Friday, 26 June 2015

The Friday Question Set — 26-6-2015

Bloody HELL … !

It’s turning into Friday.

You’d guessed that.

It’s also turning into one hell of a Friday for France.

As I write?   As I write, there’s been some form of terrorist attack: on an industrial estate in Lyon.

Seemingly, whoever’s done this had tried blowing up several gas canisters at a gas factory.

It’s always tempting — at this stage — to ask why people do this.

But, frankly?

The chap concerned could probably give you tons.

I’m just thankful he was stop!

Vive la France … !


But however shocking that — and the attack on the hotel in Tunisia — may be, they’re not why I’m writing this post.


It’s Friday.

Which means it’s time for the Friday Question Set.

Here’s this week’s: covered by the usual Creative Commons License* … 

Online 301
Round 1 General Knowledge.

Q1) What was the first ever credit card: Diners Club, American Express or Visa?
A1) Visa.   Strictly speaking, Diners Club and American Express are charge cards.

Q2) Digitalis is made from which plant: foxglove, mandrake or coca?
A2) Foxglove.

Q3) Allen Stuart Konigsberg is better known as which director, and comedian?

Q4) What was the first country in the world to have a widely used TV service?

Q5) True or False. Peladophobia is a genuine phobia.
A5) True. (It’s a fear of bald people.)

Q6) The star sign-sign Taurus is associated with which animal?
A6) The bull.

Q7) Tony, Carmela and Dr Melfi were characters in which US series??

Q8) Which city is closer to the sea: London or New York?
A8) New York.

Q9) Who predicted that everybody would be famous for 15 minutes?

Q10) Who was the outgoing president, when George Bush Senior took office?

Round 2 Crime & Punishment.

Q11) Jack the Ripper operated in which city?
A11) London.

Q12) How many women did he kill?
A12) 5.

Q13) What’s the the Japanese equivalent of the Mafia?
A13) The Yakuza.

Q14) Al Capone was eventually successfully gaoled for which crime?
A14) Tax Evasion.

Q15) What American island prison closed in 1963?
A15) Alcatraz.

Q16) Which of the Kray twins was the firs to die?
A16) Ronnie.

Q17) Andre Chikatilo was the first Soviet example of what?
A17) Serial killer.

Q18) Who did James Earl Ray assassinate during the 60s: Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy of John F. Kennedy?
A18) The Reverend Martin Luther King.

Q19) Auburn Prison, in New York, held the first execution by what: hanging, electrocution or Lethal injection?
A19) Electrocution.

Q20) During the 17th century, what did Colonel Blood try to steal?
A20) The Crown Jewels.

Round 3 On the Map.

Q21) Which Australasian capital shares its name with a duke, and a boot?
A21) Wellington, New Zealand.

Q22) One of the rivers flowing through Germany, is the dirtiest in Europe.   Which is it?
A22) The Rhine.

Q23) Where would you be, if you were in Nihon?
A23) Japan.

Q24) What motorway goes past Stoke On Trent?
A24) The M6.

Q25) The Home counties surround which European city?
A25) London.

Q26) According to the old rhyme Long legged Italy kicked what into the Mediterranean?
A26) Sicily.

Q27) Which republic lies to the northwest of the UK? 
A27) Iceland. 

Q28) Afrikaans is an official language in South Africa, and which other country?
A28) Namibia.

Q29) Whose official residence is the Elysee Palace?
A29) The President of France.

Q30) Malta is the island HQ of the Knights of who?
A30) The Knights of Saint John.

Round 4 Music and Lights.

Q31) Pon de Replay was the first UK hit for Ms Robyn R. Fenty.   She’s better known as whom?
A31) Rihanna.

Q32) Which David has charted with both Mick Jagger, & Bing Crosby?
A32) David Bowie.

Q33) The Show, Wasted and Biology have been hits for which girl band?
A33) Girls Aloud.

Q34) Which US rapper had a hit with Get Ur Freak On?
A34) Missy (Demeanor) Elliot.

Q35) Eminem sampled which Dido song, for his hit, Stan?
A35) Thank You.

Q36) Who did Robbie Williams duet with, on Somethin’ Stupid?
A36) Nicole Kidman.

Q37) Radio 1’s official UK chart show is on a Sunday night: until July of 2015.   From then, the show will be aired on which day of the week?
A37) Friday.

Q38) I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing was the first British UK hit for which rock band?
A38) Aerosmith.

Q39) Independent Women (Part 1) was the first UK hit for whom?
A39) Destiny’s Child.   (NOT Beyonce: she was the band’s lead singer, and didn’t have a hit with the song as a solo act.)

Q40) Which act was the first Dutch act to top the UK charts?
A40) Pussycat.

Round 5 Sporting Chances.

Q41) What Spanish pastime is known as Corrida de Toros?
A41) Bull Fighting

Q42) Who became Wimbledon’s youngest ever Seniors Champ, in 1996?
A42) Martina Hingis.   (At 15 years’s and 282 days, she was the youngest ever winner in a women’s doubles match: younger, by three days, than Lottie Dod, the youngest ever Women’s Singles champ — who won in 1887!! — and roughly two years younger than Boris Becker, the youngest ever Men’s Singles champion: he was 17 years and 227 days.)

Q43) Mike Tyson was suspended from boxing for biting off whose ear?
A43) Evander Holyfield’s.

Q44) Which jockey was once gaoled for tax evasion?
A44) Lester Piggott.

Q45) What would you be riding in a velodrome?
A45) A bicycle.

Q46) Cricket’s World cup was first held in which year of the 1970s?
A46) 1975.

Q47) Phillipides was the first man to run what kind of race?
A47) A marathon.

Q48) Which sport feature a discipline called Foil?
A48) Fencing.

Q49) Mike Denness was the first Scotsman to do what?
A49) Be the England Cricket captain.

Q50) What is the name of Hole 8, at Troon?
A50) The Postage Stamp.

Round 6 General Ignorance.

Q51) Do They Know it’s Christmas was written by Bob Geldof: and who?
A51) Midge Ure.

Q52) In cooking, if something is described as being Florentine, what has it been garnished with?
A52) Spinach.

Q53) Which major battle took place between July, and November, of 1916?

Q54) Grúyere cheese comes from which European country?

Q55) On a three masted ship, which one’s the mizzenmast: the mast at the front, middle or rear?
A55) The rear.

Q56) True or false: Saint Christopher was the first Christian monk?
A56) False.   That title goes to Saint Anthony the Great.

Q57) Thunderbirds Are Go! is the modern version of the Thunderbirds series.   In which year of the 196s did the original first air?
A57) 1966

Q58) Which newspaper used to be called the Daily Universal Register?
A58) The Times.

Q59) Which Archbishop signs himself as Ebor: the Archbishop of Canterbury, York or Johannesburg?
A59) The Archbishop of York.   (It’s derived from Eboracum, the Latin name for the city.   The current holder of the post is Archbishop John Sentamu.)

Q60) What government department is known as the MoD?

Enjoy those: I’ll catch you next time … 

*        All that means is that you’re free to copy, use, alter and build on each of my quizzes: including the Teasers, Gazette Teasers and the Friday Question Sets.   All I ask in return is that you give me an original authors credit on your event’s flyers or posters, or on the night: and, if you republish them, give me an original authors credit AND republish under the same license.   A link back to the site — and to the Gazette’s, if that’s where you’ve found these — would be appreciated: as would pressing my donate button, here.

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