Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Stranger Things: Episodes 4, 5 and 6 — Chapter Four: The Body, Chapter Five:The Flea and The Acrobat and Chapter Six: The Monster.

22nd March, 2017.

How are you with time off?

Or days off, at any rate?

I’m betting, like me, you like a little housework done.   And, even as I say that, I can hear my family laughing!

But, like me, you probably do stuff around the house: and stuff you have to catch up on.

I do (not a lot of) cleaning, housework, laundry, make videos, what have you.

I ALSO like to catch some TV: or maybe a movie.

I’ve a copy of Arrival, sitting around, somewhere: and half thought of watching it.

But … ?   Today say Westminster attacked: by, apparently, a lone wolf, inspired by international terrorism.

That left me … frankly in a mood for the comparatively light escapism of the TV show I’m watching: Stranger Things.

And yes: Stranger Things is a welcome relief, given the dreadful news … 

Episode 4 — Chapter Four: The Body — follows on from Chapter Three, and shows us Joyce — Winona Ryder — joining her eldest son, Jonathan, in going to identify the apparent body of her youngest son.

And refuse to believe that what’s in the morgue is her youngest son’s corpse.

Episode 5 — Chapter Five:The Flea and The Acrobat — shows Chief Hopper — having found out the Will’s body is a fake — breaking into the lab at the local Department of Energy: to find that place is home a strange rift … and guards happy to anaesthetise him, and get him home.   Whilst Nancy and Jonathan explore the woods.

Episode 6 — Chapter Six: The Monster — sees Hopper and Joyce — David Harbour and Winona Ryder — chasing up clues about Dr Brenner, the lab’s mysterious head: a man who’s past involvement with MKULTRA hides a pile of dirt, abuses of volunteers.   And a missing girl called Jane.

In the meantime, Mike, Lucas and Dustin, are hunting a missing girl, themselves: after an argument between Mike and Lukas annoys Eleven.


Now … 

Am I still enjoying Stranger Things, thus far?

Yes, I am.

Again, there’s a strong ensemble cast, good writing … and fantastic effects.

And, again, enough references to please your average geek: whilst looking like a refreshingly new story to those of us who aren’t bothered by such things.

There’s ALSO a pretty good soundtrack, as well.

OK, I think or two songs have been used out of place: I think some of the online nit-picking I’ve seen focuses on whether Hazy Shade of Winter was released in 1983 or 1985.

But there’s enough great tunes in there to keep everyone happy.

And when a series uses good and appropriate use of both Elegia and Atem: the track, rather than the whole album?

You can’t go wrong!

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