Tuesday, 5 January 2016

House of Cards — Series 2: Episodes 10 and 11

You know, I THINK I’ve had some interesting news, tonight.

Concerning the order I’d put in, for a four terabyte internal hard drive.

Let’s just say that — with a little help from a regular reader — I’ve had something of a result.

Including a £20 gift card.

At ANY rate … ?

That’s possibly something for the morning.


At any rate … ?

Something I know I’ve been meaning to do since before Christmas?   And only now — with some time off — been able to do is catch up with something I’ve been watching.

Series 2 of the excellent Netflix version of House of Cards.

Given it’s been a few weeks … ?

I thought it was about time I sat down down with the next two episodes: episodes 10 and 11 … 

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’d like to know what’s going in Washington …


Episode 10 sees Claire under threat, as an anti abortionist tries to blow up the Underwood residence.   Whilst Frank is still at a MAJOR Cabinet meeting, dealing with a Chinese Naval blockade of Japanese territory.   Meanwhile … ?   Frank’s team have (discreetly) leaked detail’s of a Chinese money laundering scheme run by Ray Tusk: that seems to being used to found both the President, AND the Republican opposition.

Episode 11 sees Doug Stamper — Frank’s Chief of Staff — making some much needed — but potentially unwise — time: at an AA meeting.   Confessing, as he does, that he has feelings for Rachel, the former call call who helped he and Frank in the first series.  In the meantime … ?   Frank is having to deal with a special prosecutor: asking some seriously in depth questions about his own connections to dodgy chinese businessman, Xander Feng.   From here … ?   Things can only get iffy … 


Now …

Am I still enjoying series two?

Oh, yes.   Granted I’ve not followed it as closely as I should: nor as it (possibly) deserves.

But House of Cards is still providing some much need murky entertainment.

Long may it do so!

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