Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The Daily Teaser — 24-6-2015

You know, I’m grateful to have borrowed the amount of DVDs I’ve borrowed.

Especially after the amount of TV series I’ve lost, in the Great Collapsing External Drive Disaster!

It’s going well, I should point out.

Especially as I’ve managed to source a few box sets, myself.

Right now … ?   Right now, I’ve got HandBrake series four of Torchwood: the flawed but wonderful, Miracle Day.

It’s lined up and stewing, as we speak.

I have to admit, though … The electricity’s slowly draining: not the the point of unaffordability, but it’s draining.

The other thing … ?

Is you don’t quite realise how much of that electricity turns into heat.

Right now … ?   Right now I’ve got a first generation Mac Pro, at full(ish) pelt.

And handily doubling up as a hairdryer … !


But let’s get a move on, shall we?

Yesterday’s Teaser saw Debbi* putting in her answers: and scoring five out of five.

Let’s see how everyone does with today’s questions, shall we?

Here they are, along with the How To, License and video … 

Q1) 24th June, 2012, saw the death of Lonesome George.   George was the last known member of his subspecies of tortoise: a subspecies from which island chain?
Q2) Two years earlier, 24th June, 2010, saw Julia Gillard named as Prime Minister: of which English speaking country?
Q3) 24th June, 2013, saw the former Italian Prime Minister found guilty of abusing his powers.   What was his name?
Q4) 24th June is — in many Christian churches — the feast day of Saint John the whom?
Q5) Finally … 24th June, 1314, saw the end of the Battle of Bannockburn: with a victory for Scottish forces.   Which king led those forces?
Here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …
Q1) 23rd June, 1894, saw the founding of the International Olympic Committee: at the Sorbonne, in Paris.   What kind of institution IS the Sorbonne: a theatre, a university or a sports arena?
A1) A University.
Q2) 23rd June, 1992, saw Mafia boss, John Gotti, jailed for life.   What was his nickname?
A2) The ‘Teflon Don’.
Q3) On 23rd June, 2013, Nik Wallenda made the first successful tight-rope crossing of the Grand Canyon.   The Canyon is in which US state?
A3) Arizona.
Q4) 23rd June, 47BC, saw the birth of Caesarion: also know as Ptolemy Caesar.   Caesarion was the son of Cleopatra 7th of Egypt.   And, supposedly, whom?
Q5) Finally … 23rd June, 1972, saw the UK’s Chancellor issue order to float the Pound Sterling: so its value fluctuates on the market, in other words.   Who WAS that Chancellor?
I’ll leave you with this thought …
“I spent twenty years here before I got anything going, and from that I got lucky.   It takes a lot of luck in show business too.   You’ve just got to be lucky and in the right place at the right time.”

Al Molinaro, born June 24, 1919.
And this tune … 

Enjoy your day … !

*        I’d probably go for the Air, then, Debbi, in your shoes.   It’s nice and portable, and you can connect remotely to your iMac† from it.   (You can get Apple to increase the amount of RAM: and hard drive size.   I’d just increase the RAM, though.   You can get an external drive for it.   Just don’t leave any external drive on the edge of the table … … … !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

†        When you’ve got everything set up, open up a Finder window: on each machine, the other will show up as an external drive.   You can hit ‘Share Screen’, as well: operating one from the other …

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Debbi said...

Thank you, Paul! Good to know. :)

1. the Galapagos Islands
2. Australia
3. Silvio Berlusconi
4. the Baptist
5. Edward II (aka, Patrick McGoohan! :)) Great movie!