I believe that’s quite high entertainment value — comes from the simple fact that it draws you in with a good cast: one sympatheticly keeps you clued to you seat.

Personally … ?

I thoroughly enjoyed Exam.   Sometimes … ?

We can’t ask more than that.

The clips a © 2009, of Hazeldine Film and Bedlam Productions: I believe is Fair Dealing under Sections 29 and 30 — criticism and review — of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

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