Sunday, 12 February 2017

Back in Black

12th February, 2017.

You know, I felt I should maybe write.

Which is a little non-specific, I know.

I could be writing a lot … 

A poem …  a song … a teaser … 

All sorts of things.

But I wanted something known.


Can I explain something, here?

I’m a fan of the late Sir Terry Pratchett: and have been for years.

So news of his Alzheimer’s was genuinely distressing.

His campaign for the right to an assisted suicide?

Again, upsetting: although, whilst it’s something I’d not won’t for myself, the idea that it should be put into UK law is something I’ve concluded must happen.

Just because I don’t want one, doesn’t mean you can’t have that death.

The news of his death … ?


Well … 

You can imagine.

As for reading his last book, the posthumously published The Shepard’s Crown?

That took a while.

Especially when I read the dedication.

I had to put the thing down for a week, before I went back to it.


At any rate … ?

At any rate, I thought I should tell you I’ve just sat down to make use of the BBC’s iPlayer app.

To catch Back in Black, their potted biography of the author: complete with Paul Kaye as the man himself.

I think … 

Well, I think a lot of things.

I think it’s fine, as it stands.

But, boy, I wish it were longer.

But for me?

For me, it closes a chapter: I can slowly stop mourning for my favourite writer.

Although I’m very aware the same won’t be true for his close friends and family.

But, personally?

Seeing Neil Gaiman deliver a line about Terry’s sense of anger, being one of the things that powered his own writing?

Reminds me of why I starting blogging.

I was bloody annoyed that there weren’t enough free quiz questions I could access for the quizzes I’d been hired to run.

And determined to do something about it.

Anger … ?   And eight or so years worth of quiz questions, later … ?

There’s a now gone fantasy writer, and former journalist I owe a nod of thanks too.

Thank you, Terry Pratchett.

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