Thursday, 14 July 2016

The Forest: Hmmm … OK … 

14th July, 2016


Did I tell you I hard an interview, yesterday?

In Southwark, so you know.

I’ve …

Well, I’ll be honest … I didn’t get the bloody thing!

Which was depressing, actually: especially after a few attempts with this one particular company.

At ANY rate … ?

That put me in one HELL of a bad mood.

Certainly bad enough to want to do what I eventually did.

Watch a movie to cheer myself up.

The film I went for?

In the end, the film I watch was Natalie Dormer vehicle, the Jason Zada directed, The Forest.

Well, I’m fan of hers.

Or an old perve with a taste for cute blondes, ONE of the two …


Set in and around the Aokigahara Forest of modern Japan, The Forest sees Natalie Dormer as Sarah: a seemingly happy young American woman who, one day, is phoned by the Japanese police.

It seems her identical twin sister, Jess?

Has disappeared in the forest: an area of great natural beauty known for the number of suicides its sees.

Indeed, when Sarah, travel reporter Aidan, and local guide, Michi — Taylor Kinney and Yukiyoshi Ozawa, respectively — head there to try and find Jess?

They’s frequently warned about this very thing.

It’s only when the three find Jess’s abandoned tent … ?

That the trouble really starts.


Now … ?

Hmmm,’ you see me say: and I can see from here, that you’ve got a quizzical expression, that demands I justify that.

Well, the SMART answer would be for me to press the relevant button!

Being LESS sarcastic, though?

I’m thinking that The Forest is a nicely done film.   It’s nothing special: but makes a good —  if only occasionally successful — attempt to be scary.


If it wasn’t for the presence of Natalie Dormer — who does a good job with her dual roles As Sarah and Jess — I’d be marking this down, quite a bit …

The Forest

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