Saturday, 7 December 2013

The Daily Teaser — 7-12-2013

Boy, I’m glad I’ve got a TV that’s capable of recording stuff, I really am … !

No, really … !

It’s means I’ve recorded last night’s episode of QI: which is proving both funny: and halfway educational.

Add that to the fact that last also say the second part of a documentary about the Blues: complete with Muddy Water’s performance at the Newport Jazz festival … ?

That was quite a night’s entertainment* … !

Hmm … Let’s get as move on, shall we?

Before I start telling about some of the really stuff the latter documentary dug up … !


Yesterday’s Teaser say Debbi† putting in her answers: along with thanking me politely, yesterday, she ALSO scored seven out of ten.

Let’s see how she — and you — do with today’s questions, shall we?   Here they are, along with the ‘How To,’ License and video … 

Q1) 7th December, 1965, saw Pope Paul 6th and Patriarch Athenagoras of Constantinople revoke their respective churches excommunications of each other.   In which year had those been called: 1053, 1054 or 1055?
Q2) 7th December, 1972, saw Apollo 17 leave on the last ever Apollo mission.   What was the name of the famous photo of Earth, taken by crew members … ?
Q3) 7th December, 1955, saw Clement Attlee step down as Prime Minister of the UK.   Which rank of the peerage did the Queen give him: duke, earl or viscount … ?
Q4) 7th December, 1962, saw Rainier 3rd modify his country’s constitution.   What WAS his country … ?
Q5) Finally … 7th December, 1995, saw NASA’s Galileo probe arrive at its final destination.   Which planet was that: Jupiter, Saturn or Neptune … ?
Here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …
Q1) 6th December, 1897, saw which British city become the first to have licensed taxis?
A1) London.
Q2) Traditionally, those taxis are what colour … ?
A2) Black.
Q3) The taxis are also called Hackney Carriages, and named after what: a borough, district or parish … ?
A3) The London Borough of Hackney.
Q4) As of 2013, that city’s taxis are made by Geely UK LTD: a subsidiary of a car company from which country … ?
A4) China.
Q5) What name is given to the knowledge that cabbies have of this particular city … ?
A5) The Knowledge.
Q6) Training for that knowledge has been shown to increase which area of the brain: the occipital lobe, the hippocampus or the cerebral cortex?
A6) The hippocampus: the bit that handles spatial awareness.
Q7) What was the name of the seventh Carry On film … ?
Q8) In which film does Robert De Niro famously say “You talkin’ to me?”
Q9) The US series, Taxi, was set in which US city … ?
A9) New York: Manhattan, to be exact.
Q10) Finally … who released the 1993 album, Taxi … ?
I’ll leave you with this observation from Eli Wallach …
“And I did Batman, too. I did Mr. Freeze. I get more mail for him than anything I've ever done.”
Eli Wallach, born December 7, 1915.
And this tune … 

Oh, and this, as well: just because I like blues music … !

Have a good day … !

*        Ye gods: that blues documentary has played some stuff by Robert Johnson: if him and Howlin’ Wolf don’t scare you, I don’t know what will … !

†        Oh, Debbi: did the file get through … ?

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Debbi said...

I think I need to upgrade to Google Chrome, which I'll probably do when I get my Mac. Hopefully for Christmas. :)

1. 1054
2. the Blue Dot
3. earl and viscount
4. Monaco
5. Jupiter

Great tunes, as always!