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The Friday Question Set — 24-10-2014

Right … 

That’s December’s Teaser’s done.

Oh, lord, not the Daily Teaser’s!

I’m not THAT far ahead of myself!

I have, however, managed to get this December’s done: for my local paper.

I can’t wait to see how well they do.

At any rate, it’s getting late: and I’d LIKE to catch a film.

Before I do … ?

Before I do, I want to make I post up this week’s … Friday Question Set … !

Here’s this week’s set: covered by the usual Creative Commons License*

Online 271

Q1) Disney’s version of Pinocchio was released in which decade of the 20th Century?
A1) The 1940s.

Q2) Alistair Cooke became famous for broadcasting his Letter from… where?
Q2) America.

Q3) What name is shared by Charlie Chaplin and Princess Diana?
A3) Spencer.

Q4) Which iconic 1930s movie star was called ‘The Blonde Bombshell’?

Q5) What phrase describes Rubik’s Cube: two dimensional, three dimensional, or four dimensional?

Q6) What stewed item goes into a compote?

Q7) During the 60’s, which member of the Kennedy family was involved with the Chappaquidick incident?

Q8) Northern Soul was the début album from which 1990s band?
A8) M People.

Q9) Who plays rugby union at the Recreation Ground, London Road?
A9) Bath.

Q10) Dermatology is the study of human … what?
A10) Skin.


Q11) Paul Newman died in 2008: for which film did he win his only Oscar?
A11) The Colour of Money.

Q12) Which Disney cartoon was re-issued in 1987, on its 50th anniversary?
A12) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Q13) Who played Jessica Lange’s husband, in the remake of Cape Fear?
A13) Nick Nolte.

Q14) In which film did Humphrey Bogart play Rick Blane?
A14) Casablanca.

Q15) Which musical was derived from George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion?
A15) My Fair Lady.

Q16) Name either of the characters to be the most filmed.
A16) Dracula and Sherlock Holmes. (Third place is Napoleon).

Q17) Humphrey Bogart won his only Oscar for Best Actor — for which film?
A17) The African Queen.

Q18) Who starred as The Sundance Kid in Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid?
A18) Robert Redford.

Q19) Who stars as K-PAX, in the film K-PAX?
A19) Kevin Spacey.

Q20) Cavatina was the theme tune of which Vietnam movie?
A20) The Deer Hunter.


Q21) In TV’s Get Smart what was Maxwell Smart's Number?
A21) Agent 86.

Q22) Who did all his detecting sitting down?
A22) Robert Ironside.

Q23) In 1988, who played Inspector Abberline in ITV’s Jack The Ripper?
A23) Michael Caine.

Q24) Orson Welles provided the voice of Robin Masters: a wealthy estate owner who was heard but never seen. In which US detective series?
A24) Magnum PI.

Q25) Which character did Howard Keel play in Dallas?
A25) Clayton Farlow.

Q26) The bionic woman had  four bionic body parts: name any of them.
A26) Both Legs, her right arm and an ear

Q27) What kind of car did Charlie Hungerford drive in Bergerac?
A27) A white Rolls Royce.

Q28) What were the names of Samantha’s daughter in the TV series Bewitched?
A28) Tabitha.

Q29) Which breakfast cereal was advertised on TV as being knitted by a group of OAPs?
A29) Shreddies.

Q30) In which year did the BBC first show Neighbours?
A30) 1986.


Q31) Who was the first black English football international?
A31) Viv Anderson.

Q32) How many people are there in an American football team?
A32) 11.

Q33) Which extreme sport originated as a rite of passage for young men on the South Pacific island of Pentecost?
A33) Bungee–Jumping.

Q34) Which English football league club originally played as Thames Ironworks FC?
A34) West Ham.

Q35) Which country cricket team plays at Old Trafford?
A35) Lancashire.

Q36) What is the home ground of Rangers football club?
A36) Ibrox stadium.

Q37) Why was it impossible to put the ball in the back of the net before 1890?
A37) Goal nets were not invented until then.

Q38) In which sport does the playing area include a crease?
A38) Cricket.

Q39) In golf, who won the British Open in 2005?
A39) Tiger Woods.

Q40) Who was Liverpool’s skipper in the 2005 European Champions League triumph?
A40) Steven Gerrard.


Q41) What, opened in 1901, runs from Moscow to Vladivostok?
A41) Trans-Siberian Railway.

Q42) MRS is the airport code for which city?
A42) Marseilles.

Q43) Which duo are the subjects of a statue at Heathrow airport?
A43) Alcock and Brown.   (The pilots who made the first transatlantic plane crossing.)

Q44) Which British city is home to the National Lifeboat Museum?
A44) Bristol.

Q45) Which South American city was designed in the shape of an aeroplane?
A45) Brasilia.

Q46) What made its first journey in 1883 from Paris to Constantinople?
A46) The Orient Express.

Q47) Sherbet is cockney rhyming slang for what mode of transport?
A47) Cab, sherbet dab.

Q48) What name is given to a flat-bottomed Chinese sailing vessel?
A48) Junk.

Q49) What is the name given to a pedestrian crossing light comprising an amber-coloured globe mounted on a black-and-white banded pole?
A49) A Belisha beacon.

Q50) Which 1971 Spielberg film starred Dennis Weaver as a motorist menaced by a huge tanker truck?
A50) Duel.


Q51) The Armada was sent to invade England: by which European country?
A51) Spain.

Q52) Ventriloquist, Terry Hall died in 2007.   What was his dummy called: Harry the Hamster, Ronnie the Rat or Lenny the Lion?

Q53) Who is Russia’s current President?

Q54) Bom Chicka Wah-wah.  That’s the phrase: advertising WHICH deodorant?
A54) Lynx.   (Also called Axe, outside the UK.)

Q55) What sort of missile did David use to slay Goliath?
A55) A stone.   (Accept rock or pebble.)

Q56) Geronimo was involved in the fight with which government?
A56) The US Federal Government.   

Q57) Which ocean is to the east of South Africa?
A57) The Indian Ocean.

Q58) In legend, which bird rose from its own ashes?
A58) The Phœnix.

Q59) Alaska, Kelvedon Wonder and Tall telephone are all varieties of which vegetable?
A59) The Pea.

Q60) Which fictional Dan first appeared in 1937?

Enjoy those: I hope those help!

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