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The Friday Question Set — 19-6-2015

I think I can SAFELY say … I’m skint … 

A couple of weeks ago, now, I’d knocked over an external hard drive.

A 1 terabyte capacity one: complete with every TV series I’d ever owned, AND every family photo.

Some 800 or so gigabytes of data.

I lost the lot.

The TV series and associated media … ?   Those aren’t two much of a problem to replace: not given the existence of Amazon, and CeX, shysters though they may be.

However?   In  trying to get the photos off, I took it to a local computer repair place, behind Brentwood High Street.

They charged me £80.   Only to tell me, one week later, that it was dead.   Which I knew.

And that serious data recovery — dismantle the drive and replace the parts data recovery — would cost £300.

Anyone wishing to help me, with cash?

Is welcome to hit the PayPal button in the sidebar.


At any rate, that’s my problem: not yours.   Unless you’re feeling generous, of course.


Oh well … !

At any rate, it’s Friday.

Which means, of course, that it’s time for the Friday Question Set.   Here’s this weeks, covered by the usual Creative Commons License*

Online 300
Round 1 General Knowledge.

Q1) 24th June is — in many Christian churches — the feast day of Saint John the whom?
A1) Baptist.

Q2) The House of Fabergé famously made jewelled eggs.   For the Emperors of where: France, Russia or Germany?
A2) Russia.

Q3) During the 90s, which Asian country banned TV?
A3) Afghanistan: under the Taliban.

Q4) Sir Bernard Ingham was press secretary to which British PM?
A4) Margaret Thatcher.

Q5) Which Hollywood actress Larry Fortensky?
A5) Liz Taylor.

Q6) Brandywine, Campari and Kumato are all varieties of which fruit?
A6) The tomato.

Q7) Winchester is the county town of which English county?
A7) Hampshire.

Q8) What is or was Ariane?
A8) A rocket.

Q9) What engineering project started in 1987?
A9) The Channel Tunnel.

Q10) Who was the first Doctor Who to record an episode of the show outside the UK?
A10) Tom Baker.

Round 2 Sounds of the 80s

Q11) Which hit did Olivia Newton John, and E.L.O. record together?
A11) Xanadu.

Q12) Which Billy sang It’s Still Rock & Roll to Me?
A12) Billy Joel.

Q13) Which punk band recorded a song called Bankrobber?
A13) The Clash.

Q14) True or False; The Plasmatics once threatened to blow up a car on stage?
A14) True.

Q15) Hazel O’Connor had a starring role in which 80’s film?
A15) Breaking Glass.

Q16) Which Swedish band topped the charts with The Winner Takes It All?
A16) Abba.

Q17) Madonna’s first appearance on Top of the Pops was in 1984.   Performing which of her songs?
A17) Holiday.

Q18) Who, in 1983, had a hit with Lets Dance?
A18) David Bowie.

Q19) Who was Addicted To Love, during the 80’s?
A19) Robert Palmer.

Q20) That singer formed a band called Power Station
with members of which New Romantic band?A20) Duran Duran.

Round 3 Sporting Chances.

Q21) What type of sport is three day eventing?
A21) Equestrian. (Accept show jumping.)

Q22) Which international side did Diego Maradona play for?
A22) Argentina.

Q23) Which Stephen was the then youngest player to win the Snooker World Champion title?
A23) Stephen Hendry.

Q24) Soccer’s offside rule was introduced in which century?
A24) The Nineteenth.  (In 1866, to be picky.)

Q25) What sport would you be watching if you saw Benny the Dip win? 
A25) Horse racing.

Q26) How was boxer Rocco Marchegiano better known?
A26) Rocky Marciano.

Q27) Bobby Robson left which club to join Barcelona?
A27) FC Porto.

Q28) Which Ghanaian player was the first to play for an English side?
A28) Tony Yeboah.

Q29) Which was the first Australian city to host the Olympics?
A29) Melbourne.

Q30) Sumo wrestling originated in which country?
A30) Japan.

Round 4 At the Movies.

Q31) Kevin Spacey won his first Oscar for his part in “The Usual Suspects”; for which film did he win his 2nd?
A31) American Beauty.

Q32) Which movie featured a group of stripping ex-miners?
A32) The Full Monty.

Q33) Who forced a group of PoW’s to build The Bridge Over The River Kwai?
A33) The Japanese.

Q34) In which country of the UK is Trainspotting set?
A34) Scotland.

Q35) How is Mrs Blake Edwards better known?
A35) Julie Andrews.

Q36) And for Disney film did she win an Oscar?
A36) Mary Poppins.

Q37) Her costar in that film, Dick Van Dyke, later made a TV series called Diagnosis what?
A37) Diagnosis Murder.

Q38) At the 1966 Oscars ceremony, who danced together for the last time?
A38) Fred Astaire, and Ginger Rodgers.

Q39) What did Marlon Brando do with his 1972 Oscar?
A39) Turned it down.

Q40) What part did Jodie Forster play in Silence of the Lambs?
A40) Clarice Starling.

Round 5 Communication Breakdown.

Q41) Which mobile phone company is also a fruit?
A41) Orange.

Q42) What four letters come before an internet address?
A42) http (Not all start with www.)

Q43) The fingertips represent what, in British sign language, vowels, or full stops?
A43) The vowels. (A, E, I, O, and U.)

Q44) What’s the UK’s equivalent to 911?
A44) 999.

Q45) Which Queen album shares it’s name with a Sunday newspaper, and a song by The Jam?
A45) News of the World.

Q46) What is the international dialling code for the UK?
A46) +44.

Q47) From which American Indian language does the word ‘Anorak’ come?
A47) Inuit

Q48) In which US state is Silicon Glen?
A48) California.

Q49) What is the official language of Haiti?
A49) French.

Q50) Who sends encyclicals: the Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury or the Dalai Lama?
A50) The Pope.

Round 6 General Ignorance.

Q51) A trident is the logo of which Italian car company?
A51) Masarati.

Q52) Which is nearer to London, as the crow flies, Prague, or the Orkneys?
A52) Prague
Q53) Blake and Krystle Carrington appeared in which TV series?
A53) Dynasty.

Q54) Brontophobia is a fear of what?
A54) Thunder and lightning.

Q55) Who was older, Charles 1st, or Oliver Cromwell?
A55) Oliver Cromwell.

Q56) In tennis, how is the score of 40 all known?
A56) Deuce.

Q57) Singer and gardener, Kim Smith, is better known how?
A57) Kim Wilde.

Q58) In what month is Christmas, in Australia?
A58) December.

Q59) Moving anticlockwise on a dartboard, what number is next to 11?
A59) 8.

Q60) Who wrote The Invisible Man: Iain Banks, H.G. Wells or Ian Fleming?
A60) H.G.Wells.

Enjoy those.

*        All that means is that you’re free to copy, use, alter and build on each of my quizzes: including the Teasers, Gazette Teasers and the Friday Question Sets.   All I ask in return is that you give me an original authors credit on your event’s flyers or posters, or on the night: and, if you republish them, give me an original authors credit AND republish under the same license.   A link back to the site — and to the Gazette’s, if that’s where you’ve found these — would be appreciated: as would pressing my donate button, here.

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