Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Updated Librarians ...

Yes, I know, I know: I'm using a Windoze based PC for this post.

But play fair: I AM, if nothing else, listening to some seriously intent Muddy Waters on the iPod: 'Got My Mojo Working,' if you must know.

At ANY rate ... ?

At any rate, I thought I should let you know that Brentwood's library has updated its IT system.

Currently, I'm using a Dell box - an Optiplex3010, apparently - with Windoze 7.

I'm not actually complaining, TOO much: although I think that Essex County Council could well have taken a punt on getting a Dell box with Ubuntu.

The reason I'm not partly complaining ... ?

Is that whoever's done the actual upgrade has made sure that this installation has included a copy of Google Chrome: and of OpenOffice.org.

All good!

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