Sunday, 16 April 2017

Doctor Who — Series 10: Episode 1 — The Pilot

16th April, 2017.

You know, I’ve … … 

No, no, no, no … !

I was going to give you my usual line: my “I’ll confess to being a Doctor Who fan,” line I trot out … 

Any time I’m going to tell you something about the show.

I can tell you there’s talk.

Several newspapers have already announced that Death in Paradise actor, Kris Marshall, has been cast as the 13th Doctor.

I’m blowed if I could tell you.

Bookies notoriously stopped taking bets on his being named in the role, some time ago.

The only other person that’s happened to?

Is the current star of the show, Peter Capaldi, way back when.

I couldn’t tell you one way or the other.

Although I think Marshall would be a good choice.


I still feel the time is right to maybe break the mould: and maybe cast a woman.

I DO know the Sun’s headline on the story?   Say Marshall will appear as the character in the last episode of this season: something I felt was going to happen the minute I saw those Cybermen.

Those ones?   From Tenth Planet?

Yeah, them!

Say no more!


At ANY rate … ?

Today is a Sunday.

Sunday, I should add.

A day, when — after a heard day’s work, a quick family meal, and a lot of chocolate — I finally got to sit down with the latest episode of my favourite TV show.

Yes, I’ve said it before: and, yes, I’ll say it again.

My favourite TV show.

And frankly?

The Pilot is rather impressive.


Set, today, The Pilot opens in the dusty rooms of a college lecturer, and shows us Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie): an intelligent young women working in the student cafeteria and quite happily flirting with attacking female students, being ushered in by Nardole (Matt Lucas).

She’s been called up by a lecturer who’s curious to know why she keeps attending his lectures … 

Turns out the Lecturer … ?

Is none other than the Doctor (Peter Capaldi), curious about this bright young woman, keen to attend lectures and better herself, to see more of the world and what it offers.

And to get to know why attractive fellow student, Heather, is so fascinated … 

With an otherwise innocent puddle … 

There’s more … 

My word, yes … !


Now … 




Matt Lucas is well used, here, I felt.

Granted, as minor comic relief.   But I think he’s this season version of Noel Clarke’s Mickey Smith.   Minor comic relief, information gatherer, Tin Dog … 

And someone who’ll have an interesting tale of his own, somewhere along the line.

Capaldi, himself?

Was superb.

In writing The Pilot … ?

They’ve given Pater Capaldi an uncluttered stage — stage, in the shape of a lecture hall — to work with.

And let him use the theatrical skills he’s picked up to good use: skills many actors don’t necessarily get to use in a film or TV context.

The pieces to camera he’s done in previous episodes?

Aren’t quite the: although they great bits of TV acting.

The start of tonight’s show, I think?

Was new companion Bill Potts: played by relative unknown, Peal Mackie.

New Dr Who has a tradition of strong, intelligent, companions: unafraid, curious and fietsy, when need.

Bill’s on a par with all of them: Rose,  Martha, Donna, Amy, Clara, at al.

And yes, I’m including original series stand outs, Jo, Sarah Jane and Leela: Katy Manning, Elizabeth Sladen and Louise Jameson.

I’m impressed: both with how the character‘s written, and played.

There’s rumours the characters’s to be axed, at the end of her first season.

I hope not.

Pearl Mackie, as Bill Potts??

Is new, original, different …

And outstanding.

If the show’s producer’s are watching?

Keep Pearl Mackie.

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