Saturday, 21 December 2013

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale: Nice … !

20th December, 2013.
You know, I HAVE to get writing in the morning.

A Thank-you letter, before you point out that I usually DO write, first thing, of a morning!

You see, my Aunty Bella, bless her, usuyally manages to give me a little cash for Christmas: or a check, anyway.

Some of which has been wisely spent, today, on bills, and food.

And some of which … ?

Has been spent treating myself to an iTunes card.   And — metaphorically — to a copy of Born To Laugh At Tornadoes, by Was (Not Was).   Which is an interesting listen, take it from me*.

At ANY rate … ?   At any rate, it also meant I had a few pounds worth of iTunes credit to spend on renting a movie.

You’ve possibly worked out I write quizzes, haven’t you … ?   I do: and have to say, I came across the film I rented, researching today’s Christmas-themed, Friday Question Set.

You’ve already worked I rented 2010 film, Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale.

And I must say: someone’s got their tongue firmly stuck in their cheek … !

21st December, 2013.
*Sighs deeply*

I have to say, I had a LITTLE Xmas money go through, today: from an unexpected direction, and with grateful thanks to the gift giver.   And I have to say, it’s very welcome: and just enough to let me get a cheap widescreen monitor, and a fish supper.

So I have to say, I’m both thankful … and stuffed … !

BOY, I’m stuffed … !

Stuffed … 

And telling you about the film I managed to watch, last night: the 2010, Finnish indie flick that is Rare Exports: or Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale, to give it the full title.

Directed by Jalmari Helander, Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale is set on and around Korvatunturi Mountain: a wild area of lots of fell, mountain range, and the eponymous mountain, itself.

Which is where the film opens: in and around the mountain that local Finnish legends say is the original home of Santa Claus, and that a team of archaeologists are excavating.

It’s only after they find sawdust at quite an unfeasible depth they start to realise that some legends have an element of truth to them.

And, when father and son Rauno and Pietari — who help hunt deer in the area — come across a whole batch of extremely DEAD reindeer?

They start thinking the archæologists up on the mountain have managed to poke something they shouldn’t have poked.

They’re right.

Christmas has come early.

And Santa’s not as friendly as everyone thinks … 


“Now, Paul,” I hear you ask: “was Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale worth the money … ?”

Actually, yes, I think it was.

The film’s a nicely made piece that has a very capable ensemble cast, whose father and son central characters are made all the more convincing by the fact they’re real-world father and son, Jorma and Onni Tormila.

As an additional factor, the script — whilst maybe not High Art — moves along at a nice pace: and manages to keep its tongue firmly in its cheek.

Can we ask for a better Christmas movie … ?


But if we can’t find one, Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale makes for a very competent alternative … !
Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

 *        Very interesting: Man vs The Empire Brain Building is … … … unnerving† … … 

†        Needless to say … 

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