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The Friday Question Set — 9-1-2015

You know, there’s a lot going on in France, at the moment.

Honestly, the gunmen who attacked Charlie Hebdo holed up in a printshop in a town in Northern France, and a gunman suspect a police woman, the same day, now seemingly holding hostages in a kosher supermarket in Paris!

Now is POSSIBLY not a good time to mention a little bit of news on my street: as I suspect it’ll get swamped.

But at any rate?

At ANY rate, I’ve just noticed a poster that’s been put on quite a few lamp-posts and French windows in my street.

The pictured one, from Essex County Fire Service: telling anyone parking in our street to do so, carefully.

And to be aware not doing so would block access for emergency vehicles.

Personally … ?

Personally, I’m grateful to whoever’s organised that.

But whoever’s organised these posters has addressed the emergency vehicle access I know I’ve been concerned about for years.

It may not do much.   But I hope these are maintained.

It means we can now say, people have been told … !


At any rate, my street isn’t yours: nor would I be surprised if you’re interested.

It’s still something I wanted to get off my chest!

At ANY rate?

At any rate, you’re here because it’s Friday: and therefore time for the Friday Question Set for struggling pub quiz masters.

Here’s this week’s: covered by the usual Creative Commons License* … 

Online 280

Q1) Leopold 1st of Belgium was related to Queen Victoria: was he her father, uncle or brother?
A1) Her Uncle.

Q2) Which river formed the Grand Canyon?
Q2) The Colarado.

Q3) Which word can mean a telling off, a herb or a firework?
A3) Rocket.

Q4) Who was John Parrot’s opposing Captain, in A Question of Sport?

Q5) How many goals did George Best score for Man U?
A5) 179.

Q6) Tripoli is the capital city of which North African country?
A6) Libya.

Q7) What’s the only English anagram of ‘MARASCHINO’?

Q8) If you are crapulous what are you full of?
A8) Alcohol.   (It’s a very old word for drunk.)

Q9) What was the name of Captain Pugwash’s ship?
A9) The Black Pig.

Q10) The Liberty Bell march was the theme tune to which cult British comedy?


Q11) Which Hollywood icon was jailed for her obscene stage play, Sex: Marlene Detrich, Mae West, or Greta Garbo?
A11) Mae West.

Q12) Actor, Omar Sharif, is a world authority in Bridge.   But what board game is he also an expert in?
A12) Backgammon.

Q13) Which British screen actor has an autobiography called What’s it All About?
A13) Michael Caine.

Q14) Whose voice did Marni Nixon dub, in My Fair Lady?
A14) Audrey Hepburn’s

Q15) Name any of the actors who’ve played Q n the James Bond movies.   (The official Eon Production ones)
A15) Desmond Llewellen, John Cleese, and Ben Whishaw.

Q16) Which Englishman directed Gladiator?
A16) Ridley Scott.

Q17) Nicholas Cage appeared in a re–make of which classic British horror flick?
A17) The Wicker Man.

Q18) How old was Elijah Wood, when he appeared in the first Lord of the Rings, film?
A18) 18.

Q19) In the film of the same name, who played Forrest Gump?
A19) Tom Hanks.

Q20) Name either of the two directors of AI:Artificial Intelligence
A20) Stanley Kubrick, or Steven Spielberg.


Q21) Which school did Prince William attend in his teens?
A21) Eton.

Q22) With which royal did Captain Peter Townsend have a romance?
A22) Princess Margaret.

Q23) Who is next in line to the Throne, after Prince William?
A23) Prince Harry.

Q24) What was the name of the Queen’s predecessor on the Throne?
A24) George 6th.

Q25) In which cathedral did Charles & Diana marry?
A25) Saint Paul’s.

Q26) Which royal had a father called Prince Andrew, and a son called Prince Andrew?
A26) Prince Phillip.

Q27) Which royal highlighted the problems of landmines in Angola?
A27) Princess Diana.

Q28) Which royal couple celebrated their golden anniversary in 1997?
A28) The Queen & Prince Phillip.

Q29) Which royal has a daughter called Zara?
A29) Princess Anne.

Q30) On which occasion did the Queen make her last curtsey?
A30) Her father’s funeral.


Q31) What is 60% of 3000?
A31) 1800

Q32) What is the sum of a century, plus a gross?
A32) 244.

Q33) How many yards in a furlong: 120, 220 or 320?
A33) 220.

Q34) How many children did Princess Diana have?
A34) Two.

Q35) How old was Steve Jobs when he helped developed the first Apple computer?
A35) 21.

Q36) How many feet in a dozen yards?
A36) 36.

Q37) In which century was the 1st Nativity play?
A37) The 15th.

Q38) Radium has the same atomic number as which bingo call?
A38) Two fat ladies.   (88)

Q39) In darts, what’s the highest score you can get with 3 different trebles?
A39) 171.   (Treble 20, treble 19, & treble 18.)

Q40) How many top ten hits did Catatonia have?
A40) Three.


Q41) On the Olympic flag, what do the five rings represent?
A41) The five inhabited continents.

Q42) Susan Brown was the first woman to do what, in 1981?
A42) She became the first woman cox in the Boat Race.

Q43) Of which athletic event is the Fosbury flop a feature?
A43) The high jump.

Q44) What did football goals lack before 1875?
A44) A crossbar.

Q45) What was added to the Olympic swimming events in 1984?
A45) Synchronised swimming.

Q46) To which piece of music did Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean skate to Olympic gold in 1984?
A46) Ravel’s Bolero.

Q47) After which saint is Newcastle United’s ground named?
A47) St James (St James’s Park).

Q48) Which tennis player was nicknamed the Chattanooga Express?
A48) Roscoe Tanner.

Q49) Which football club does Alf Garnett support?
A49) West Ham.

Q50) What change was made to the ballboys at Wimbledon in 1985?
A50) They were joined by ball girls.


Q51) Which kitchen item is also used by satellite TV?
A51) A dish.

Q52) True or False: Film star Ioan Gruffudd’s native language is English
A52) False.  It’s Welsh.

Q53) Which Blondie album did their hit Atomic, come from: Plastic Letters, Eat To The Beat or Parallel Lines?

Q54) What’s the capital city of Norway?
A54) Oslo.

Q55) Which building material is made from a mixture of linseed oil, and chalkdust?
A55) Putty.

Q56) Which fashion designer created The New Look, during the 1950s?

Q57) In the E. M. Forster novel, A Room With A View, which Italian city provided the view?
A57) Florence.

Q58) Which Brazilian dance became popular in Europe, in 1989?
A58) The Lambada.

Q59) Which musical is performed on roller skates?

Q60) In the UK aristocracy, which rank comes between a baron, and an earl?
A60) A Viscount.

Enjoy your week.

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