Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Brentwood Gazette Weekly Teaser — 12-11-2014|: Quids In!

Well … 

We’ve OFFICIALLY landed on a comet … !

Well … 

I say we: I actually mean us, collectively.   humanity, that is.

We’ve landed on a comet.

Or, more strictly, a probe — called Philae — has landed on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko: at just after 16:05.

One launched I should add, from the Rosetta Probe: and originally launched by the European Space Agency, some ten years ago, and control from Mission Control Darmstadt, in Germany.

All good.   Hopefully … ?

Hopefully … it’ll give us lot’s of exciting science.


At any rate … ?

At any rate, it’s Wednesday.   And, in spite of the comet — and the interview I’ve just got back from — you’re not wanting to know: are you?


It’s Wednesday: so you here for the Brentwood Gazette’s Weekly Teaser.

Here’s this week’s questions: covered by the Creative Commons License* …
Q1) 12th November, 1984, saw Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer announce the phasing out of the £1 note.   What was it replaced by … ?
Q2) Who was that Chancellor?
Q3) The £1 note’s replacement had been introduced in April of which year?
Q4) Who — apart from the Queen — was pictured on that £1 note … ?
Q5) In which year of the 1980s was the £1 note finally withdrawn from circulation?
Q6) The UK’s pound is the Pound … what?
Q7) What’s the symbol for the Pound?
Q8) The pound’s symbol is a fancy version of which letter?
Q9) Are Scottish or Northern Irish pound notes legal tender?
Q10) Finally … What's the largest denomination of pound note, in everyday use?
Here’s last week’s questions and answers …
Q1) On the 5th November, we celebrate the arrest of the man attempting to blow up which of the Houses of Parliament?
Q2) The plot to blow up that House is known popularly known as what: the Barrel Plot or Gunpowder Plot?
Q3) Who was the famous plotter arrested on the night?
Q4) How many barrels of explosive was he found with: twenty-six, thirty-six or forty-six?
Q5) Yes or no: would the explosive have worked?
Q6) The Plot was headed by whom: Robin Gatsby, Robbie Catsby or Robert Catesby … ?
Q7) The Plotters wanted to kill King James 1st of England, whilst he was opening Parliament.   James 1st of England was James the what of Scotland?
Q8) Bonfire Night is traditionally held on 5th November, in the UK: and on Walpurgis Night, in many parts of Europe.   Walpurgis Night is on which date in April: the 30th, the 23rd or the 16th?
Q9) 5th November sees many of us holding a Fireworks Night: again, to mark the failure of the plot.   Which firework is named for Saint Catherine Of Alexandria?
Q10) Finally … In V For Vendetta, the main character, V, wears a Guy Fawkes mask.   Which Australian actor plays V?
A1) The House of Lords.
A2) Gunpowder Plot.   (There’s a school of thought that says the Gunpowder Plotters were on a par with the Jihadi terrorists of today.   I’m also aware the difference between ‘terrorist’ and ‘freedom fighter’ is largely a matter of which side you’re on.)
A3) Guy Fawkes.
A4) Thirty-six.   The number’s given in the introduction to the rather good Wikipedia entry on the plot and corroborated by Parliament’s own site.   (Parliament admitting to ANYTHING surpassed me … )
A5) No.   (By the time Fawkes was found, the powder had been in place since July, and decayed past functional use.   If, as planned, the State Opening of Parliament had been in October that year — it was delayed by an outbreak of plague — things could have been different.)
A6) Robert Catesby.
A7) James 6th.
A8) April 30th.
A9) The Catherine Wheel.   (If you said Roman Candle or multi-shot aerial cake, you’re not thinking.)
A10) Hugo Weaving.   (The film's climactic scenes — showing protestors wearing the same mask — has inspired many real-world protestors to do the same thing.)
Enjoy the week … 

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