Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The Daily Teaser — 11-3-2015

You know, sometimes, things are handy.

I’ve had a copy of RipIt — an app that let’s me back-up my DVDs, without the copy protection — for some time.

And only really ever used it to copy a DVD that HandBrake found otherwise difficult to access.

I realised — last night — that I might ALSO burn those copied contents of a DVD to a blank DVD.

I tried it, last night.

It worked.

Not that — as a result — I’m going to pirate DVDs and then sell them to my neighbours, obviously.

But it DOES mean I’ve a method of backing things up.

Always handy.


But let’s get a move on, shall we?

Yesterday’s Teaser saw Debbi* putting in her answers: and scoring five out of five.

Let’s see how everyone does with today’s questions, shall we?

Here they are, along with the How ToLicense and video … 

Q1) 11th March, 1985, saw Mikhail Gorbachev named as leader of the Soviet Union.   As such, he was the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union’s … what?
Q2) Mr Gorbachev’s middle name, Sergeyevich, isn’t actually a middle name.   What is it?
Q3) 11th March, 1867, saw the first performance of Giuseppe Verdi’s Don Carlos.   The central character, is heir to the throne of which European country?
Q4) 11th March, 2014, saw which disputed territory declare itself independent of the Ukraine?
Q5) 11th March, 1990, saw which Baltic state declare itself independent of the USSR?
Q6) Finally … 11th March, 1977, saw who charged with rape?
Here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …
Q1) 10th March, 1977, saw rings discovered: around Uranus.   Uranus’s name is derived from that of the Greek god of what: the sky, Earth or sun?
A1) The sky.
Q2) 10th March, 1831, saw the establishment of the French Foreign Legion: by King Louis Philippe.   The regiment was founded in support of a French war in which North African country?
A2) Algeria.
Q3) 10th March, 1903, saw the birth of Jazz man, Bix Beiderbecke.   Which brass instrument did he play: the trumpet, cornet or flugelhorn?
A3) The cornet.
Q4) 10th March, 1862, saw the US issue its first paper currency.   What is the USA’s currency?
A4) The US dollar.
Q5) Finally … 10th March, 1940, saw the birth of martial artist, Chuck Norris.   His school of martial art — Chun kuk do — is based on one from where: Vietnam, Japan or Korea?
A5) Korea.
I’ll leave you with this tune … 

And this thought …
“One must be prepared to reject not only the schema of the physical library, which is essentially a response to books and their proliferation, but the schema of the book itself, and even that of the printed page as a long term storage device, if one is to discover the kinds of procognitive systems needed in the future.”

JCR Licklider, March 11, 1915 – June 26, 1990.
Have a good day.

*        I don’t think I could, either, Debbi: it’s the Janx spirit they put in, isn’t it?   Unsurprisingly, people have been coming up with their own versions for years.   I, personally, feel these aren’t on a par with my own recipe for a zombie†.

†        Put ice in a LARGE glass: a pint one is about right.   Add two shots of white rum: 50 ml, in other words.   Then the same amount of dark rum.   Add 125ml of pineapple juice.   Then 125ml of grapefruit juice.   Stir.   Then add 50ml of overproof rum, which should float as a top layer.   If the person drinking this doesn’t — the morning, afterwards — feel like death, warmed over, it’s not a zombie.

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Debbi said...

I enjoy a good Caucasian myself! :)

1. Presidium
2. a patronym
3. Spain
4. the Crimea
5. Lithuania
6. Roman Polanski