Monday, 4 July 2016

The Lazarus Effect — Watchable Hokum …

Hmmm … 

That’s a bit … you know … 

Nerve wracking … 

Yep … 

I’m job-hunting.

Oh, no … !

I’m still working where I was.

But … ?   After about a year and a half, I’m finding it starting to pall a bit: and fancy a fresh direction.   Or, at least … 

Arrange a change of scene.

At ANY rate … ?

I’ve an interview, tomorrow: and I’m just a touch nervous.


At ANY rate … ?

At ANY rate, today is a Monday: and a Monday I’ve actually had off.

I’ve managed to get some writing for the Gazette: which mean’s I’ve a couple more sets done for August.

Laundry … ?   Well, the last bit’s tumbling, as we speak.

And frankly?

Frankly, I fancied a movie.

As I’ve little iTunes credit, but plenty of backed-up films in the collections?

I though something from that would be … appropriate.

I went for the 2015 release, The Lazarus Effect: directed by relative newcomer, David Gelb.

And, yes, hokum IS the word …

Entertaining, now … ?

Hmmm …


Set in an unnamed American lab, The Lazarus Effect sees Frank (Mark Duplass) and his team researching the effects of a drug they’ve dubbed the Lazarus serum.

The serum … ?

Is something Frank and fiancee, Zoe (Olivia Wilde) originally designed to help preserve the brains of coma patients: but have found can revive the dead.

Something they check on further: by bringing a dead dog back to life …

Once the animal is alive … ?   Is when they researchers notice it’s behaviour is …

Odd …

Healed cataracts, lose of appetite, and increased aggressive tendencies?

Means only one thing.

Experimenting on another dog.

Which is where things go wrong: as Zoe is electrocuted to death in the process.

And then … ?

Brought back to life …

That‘s where things really go bad …


Now … hokum … ?

Yes …

I’m thinking, here, that The Lazarus Effect, isn’t stunning.   I’m thinking the film’s made on a budget — no bad thing, in and of itself — and seems to be mildly confused.

It’s not too sure, in other words, whether it wants to be FrankensteinFlatliners or Reanimator.

Given that … ?

Given that, The Lazarus Effect is a well crafted piece: it could have been better, but could well have been worse.

If you do see it?

Keep your expectations low: that way, you’ll be pleasantly entertained rather than disappointed.
The Lazarus Effect

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