Sunday, 30 April 2017

Dr Who — Series 10: Episode 3 — Thin Ice

30th April, 2017.

Where do I start, tonight … ?

Where … ?

You’ve worked out I’m a fan of Dr Who.

At least you have, if you’ve been following me for a while.

You’ll possibly have guessed I’ve been watching, and enjoying, the rebooted version of the series ever since it started, back in the day.

Following the twists and turns of a series for a decade or so.

Of course, working Saturday nights has its downsides.

It means I get to watch my favourite show …

On Sunday nights.


I’ve seen possibly Peter Capaldi’s best episode.


Thin Ice sees the Doctor and Bill arriving in Regency London, in 1814: during the last of London’s Frost Fairs.

It’s only whilst nosing around, and enjoying the various attractions that the perceptive Bill notices that lights, swirling under the sheets of ice …

Whilst the Doctor manages to get the Sonic Screwdriver stolen.

Only to get it back …

When the pick-pocket — a street kid called Spider — is dragged under the icy crust of the frozen Thames.

It’s only then … that the Dr and Bill realise they’re going to have to do some … digging


Now …

Best episode … ?

I really — on reflection — couldn’t tell you if Thin Ice is or isn’t his best.


Frankly, it sees the relationship deepening between the Doctor and Bill: with level of both conflict — Bill’s shock to the Dr’s apparently callous reaction to Spider’s death, and her insistence he tell her how many people he’s seen die — and levels of realisation showing us moments of pure joy!

Bill’s reaction to that latter?

Personally, I think much of the good tv acting I’ve seen in my life is partly about the writing, patly about the direction, partly about the technicalities of the thing …

And party about the cast.

Tonight’s episode … ?

Truly showed us how good the two leads are.

Capaldi’s best episode?

I don’t know.

But I’d say yes.

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