Thursday, 23 March 2017

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 23-3-2017

It’s the aftermath.

The morning after the day, before.

A day that saw me happily watching three episodes of Stranger Things.

Watching … 

Very aware that there’d been a terrorist incident in London.

And please note, I say incident.

This has killed five people, and injured others.

My thoughts are with the families of those killed.

My thoughts are with those injured.

My thoughts are with Muslim/Asian co-workers: who are going to get a backlash from the type of idiots using Westminster as the excuse to retaliate, to meet violence with violence.

My thoughts … ?

Are that this is a terrorist incident.

One could have been much worse.

Could been a serious attack.

Like 7/7 … 


Let’s move on, shall we?

Yesterday’s Teaser saw Olga* and Debbi† putting in their answers: with both scoring five out of five.

Let’s see how everyone does with today’s questions, shall we?

Here they are, along with the How To, License and video … 

Q1) 23rd March, 1933, saw the German Reichstag name Adolf Hitler as dictator of Germany.   The term, ‘dictator,’ comes from which empire: Japan, Ancient Rome or Egyptian?
Q2) 23rd March Promised Messiah Day: according to which school of Islam?
Q3) Waltham Abbey was handed over to the King of England: on  23rd March, 1540.   WHICH king?
Q4) Italy’s Fascist party was founded: on 23rd March, 1919.   Who was Italy’s notorious Fascist leader?
Q5) Finally … 23rd March, 1962, saw the birth of sportsman, Sir Steve Redgrave.   What IS his sport?
Here’s yesterday’s questions and answers … 

Q1) The London Protocol was signed on 22nd March, 1829: by delegates from France, the UK and Russia.   The Protocol established the borders of where?
A1) Greece.
Q2) Thirty-two people were killed, on 22nd March, 2016.   In suicide attacks in which European city?
A2) Brussels.
Q3) Britain’s ambassador to where, was assassinated on 22nd March, 1979?
A3) The Netherlands.
Q4) 21st March, 1948, saw the birth of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber.   He and Sir Tim Rice received the Best Original Song Oscar: in 1996.   For a song from which musical?
A4) Evita.
Q5) Finally … Chip makers, Intel, made the first — the 80586 — of a well known line of processor chips available: on 22nd March, 1993.   What brand of chips?
A5) The Pentium chips.
I’ll leave you with thought …
“I don’t tend to listen to music in training, except maybe the radio in the gym. I do use music prior to racing though; it helps to fire me up plus it’s good for blocking out the distractions around me.”
Chris Hoy, born 23rd March, 1976.
And, as it’s Chaka Khan’s birthday, something for Chris Hoy to sing along to … 

Have a good day.

*        You know, Olga, I’ve got to sit down with something with Timothy Spall!   I don’t think I’ve seen him in much.   Well … bar The King’s Speech and the occasional episode of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet.   Mind you, I know he’s doing an episode of Phillip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams.   Which could be interesting.   (Apparently, an actress called Tuppence Middleton’s going to be in it.   Tuppence?   Tuppence!   That’s a name for a cat!)

†        Yep, you got them in, Debbi: doesn’t get you double the points, though!   But I know what you mean about distracting.   I tend to try and keep away from my tablet … in a desperate attempt to NOT play Tetris!


Olga Nunez Miret said...

Q1) Ancient Rome
Q2) Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
Q3) Henry VIII
Q4) Benito Mussolini
Q5) Rowing
I agree it could have been much worse, Paul. It doesn't bear thinking about.
With regards to Timothy Spall, he's very good in the Damned United indeed. I did write about Mr Turner (great film too, not a fast one, but...) but in Spanish. The first time I noticed him was in Pierrepoint, that's a fantastic film

Debbi said...

Glad I managed to get it right the first time, even if I didn't recall doing so!

BTW, I'm in special study they're doing at NIH and they give each participant a number. Can you guess where I'm going with this? I am, in fact, number 6! :-D

Finding that out led a longish discussion with my doc about The Prisoner and British TV. :) Not to mention Doctor Who, in particular.

1. Ancient Rome
2. Ahmadiyya
3. Henry VIII
4. Mussolini
5. rowing