Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Fright Night: Hello … !

Fright Night (2011) Poster
3rd December, 2013.
You know, first there’s a paucity of films: and then … ?

THEN two come along in one week.

True … !

Because, bless him, old friend Kevin D managed to ask me over: in part so we could catch a film, and in part … ?

In part, because he wanted to show me his new 3d capable TV.

Which, I have to say, was rather impressive … !

4th December, 2013.
Right, where WAS I … ?

APART from telling you about Kevin’s new TV set … ?

A Pair Of 3D Glasses
And after getting a good night’s sleep, letting in the aerial repair chap, who’s finishing off the last three flats aerial connections.

You wouldn’t think that’s taken five weeks, now would you?   But there you go …

At ANY rate … ?

At ANY rate, I’d not seen Kevin and wife, Sarah* — who gets both congratulations for passing her driving test, and my thinks for the lift home, last night — so heading over was a welcome night out — or in — for all of us.

As was the movie we managed to catch, last: the 2011 remake that was Fright Night … !


Fright Night tells us the story of Charley Brewster (Anton Yeltsin), a teenage schoolboy who lives in Las Vegas with his single mother, Jane (Toni Collette)

Things get interesting, when their new neighbour, Jerry (Colin Farrell), moves in: a neighbour that an old friend of Charley’s is convinced is a vampire.

Charley’s sceptical: this IS Vegas, after all, and plenty of people work nights, sleep all day: and have visitors who arrive, but don’t leave.

It’s only during an argument with girlfriend, Amy (Imogen Poots†), that Charley notices the police visitors: and impulsively decide to sneak into Jerry’s place: sneak in … and find the hidden door at the back of a closet.

One that really doesn’t lead to Narnia …


Now, there’s SEVERAL colours of questions I could be asking — and trying to answer — about Fright Night.

Does it answers any of humanities fundamental questions about the nature of man, woman, God, cats or lizards?

It it accurately represent the struggle by the forces of moral good, against the forces of darkness?

Is the 2011 remake of Fright Night as good as the 1980s original?

I’ll be blowed if I know.

I do know Fright Night is light: but very entertaining, and visually, very enhanced by the 3d glasses, even if I found them a touch annoying at times.

On the whole … ?

I’ll let the stars do the talking, shall I … ?

Fright Night

Kevin: ★★★☆Paul: ★★☆☆Average: ★★½☆☆

*        Sarah owns Gibbs the Maine Coon: Kevin, bless, owns Gojira: a Bosc Lizard, if I’ve got that right.   Gojira eats rats …

†        Who I’d last seen in 28 Weeks Later, some years ago.

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