Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 26-7-2016: Aldous Huxley

Ye gods, but that was a bad night!

I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I suffer with IBS: a relatively minor condition.

But one that’s incredibly painful it flares up.

It did last night: although, thankfully, not as severely as has been the case.

I’m left with a little insight, though.

Last night?   I had some good old fashioned mince.   The SAME batch I’d used to make a bowl of chilli, on Saturday night.

That didn’t set my guts off.

What I THINK’S set it going?   Is the fact I overdid the oil to make some roast potatoes, and fry the mince, itself.


Definitely a small amount, there.

Small insight.   With large amounts of tiredness.

But let’s move on, shall we?

Yesterday’s Teaser saw both Olga* and Debbi† putting in their answers: with both scoring five out of five.

Let’s see how everyone does with today’s themed questions, shall we?

Here they are, along with the How To, License and video … 

Q1) 26th July saw the birth of British writer, Aldous Huxley.   In which year of the 1890s?
Q2) He was a noted writer.   His brothers Julian And Andrew were noted what: biologists, physicists or chemists?
Q3) Aldous’s grandfather, Thomas, was known as whose bulldog?
Q4) Aldous read English Literature: at which Oxford College?
Q5) His first novel was published in 1921.   What’s it called?
Q6) The Doors of Perception was Huxley’s account of his use of what: LSD, Mescaline or Psilocybin?
Q7) More to the point, which US band took their name from The Doors of Perception?
Q8) Huxley’s The Devils of Loudon was turned into a 1971 film, directed by Ken Russell?   Which film?
Q9) Huxley’s best known work, the dystopian Brave New World, takes its name from a quote.   From which of Shakespeare’s plays: Hamlet, The Tempest or Troilus and Cressida?
Q10) Finally … Huxley died on 22nd November, 1963.   The same day as President John F. Kennedy: and the author of the Narnia books.   Who was that latter author?
Here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …
Q1) 25th July, 1925, saw the founding of Soviet Russia’s news agency.   Known as the Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union, it’s better remembered as which acronym?
Q2) The Viking 1 probe took a famous photo of the Cydonia region of Mars: on 25th July, 1976.   The photo shows an alleged what?
Q3) Classified US documents about the War in Afghanistan were published: on 25th July, 2010.   By which website?
A3) Wikileaks.
Q4) A. J. P. Abdul Kalam was sworn in as the 11th president … of where?
A4) India.
Q5) Finally … 25th July, 1955, saw the birth of Anglo-Somalian model, Iman.   Who is she the widow of?
A5) David Bowie.
I’ll leave you with this thought …
“Experience is not what happens to a man; it is what a man does with what happens to him.”
Aldous Huxley, Texts and Pretexts, 1932.
And this song … 

Have a nice day … 

*        I’l try, Olga!   Wish your mother well for me!

†        I’ll have to try again, today, Debbi!   Last night was one of those nights … !

1 comment:

Debbi said...

I hate nights like that. Take care, Paul. Regards and best wishes to Olga's mother, too!

1. 1894
2. biologists
3. Darwin
4. Bulliol College
5. Crome Yellow
6. mescaline
7. The Doors
8. The Devils
9. The Tempest
10. C.S. Lewis

BTW, I had no idea about the coincidence with dates of death. I just love C.S. Lewis' Narnia Chronicles! :)