Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Black Sheep: Shear Stupid Fun … !

4th November, 2014.
You know, there’s times a body has to cut loose, there really are.

You know, do something a touch out of the mainstream.

Some people going skiing.

Others … ?

Go on murderous rampages, shooting everyone in sight, with large caliber weaponry.

I should add that the latter … ?

Isn’t something I intend doing.

Well … 

Not outside my imagination, anyway … !!

At ANY rate … ?

At any rate, people do different things, in order to have a change from the usual routine.

Personally … ?

Personally, I like to have wild orgies, involving lots of attractive blondes who can’t get enough of me: and want to be the mothers of my children.

Barring that … ?

Barring that, of course, I’ll settle for a  movie, a nice cup of tea, and a bun.

Or the movie and a cup of tea: I’m trying to lose weight, thank you.


Hmmm … 

I’m in full on burble mode, aren’t I … ?

You’d noticed, hadn’t you … ?

I can tell.

Whether I can or not, I’m very aware it’s late.   I’m burbling … 

And I wanted to tell you about the film I’ve just seen.

That’s how I occupy myself on a quiet night.

I catch a film.

Tonight’s movie … ?

Was the 2006, iTunes rental that is … Black Sheep.

And if I told you it was bloody stupid … would you believe me … ?


Set in modern day New Zealand, and directed by Jonathan King, Black Sheep sees Henry (Nathan Meister) heading back to the family farm to see old brother, Angus (Peter Feeney).

Henry wants to sell Angus his share of the farm: after having moved away, after the death of the pair’s father, many years before.

What Henry doesn’t know … ?

Is that Angus has been doing some … ahh … dubious … experimentation on the farm.

Dubious genetic experiments.

Dubious genetic experiments … with sheep … !

It’s when the pair of bumbling environment activists — Experience and Grant, played by Danielle Mason and Oliver Driver, respectively — find the hideously mutated lamb that’s a result of these experiments that things start going REALLY Pete Tong … !


Now, I said about bloody stupid, didn’t I … ?


Black Sheep is possibly the daftest film I’ve seen in years.

It is, after all, about a flock of carnivorous sheep, for heaven’s sake!

On the other hand … ?

On the OTHER hand, it’s stupid … with a sense deliberateness.

AND a sense of fun.

I think Jonathan King — along with the cast, crew and writers — have gone out to make a film that’s going to make us jump.

Occasionally with fright.

But mostly with laughter.

They’s also gone and made a film that may well be stupid: but is ALSO entertaining.

As far as I’m concerned?

Black Sheep isn’t the greatest film going.

But is worth your time.
Black Sheep★★★☆

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