Thursday, 30 October 2014

John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982): Still Looking Good!

29th October, 2014.
You know, I like a movie.


You’d worked that out, hadn’t you, over the years: and probably noticed that I like watching films, and then telling you about what I’ve seen.

It’s also got to be said that, when I DO watch a film, I tend not to repeat myself.

Rarely, any way.

I have to confess, I did, tonight.

I’ve fancy catching a film for a couple of days: something gruesome, considering it’s almost Halloween.

But … ?

Well, I’ve had a look at my broadband usage for the month: it’s … OVER my limit.

Not by much, I should add: but certainly enough that any credit I’d had on my last quarterly bill has been eaten!

Which is what happens when you help your family update assorted devices, stream a lot of media from an Apple server — instead of locally! — and let a friend’s daughter watch a LOT of Stampy Cat videos … !

At ANY rate … !

At any rate, I fancied a movie.

And, lord … I’m glad I’d a backed up collection on my external drive.

It means I could watch a film, without going more over my limit than I am.

Now, you’ve possibly already guessed — given I’d mentioned repetition — that the film I’d seen was something I’d seen — and written about — before now.

You’d be right, there.

The film in question … ?

Was 1982’s science fiction/horror gem that is John Carpenter’s The Thing.

Now … 

Do you need me to tell you who directed it … ?

30th October, 2014.
Actually … ?   You probably don’t, do you … ?

Set in the Antarctic, in 1982, John Carpenter’s The Thing sees the crew of an Antarctic research station have some unlikely visitors: in the shape of a pair of Norwegians from a near — ish — research base: visitors in a helicopter who are very intent on chasing down, and shooting, an otherwise innocent looking dog.

It’s during this chase … ?   It’s during the chase the Norwegian pair are killed.

One is killed by Garry, the station’s commander: the other killed after dropping a high powered grenade in the helicopter, itself.

Which is when the crew decide to take in the dog.

They regret that.

As, when the dog is kennelled with the rest of the station’s huskies …

It starts to change.

It’s only when MacReady* — Kurt Russell — hears the baying from the dogs, and sets of the fire alarm, the team finally realise the mysterious Norwegians had very good reasons to be shooting at Malamutes.


Now … 

I’ve written about John Carpenter’s The Thing, before now: and, back then … ?

Well, back then, I’d said it was a lot better than the other film I’d seen at around the same time: X-Men: First Class, so you know.

To be frank?

I’m still convinced of that.

I’m also convinced it’s a lot better than the 2011 prequel: something I’d seen and enjoyed, some two years ago, now.

But ultimately felt wasn’t quite on the same par as the original.

Which is why I gave the 2011 version just two stars.

The quality of the original — and the fact it has a lot of repeat value — gets it a few more …
John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982.)

*        Still the most iconic hat in modern science fiction.

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