Friday, 23 October 2015

The Friday Question Set — 23-10-2015

OK, it’s Friday, again.

Which means two or three things.

First off … ?

I’m rushed, again.

You’d possibly guessed that, hadn’t you?

You’ve possibly also realised I’m working: and therefore somewhat rushed, as I’m due to head in.

Oh … 

And it’s Pay day: at least, for the people I pay my bills too!

Someone’s going to get money.

It’s certainly not me.


At ANY rate …

It’s Friday: which means, of course, that it’s time for the — admittedly, rather late — Friday Question Set.

Here’s this week’s: covered by the usual Creative Commons License* … 

Online 317

Q1) In the children’s stories about Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox, who’s the narrator?

Q2) Who was the first Emperor of Rome?

Q3) What’s the usual colour of a New York taxi?
A3) Yellow.

Q4) Three football clubs in England have the word ‘Athletic’ in their name: name one of them.
A4) Oldham Athletic, Wigan Athletic and Charlton Athletic.

Q5) Which London theatre was known as the Coburg, when it 1st opened, in 1818: the Old Vic, the Mermaid or The Dominion?
A5) The Old Vic.

Q6) How many books are there, in the Old Testament?
A6) 39.

Q7) Any alloy that’s referred to as an ‘amalgam’ always contains which metal?
A7) Mercury.

Q8) Who did Great Britain fight during the Opium War?
A8) China.

Q9) What acid is usually found in both bee stings, and ant bites?

Q10) Two countries are at the two opposite ends of the Khyber Pass.   Name either. (Two points for both.)
A10) Pakistan, or Afghanistan.


Q11) Which musical holds the record for having the most expensive insurance premiums? 
A11) Barnum.

Q12) Which former Eurhythmic provided the words and music for the Shakespeare’s Sister hit, Stay?
A12) Dave Stewart.

Q13) What was the Jam’s last hit, before they split up? 
A13) Beat Surrender.

Q14) What was the first UK Number 1 of the 21st century to have a male name as a title?   (Extra point for the artist.)
A14) Stan.

Q15) In what time signature is a waltz, ¾, 4/4, or 5/4?
A15) ¾.

Q16) What does the ‘M’ stand for, in ‘MTV’?
A16) Music.

Q17) Who recorded the single, album, and video, Thriller?
A17) Michael Jackson.

Q18) True or false: Celine Dion’s native language is English.
A18) False. It’s actually French.

Q19) Which 90’s band featured the Appleton sisters? 
A19) All Saints.

Q20) What’s the fourth note in the scale of C Major?? 
A20) ‘F’.


Q21) Sitcom character, Geraldine Granger, does what job? (Extra point for the show.) 
A21) Vicar. (She’s better known as The Vicar of Dibley.)

Q22) Countdown co–presenter, Carol Vorderman has a degree in what subject, engineering, or astrophysics?
A22) Engineering.

Q23) Which Corbett created Sooty the Bear: Matthew, Harry or Harry H?
A23) Harry Corbett.

Q24) Phil Redmond created Hollyoaks.   But which long-running children’s show is he also responsible for?
A24) Grange Hill.

Q25) What’s the occupation of the main character in the series, Rebus?
A25) Detective.

Q26) Foyles War is set during which war?
A26) World War Two.

Q27) Ian Kelsey left Emmerdale for which hospital drama?
A27) Casualty.

Q28) Who played Jeannie in Reeves and Mortimer re-make of Randall & Hopkick. [Deceased]?
A28) Emilia Fox.

Q29) Which future Star Wars star appeared in the Dennis Potter series, Lipstick on Your Collar?
A29) Ewan McGregor.

Q30) Along the same sort of lines, which star of the Sharpe series played Mellors, in the 1993 adaptation of Lady Chatterley’s Lover?
A30) Sean Bean.


Q31) How did Frederick West take his own life?
A31) By hanging.

Q32) In which US city was John Lennon shot? 
A32) New York.

Q33) Which Kray twin was first to die: Ronnie or Reggie?
A33) Ronnie.

Q34) Which Nick got nicked, for the Barings Bank collapse?
A34) Nick Leson.

Q35) In which decade was the Great Train Robbery? 
A35) The 1960s.

Q36) In the US, which Charles led his ‘Family’ during a series of ritualistic killings? 
A36) Charles Manson.

Q37) Which Arsenal boss got the boot, after receiving a bung?
A37) George Graham.

Q38) Serial killer, Leather Apron, is best remembered, how?
A38) Jack the Ripper.

Q39) Notorious Nazi war criminal Rudolf Hess spent the last decades of his life in which prison?
A39) Spandau.

Q40) How many people sit on the usual English jury?
A40) 12.


Q41) Which country does Thomas Gravesen play for?
A41) Denmark.

Q42) How many reds are on the table at the start of a game of snooker?
A42) 15.

Q43) What does BDA stand for?
A43) British Darts Association.

Q44) What sport do the Buffalo Bills play?
A44) American Football.

Q45) In which sport is the Giro D’Italia, or Tour of Italy, held?
A45) Cycling.

Q46) Which Olympic sport combines Skiing, and rifle shooting?
A46) The Biathlon.

Q47) What’s the nickname of boxing heavyweight, James Douglas?
A47) Buster.

Q48) Which Rugby League side is also known as the Bears?
A48) Oldham.

Q49) How often is golf’s US Master’s held?
A49) Annually.

Q50) James Whittaker captained which side to the County Championship?
A50) Leicestershire.


Q51) According to the title of the well known romantic novel, Catherine Earnshaw lived in which house?

Q52) In which 70s disaster film is a luxury liner capsized by a tidal wave?

Q53) The ghost of who, in a famous Shakespeare play, haunted Banquo?
A53) MacBeth.

Q54) Which famous house is at 1600, Pennsylvania Avenue?
A54) The White House.

Q55) Which car manufacturer produces the Samara?
A55) Lada.

Q56) In the film and the book, what was the name of the dog, in Oliver Twist?
A56) Bullseye.

Q57) Does Canada have a President, a Prime Minister or both?
A57) A PM.   (It’s head of State is the Queen: rather than a Canadian president.)

Q58) Canaan Banana was the first President of where?
A58) Zimbabwe.

Q59) In which country does the Zambezi reach the sea?
A59) Mozambique.

Q60) Of all the naturally occurring chemical elements, 8 have names beginning with the letter ‘C’. Name one of them.
A60) Copper, Calcium, Carbon, Chromium, Chlorine, Cobalt, Cadmium and Cæsium.

I hope those help.

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