Friday, 16 January 2015

The Friday Question Set — 16-1-2015

Ooooh, that’s better … 

I jaunt managed to have a quick snooze: after a bit of a late night.

It has to be said, that definitely helped.

Even though I’m now looking at the (metaphorical) clock, and wondering where the day.


But hearing about me having a snooze is not why you’re here, is it?


You’re here because — and I’ve said this before — you’re a pub quiz master who needs a lot of questions in a hurry: and are after the Friday Question Set … !

Here’s this week’s: covered by the usual Creative Commons License* … 

Online 281

Q1) A labrador puppy is the symbol for which toilet roll?
A1) Andrex.   (Apparently, sh*t doesn’t stick to its fur …)

Q2) Holger George Thuesen and Gerald A. Hale are credited with inventing the first working what?

Q3) What would Native Americans do with a calumet?
A3) Smoke it - it’s a peace pipe

Q4) How many pocket does a snooker table have?
A4) Six.

Q5) How many milligrams in a gram?
A5) 1000.

Q6) Who did Margaret Thatcher follow as Conservative Party Leader?

Q7) What’s the only one word, English anagram of the word, MADDENING?

Q8) Which American mammal is known as the ‘Washing Bear’: the grizzly bear, the brown bear or the Raccoon?
A8) The Raccoon.

Q9) Who was shot, on live TV, on the 24th November 1963?
A9) Lee Harvey Oswald.  (By Jack Ruby.)

Q10) Name the second country to put a man in space.
A10) The USA.


Q11) Where was Gene Kelly Singin’ in 1952?
A11) In The Rain.

Q12) In which film did Vivien Leigh play Scarlett O’Hara?
A12) Gone with the Wind.

Q13) Which Alfred directed the thrillers Rebecca and Notorious?
A13) Hitchcock.

Q14) What was the name of the car that involved Kenneth More and Dinah Sheridan in the London to Brighton road run?
A14) Genevieve.

Q15) Who starred in the Road films with Dorothy Lamour and Bing Crosby?
A15) Bob Hope.

Q16) Which film set in Rick’s Cafe starred Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman?
A16) Casablanca.

Q17) Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe: name that film!
A17) Hot

Q18) Which distinguished actor and Lord, played the lead in Henry V?
A18) Laurence Olivier.

Q19) Which actor Orson starred in Citizen Kane and The Third Man?
A19) Orson Welles.

Q20) What was the series of comedies made in West London studios called?
A20) Ealing.


Q21) Marmalade stems from the Portugese word Marmelo: does Marmelo mean mango, citrus, orange or quince?
A21) Quince.

Q22) Which brothers starred in the film Duck Soup?
A22) The Marx Brothers.

Q23) What is a lift for food in a restaurant known as?
A23) A Dumb waiter.

Q24) Which is probably the best lager in the world?
A24) Carlsberg.

Q25) In which year did Rowntree’s Fruit Gums first go on sale -1893, 1903 or 1913?
A25) 1893.

Q26) What’s the world’s most widely planted red wine grape: shiraz, pinot noir or grenache?
A26) Grenache.

Q27) Which republic is Europe’s biggest exporter of bananas?
A27) Ireland.

Q28) Shirley Conran once said that “Life’s too short to stuff a” … what: chicken, mushroom or aubergine?
A28) Mushroom.

Q29) Cinnamon comes from which part of the tree?
A29) The Bark.

Q30) In the term ‘costermonger,’ what fruit does the word coster refer to?
A30) An apple.


Q31) Which British archaeologist located the tomb of Tutankhamun?
A31) Howard Carter.

Q32) In which English county is Stonehenge?
A32) Wiltshire.

Q33) What were the scroll-shaped tablets called in which the names of ancient Egyptian pharaohs were inscribed: cartouches, carburettors or carbuncles?
A33) Cartouches.

Q34) Who, according to tradition, was the first Christian emperor of Rome?
A34) Constantine.

Q35) Which style of classical column was decorated with carvings representing acanthus leaves: corinthian, ionic, or doric?
A35) Corinthian.

Q36) Which Mediterranean island was the scene of a volcanic explosion that destroyed the Minoan civilisation around 1450 BC: Santorini, Minos or Crete?
A36) Santorini: otherwise known as Thira.

Q37) What is the English name for the Roman town of Camulodunum?
A37) Colchester.

Q38) In French history, who was the Dauphin?
A38) The Crown Prince.

Q39) In which year of the 60’s was the Berlin Wall constructed?
A39) 1961.

Q40) Jumping Badger was the real name of which Native American leader?
A40) Sitting Bull.


Q41) Which country won 17 of the 29 available Track & Field gold medals, in the 1972 Olympics?
A41) The USA.

Q42) Prince Charles, and Camilla Parker Bowles first met during the 1970s, at what sort of sporting event?
A42) A polo match

Q43) Soccer’s offside rule was first introduced in which century?
A43) The Nineteenth.  (In 1866, to be picky.)

Q44) Which golfer was also known as the Golden Bear?
A44) Jack Nicklaus.

Q45) Which Frankie had seven wins in 1 day?
A45) Frankie Dettori.

Q46) Teofilo Stevenson represented which country at the 1972 Olympics?
A46) Cuba.

Q47) In which year was Anna Kournikova’s 1st professional tennis tournament?
A47) 1998.

Q48) The ‘Golden Gloves’ championship features in which sport?
A48) Boxing.

Q49) Which London side was the 1st to be relegated twice from the Premiership League?
A49) Crystal Palace.

Q50) The indoor version of baseball was first played in Chicago in 1887 and was originally known as Kittenball; what’s it called, now?
A50) Softball.


Q51) What is the capital city of Barbados?
A51) Bridgetown.

Q52) CFC’s famously damage the ozone layer.   But which component chemical does the most damage: the chlorine, fluorine or carbon?
A52) Chlorine.

Q53) Which member of the Monty Python team wrote the stage musical, Spamalot?
A53) Eric Idle.

Q54) Parpardelle, Stracci and vermicelli are types of what?
A54) Pasta.

Q55) In the Old Testament, whose wife was turned into a pillar of salt?
A55) Lot.

Q56) What is the longest word, in English, that contains no vowels?
A56) Rhythms.

Q57) Which novelist wrote The Mayor of Casterbridge?

Q58) What metal is used as the filament of an incandescent lightbulb?
A58) Tungsten.

Q59) Traditionally, jeans are which colour … ?
A59) Blue.

Q60) On what date does Bastille Day fall?
A60) July 14th.

Enjoy those!

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